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The Future of Enterprise Social Networks


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Published in: Technology, Business
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The Future of Enterprise Social Networks

  1. 1. the future ofenterprisesocial
  2. 2. email use is slowing…enterprise social is growing
  3. 3. in 5 years, most organizationswill use private social networks.
  4. 4. 72% of companies already use social, but are they realizing the value of enterprise social platforms?According to McKinsey, businesses implementingsocial technology boost productivity by 25%
  5. 5. the untapped potential of social platforms… 20-25% total productivity improvement 10-15% accomplishing role-specific tasks 25-35% collaborating internally 30-35% searching for info 25-30% reading / responding to e-mailSource: International Data Corporation; McKinsey Global Institute analysis
  6. 6. the case for enterprise social when surveyed on the importance of enterprise social networking:
  7. 7. how enterprise social networks deliver results
  8. 8. benefits of enterprise social include:
  9. 9. what’s holding you back?
  10. 10. try tibbr at
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