Media deconstructions


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Media deconstructions

  1. 1. Deconstructing 3 front covers
  2. 2. <ul><li>I like this magazine font fover because it hasnt followed the usual front cover rules, for example the masthead isnt along the top of the cover it is going down the side. This could be because when magazines are stacked on a shelf it is the left hand side of the cover that you see, so people will straight away see the title &quot;Woofah&quot;  the placement of the title could also connote the randomness of dubstep and drum and bass music. The cover lines are also not where they would usually be on a magazine, they are written sideways on the bottom on the cover, the way they are written makes the lines look like a volume control on an audio player, this isntantly links to loud music. The model on the image is staring straight out of the picture making eye contact with the readers to engage them in to picking up the magazine.  The colour scheme is good for the magazine because the yellow stands out and contrasts well against the white, because the writing is on its side the colours would need to be very different to save confusion when reading the cover lines. The yellow and white also stands out well against the dark background. The font on the magazine cover is very simple, this is probably again to make sure it isn't too hard to read the cover lines as the are already on there side.  </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>This magazine is also a 'Woofah' magazine. It is similar to the other cover in a way that it hasn't followed the usual magazine cover set out. The title is again down the side of the magazine, this could be so the title is easily seen when stacked on the shelfs in shops or the placement of the title could also connote the randomness of drum and bass or dubstep music. Like the other magazine the cover lines are written along the bottom of the cover, the are written diagonally, this could also connote how random drum and bass music is. The font is very simple so it isn't too complicated to read as the lines are already diagonal with a eye catching blue and white colour theme that stands out well against the dark background. The main image is a man smiling with a microphone. The microphone connotes the man is a musician and the fact he is smiling shows that he enjoys the drum and bass music he produces and it makes him happy.    The magazine has a good selling line &quot;Bass warfare with the BOMB SQUAD&quot; the words bomb squad needs to stand out as it lures the people to pick up the magazine so it is written in bold capitals. </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>This magazine cover has followed the usual cover layout unlike the other two. The main image is of three men standing making eye contact with the audience, this is so that a connection is made between the model and the reader. The men are all wearing different coloured clothes that stand out against the bright orange background. The masthead is written in bold white writing to stand out against the background. The main cover line is written in blue in the middle of the cover with a different font to the rest of the writing, all the randomness of the magazine could connote the randomness of dubstep or drum and bass music. In the bottom right of the cover is the lure. In a bright pink circle it tells you to text in to win something, this stands out against the rest of the cover and makes people want to by the magazine even more. A link to the website of the magazine is put in the cover lines, it is written in a black box to stand out. This magazine cover has too many different colours on it, it is too busy so your eye doesn't know what to look at and the fonts used are too hard to read. This isn't a very good magazine cover </li></ul>
  5. 5. Deconstructing 3 contents pages
  6. 6. <ul><li>This contents page is from 'Vibe' magazine. The letter 'V' for vibe is found in 3 different places on this page. The way the models legs are placed creates the letter, the stiletto heels she is wearing also creates a V on each shoe and if you follow up from the models legs the letter V is in the background. The model vertical long legs could be there to make the contents page seem longer so it seems like there is more writing there so you think there is more in the magazine. The colour of the background starts as a very dark grey, almost black, at the top that matches the models hair. It then starts to fade into a lighter grey which matches what the model is wearing and then at the very bottom of the page it fades into white, which matches the colour of the models belt. The fonts used on the contents page are all very similar, they are very formal which would connote who the target audience is for the magazine. The word 'contents' is written in bold white writing to stand out against the background but the word is broken up, this could be again to make the page look longer to make it seem like there is more in it. </li></ul>
  7. 7. <ul><li>This contents page is from 'Q' magazine. It uses the iconic 'Q' colour theme of red, white and black. It uses the same simple, formal font all the way through the page, this could connote who the target audience for the magazine is. Each colour contrasts against the other to make sure everything on the page is eye catching and stands out well. The main image is a powerful picture of the band Oasis, this image links in with the main cover line which is 'Oasis Special!' the cover line is written in gold whereas all the others are written in plain black, this is because the Oasis article is a special one off one. The contents page is split up into 3 sections; Features, every month and review. This is because there is so much on the page it may be difficult to understand, so it is split up into sections to make it easier on the eye. Where the cover line heading is written in red, the rest of the cover lines are written in red and black and where the cover line heading is written in gold, the rest are written in gold and black. This makes the page more eye catching and nicer to look at.  </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>This contents page is from the magazine Mixmag. The main image to this page is a girl staring straight out into the audience, this makes the reader feel a connection. She is also wearing only hot-pants and a very small jacket. This could be to attract the male gaze so more men would want to buy the magazine. There is another image below of a man again making eye contact with the audience, this makes the reader feel involved in the magazine. One of the cover lines is 'VIP clubs, news, tech reviews' this lures the reader in as they think they will be getting VIP reviews. The main background colour is white, this contrasts well against the black and pink cover lines. Only 3 or 4 different colours are used on this page, this makes it easier on the eye as there isn't too much going on on the page. Only 3 different fonts are used on the page which makes the page seem less busy and easier to read. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Deconstructing 3 double page spreads
  10. 10. <ul><li>This double page spread is from NME magazine. The main image is Lily Allen. She is making eye contact with the audience, this is to make a connection with the reader. In the image she is wearing very normal clothes, it doesn't look like she has spent hours getting dressed up and getting makeup done, this links in with the heading to the DPS which is &quot;People think I'm an attention seeker, but I'm just honest&quot;. The normal clothes she is wearing are trying to show she is just a normal person like everyone else and she isn't putting on any act, it is just her. Her black hair stands out well against the white background and also links with the black of the title. Her red shirt also contrasts against the white background and it also matches some of the highlighted words on the page. The title looks like it has been just cut out of a news paper, it isn't a big glamorous title which most famous stars would have, this could connote again how she sees herself as just a normal honest person, not an act. </li></ul>
  11. 11. <ul><li>This double page spread is about the band Black Eyed Peas. The main image is the band, but 3 of the members are standing in the background and the colour of them are faded but the 'main' band member is standing in the foreground wearing bright gold colours standing out. This could connote how he is more important than the rest of the group, or it could show how a separation is taking place. The heading to this DPS is 'Will he, wont he?' this could be asking will the lead singer (Will-i-am) leave the group? the top half of the heading is written in the gold colour of Will-i-am and the bottom half is written in the faded out colour like the rest if the group, this could again connote separation between the group. The colour themes for this page are mainly white, gold and silver. These colours all stand out and make the page nice to look at. The gold arrows at the top right of the page match the gold colour of the singers clothes. All 4 members of the band are making eye contact with the audience. </li></ul>
  12. 12. <ul><li>This double page spread is from Q magazine. The main image is a black and white picture of Lady Gaga making eye contact with the audience to form a connection with the reader. She is also topless holding her chest. This could be done to attract the male gaze. She is wearing long necklaces to attract attention to her chest. The main image takes up half of the page. On the other half of the page there is a massive letter 'L' in  a bold red font, this is so it stands out against the white background and black writing. The L would stand for Lady Gaga. The font to this DPS is a very normal and formal font, this could show that off stage she is a normal person like anyone else. The main image looks very natural, this could be trying to say this article is more about her personal life and how she really is, not just about how she is on stage. </li></ul>