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Tower bridge and picadilly circus


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Published in: Technology
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Tower bridge and picadilly circus

  2. 2. The Bridge of London wasoriginally the only place ofcrossing of the river Thames. AsLondon was expanding, morebridges were constructed, but allof them were placed to the westof the Bridge of London, sincethe zone located to the east ofthe same one had turned into aport of a lot of traffic. In the 19thcentury, the zone this one ofLondon reached such a densityof population that it becamenecessary to construct a newbridge, since the pedestrianstraffic and vehicles it wasdelayed for hours. Finally, in1876, the City of LondonCorporation, person in charge ofthis part of the riverThames, decided that the
  3. 3. The construction of the TowerBridge lasted 8 years andpossessed the collaboration of5 important contractors and theincessant labor of 432 workersof the construction. To hold theconstruction, two enormousprops knelt in the bed of theriver and more than 11.000 tonsof steel were in use forconstructing the framework ofthe towers and the gangplanks.This framework was coveredwith granite of Cornwall andPortlands stone in order toprotect the construction inunderlying steel and to provideto the most beautiful bridge of
  4. 4. Tells the history that in1910, the high gangplankswere closed to the public dueto his lack of use. Thepersons who were coming upto the bridge preferredhoping in the street that itwas closed instead of raising Though the Tower Bridge works atthe stairs carrying his heavy present with oil and electricity, theloads. In 1982, as part of the original steam engines supported by anew exhibition of the Tower special equipment of technicalBridge, the visitors of the personnel remain in his original locationbridge they could return to in order that we all could admire them.tread on the This zone is known as the Rooms ofgangplanks, totally covered Victorian Machines, the second part ofnow, and to enjoy impressive the exhibition.
  5. 5. In the moment of hisconstruction, the Tower Bridgewas the longest and sophisticateddrawbridge of the world (the term"tilts" it comes from theFrenchman and means "balancebeam"). These that can be raisedarms were driven hydraulically byenormous steam engines. Theenergy was stored in six giganticaccumulators and was in use in allthat it was necessary to weighanchor the bridge. Theaccumulators were feeding themachines, which were raising andlowering the that can be raisedarms. In spite of the complexity ofthe system, the that can be raisedarms only were late near a minutein rising up to his maximum angleof 86 degrees.
  6. 6. Piccadilly Circus connectsto Piccadilly, athoroughfare whose namefirst appeared in 1626 asPickadilly Hall, named aftera house belonging to oneRobert Baker, a tailorfamous for sellingpiccadills, or piccadillies, aterm used for various kindsof collars. The street wasknown as Portugal Streetin 1692 in honour ofCatherine of Braganza, thequeen consort of KingCharles II of England but