Traditional tibetan woodcarving presentation


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Traditional Tibetan woodcarving is an ancient and unique art that brings together artistry, creativity and spirituality. All monasteries and most homes in Tibet possess these fine works of art. Penpa Tsering is a Master woodcarver trained in this unique art since 12 years old, who participated in the restoration of wooden artifacts inside Potala Palace and Samye Monastery among many others inside Tibet. He also taught woodcraft and carpentry at Norbulingka Institute in India. Penpa is a proud resident of San Francisco Bay Area where he keeps this ancient tradition alive.

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Traditional tibetan woodcarving presentation

  1. 1. Traditional Tibetan Woodcarving Project A proposal from Penpa Tsering in collaboration with Tibetan Association of Northern California (TANC) Work Samples Presentation for Creative Work Fund
  2. 2. Woodcarving process: Sketching Sketches of images, symbols and motifs are hand-drawn by the artists traditionally All images used in this presentation are authentic work of Master woodcarver Penpa Tsering
  3. 3. Woodcarving process: Paper piercing and tracing - dusting off the red-earth powder on the sketch Tiny holes are pierced by hand on the paper along the outline of the sketch after which the red-earth powder is applied upon it
  4. 4. Woodcarving process: Tracing image on the wooden panel Dusting leaves a trace of the image on the wooden board as the artist rolls up the paper
  5. 5. Woodcarving process: Tracing images and drilling Artist draws the image on the board and then using a drill punches holes on the image
  6. 6. Woodcarving process: Sawing with a traditional bow-saw Using a traditional bow-saw, artist then threads the hole and then saws along the image
  7. 7. Woodcarving process: Carving with handmade chisels Many hours of carving now finally begins….
  8. 8. Woodcarving tools: Chisels (artist’s best friends) Carving tools: all hand-made and maintained by the artists including the chisel sharpener above
  9. 9. Artist’s work samples The ceremonial throne at Tibetan community center, Richmond, CA (2012)
  10. 10. Artist’s work samples An altar at a Tibetan home in Albany, CA (2011)
  11. 11. Artist’s work samples Dragons, peacock and the lion-head Tiger, lotus and the elephant
  12. 12. Artist’s work samples At a Tibetan home in Berkeley, CA (2010)
  13. 13. Artist’s work samples The peacock The thunderbolt The lion The deer and the dharma wheel The jewel
  14. 14. Artist’s work samples Altar with Eight Auspicious Symbols, Albany, CA (2009)
  15. 15. Artist’s work samples Garuda: the mythical bird (above) & the knot of interdependence (right)
  16. 16. Artist’s work samples Some household items: table, offering box (chemar bo) and picture frame
  17. 17. Thank You! Submitted by: Penpa Tsering & TANC 5200 Huntington Ave. Richmond, CA 94804 07/17/2013