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Top Notch 3 for DGB

  1. 1. * lfContentsScope and Sequence of Contents and Skills ivAcknowledgments viiiCOBAES Presentation ¡xAbout the Authors xModule 1 Describing Cause and Effect Situations 1Lesson 1 Talk about Health Facts 2Lesson 2 Talk about Exercise and Health .4TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 6Lesson 3 Talk about Plans for a Holiday 8Lesson 4 Make Plans for a Trip 10TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 12Lesson 5 Talk about Superstitions 14Lesson 6 Give Advice for a New Job 16TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 18Module 1 Self-Check 20Module 2 Comparing Habits and Routines from the Past 23Lesson 1 Talk about Eating Habits 24Lesson 2 Talk about Food Passions 26TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 28Lesson 3 Talk about your Childhood 30Lesson 4 Talk about your School Days 32TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 34Lesson 5 Describe how People Used to Have Fun 36Lesson 6 Describe how Technology Has Evolved 38TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 40Module 2 Self-Check 42Module 3 Describing Ongoing Activities in the Past 45Lesson 1 Describe an Accident 46Lesson 2 Report an Accident 48TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 50Lesson 3 Tell what was Happening during an Accident 52Lesson 4 Describe a Bad Experience to a Friend 54TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 56Lesson 5 Report a Robbery 58Lesson 6 Recount a Past Event 60TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 62Module 3 Self-Check 64Module 4 Giving Directions and Making Requests 67Lesson 1 Get Service at a Service Station 68Lesson 2 Request Help or Permission 70TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 72Lesson 3 Make a Request for Personal Care ítems and Appearance .74Lesson 4 Make Daily Activities Requests 76TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 78Lesson 5 Request Salón Services 80Lesson 6 Schedule and Pay for Personal Care 82TOP N O T C H S K I L L S 84Module 4 Self-Check 86Grammar Booster .. . .89 iii
  2. 2. Scn|i€ and Sequence 12 hours Describing Cause and Effect Situations Lesson Vocabulary Social Language Grammar Skills Factual conditional. Use Listening Listening for main ¡deas and 1 Facts the clause If + Present Talk about health facts for specific information Pages 2-3 Natural events Simóle in affirmative and Speaking Express prior knowledge negative form Usage of a comma after Listening Listening to present grammar 2 Natural events Talk about exercise and the cause clause ¡n context Pages 4-5 Health facts health Use when and unless with Speaking Role-Play: Talk about cause factual conditional and effect Reading Reading for detail Top Noten Talk about responses Use of factual conditional Speaking Group Work: Make and Personal Skills and reactions towards and adjectives to describe answer questions about personal behavior Pages 6-7 different situations peoples reactions behavior Writing Writing a survey Listening Listening to present grammar Weekend in context;V;í-3 plans Talk about plans for a First conditional. Yes/No Listening Listening for general Pages 8-9 Holiday holiday questions understanding weekend Speaking Group Work: Talk about plans. Role Play:Talk about plans Weekend 4 Listening Listening to present grammar plans Make plans for a trip First Conditional Pages in context Vacation If vs. unless 10-11 Speaking Role-Play: Talk about a trip Trips Reading Reading for detail: Find causes Top Notch and consequences Factual Conditional Skills Discuss options to take Speaking Group work. Describe the Trip plans Pages a vacation best conditions for a trip First Conditional 12-13 Writing List the conditions of an ideal trip Listening üstening to present grammar 5 School in context First Conditional. Pages activities Talk about superstitions Speaking Pair Work Talk about tests Interrogative form 14-15 Superstitions and superstitions. Role Play: Talk about luck and superstitions Listening Listening to present grammar 6 First Conditional and in context Pages Job activities Give advice for a new job modals should, nave to, Speaking Pair Work Give advice for a 16-17 could to give an advice new Job Reading Reading for detail - Find pros Top Notch First Conditional and cons Talk about peoples Skills School Speaking Pair Work Talk about strengths and Pages activities Use of should as a campaigning for being council weaknesses 18-19 suggestion president Writing Writing a Journal entry Self Check Pages 20-22¡V SCOPE AND SEQUENCE
  3. 3. 12 hoursModule 2 Comparing past and present habits and routines Social|s Lesson Vocabulary Grammar Skills Language Listening Listening to identify natural 1 Healthy and Talk about ¡ntonation Pages Present simple and used to unhealthy food eating habits Speaking Pair work: Suggest daily eating habits 24-25 to avoid heart disease Listening Listening to present grammar ¡n Food and context 2 Talk about Used to - affirmative and phrases to Listening Listening for specific information: Pages food negatives sentences express Food preferences 26-27 passions Questions and answers preference Speaking Role Play: Food Preferences PRONUNCIARON Reduced forms Reading Reading for specific information: Using Top Noten Discuss a glossary for new words Sküls Üfestyles and Sentence structure - used lifestyle Speaking Group work :Talk about lifestyle. Pair Pages obesity to + but changes work : Talk about eating and exercise habits. 28-29 Writíng Describe lifestyle changes Reading Reading for specific information: 3 Talk about Identify true or false statements Family and Adverbs of frequency and Pages your Speaking Pair work: School past habits social activities Used to 30-31 childhood Writing Describe habitual activities in your childhood Listening Listening to present grammar in Used to and Wh-quest¡ons 4 Talk about context Leisure and or Used to + common verbs Pages your school Speaking Role play: Talk about school days study activities to express costumes: 32-33 days Listening Listening for general understanding (have, ¡ove, be_) and specific information. Listening Listening for specific information:Top Noích Identifying special dishes Skills Food Describe Simple present and used to Speaking Role play: At a dinner party Pages descriptions unique foods Writing Describe a favorite dish from your 34-35 childhood Describe 5 Family and how people Used to + never for Reading Reading for specific ¡nformation Pages social activities used to have negative sentences Writing Describing your life in the past 36-37 in the 80s fun Listening Listening for general uderstanding Describe 6 Communication and for detail how Used to + no lonaer, not Pages and technology Speaking Pair work: Life before computers technology anymore 38-39 in the 80s Writing Elderly persons opinión about life has evolved before computers Reading Reading for detailTop Noíeh Compare Speaking Pair work: Talk about youth culture Sküls Social changes peoples Simple Past + used to from your childhood Pages through time lifestyles Writing Write about a person you used to look 40-41 up Self Check Pages 42-44 SCOPE ANO SEQUENCE V
  4. 4. 12 hoursModule 3 Describing Ongoing Activities ¡n the Past Lesson Vocabulary Social La ngu age Grammar Skills 1 Listening Listening for general understanding: Driving Describe an Past continuous Car accidents Pages accidents accident with when Speaking Role play: Car accident 46-47 Writing A letter about a car accident Reading Reading for detail 2 Speaking Pair work Dialogue about past activities Report an Simple past + Past Pages Types of cars in the moment of an accident accident continuous 48-49 Writing Describe activities in the past in the moment of an accident Listening Listening for specific information: Rent Top Notch a car SkiHs Difficulties ¡n Discuss an Simple past and Speaking Role play: Report an accident Pages a trip accident. Past continuous expressing concern. 50-51 Writing Report an accident Listening Listening to present grammar ¡n context 3 Car accidents Tell what was Past Continuous Speaking Group work : Highway accidents Pages on the happening during with while and Pair work: Similar situations on the highway 52-53 highway an accident when Writing Unscramble questions about highway accidents in order to answer them Listening Listening to present grammar in 4 context Describe a bad Elements in a Wh questions ¡n Listening Listening for detail: Identifying what Pages experience to a robbery Past continuous happened first 54-55 friend Speaking Role play: A discussion between a pólice officer and a suspect Listening Listening for specific information: Top Notch Simple past + Past Check your predictions Skills Tragedles ¡n continuous Speaking Pair work Comparing thief s physical Describe a crime Pages the world affirmative & appearance and features 56-57 interrogative forms Writing Write an account of a robbery Listening Listening for general understanding: Simple past + Past 5 Identify ext order continuous Reporting a Speaking Pair work: Talk about the suspects Pages Investigations affirmative, robbery activities. Role Play: Act out the investigaron 58-59 negative and routine interrogative forms Writing Write about the detectives questions Reading Reading for general understading and e Recount a past Simple past/ past uderstanding meaning from context Pages Past events Speaking Pair work Memories. Describing event continuous + os 60-61 emotions about a past event Writing Use adjectives to show emotions Listening Listening for general understanding: An Simple past and anecdote Childhood Talk about Past continuous + Speaking Pair work telling an anecdote Pages activities chiidhood time order words Writing Write a story 62-63 Self Check Pages 64-66vi SCOPE AND SEQUENCE
  5. 5. 12 hoursModule 4 Giving Directions and Marking Requests Lesson Vocabulary Social Language Grammar Skills Listening Listening to present grammar in context 1 Direct Object nouns Get Service at a Speaking Role Play: Ask for sen/ice and repair Pages Public Services and pronouns with sen/ice station PRONUNCIATION: Stress and particles in phrasal 68-69 phrasal verbs verbs 2 Making Requests with Can or Request help or Pages requests using Could using phrasal Speaking Pair work: Ask for help permission 70-71 phrasal verbs verbs Formal requests withTop Notch Reading Reading for general understanding: Use of requests Can, Could, May, 1 Skills Different kinds Identify true and false . Reading for specific with different wonder ¡f... or Pages of requests. ¡nformation. Identify formal and informal requests kinds of people Informal Do you 72-73 Speaking & Writing Formal and Informal requests have, 1 need Requests with could Make request 3 Personal care and would. /j¿ as a Listening Lístening for general undestanding for personal Pages products and contraction for Speaking Pair work: Make requests for specific care Ítems and 74-75 appearance declarative needs and their reasons appearartce statements Listening Listening to present grammar ¡n context 4 Daily activities Make daily Requests with would Speaking Pair work: Request things and activíties Pages at home and activities and Role play: Make requests for specific daily activities 76-77 at school requests Wh-questions Writing writing notes to make requests Listening Listening to present grammar in contextTop Notch Make requests Requests with and Listening to ads to personal care products Skills Personal care for products countable and Writing Make requests Pages ítems. and activities in uncountable Speaking: Role play : Shopping for personal care 78-79 public places products Listening Listening to present grammar in context 5 Use of someone and and Listening for detail Request salón Pages Salón services amone with can or Speaking Role play : Make a salón service request services 80-81 could as a request. PRONUNCIATION: unstressed syllable with // [símbolo de shwa] pag.81 Questions with How Listening Listening for specific information. Identify 6 Schedule and Schedule and lona, How much. a salón service request Pages services for pay for personal Speaking & Writing Make requests for personal 82-83 personal care care Requests with Can care activities. Advantages Listening Listening to the reading for generalTop Notch uderstanding and Discuss ways to Using would in Skills Speaking Talk about ways to improve appearance disadvantages improve questions for an Pages Writing Write a letter about ways to improve of cosmetlc appearance improbable future 84-85 appearance surgery Grammar Booster SCOPE AND SEQUENCE Vil