The ROI of a Next Generation Workspace


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This info-graphic shows you all the highlights of Forrester's recent 22-page study on the ROI of Enterprise Social Networking, and it's everything you need to know about creating a 21st Century workspace for your employees.

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The ROI of a Next Generation Workspace

  1. 1. Made Collaboratively on the tibbr Platform. The Forrester TEI study was commissioned by TIBCO Software and delivered by Forrester Consulting. TIBCO and Forrester make no assumptions as to the potential return on investment that other organizations will receive. If you want to experience all the benefits of tibbr, visit to sign up for your free trial. To learn more, schedule a live demo, or discuss pricing, please call: +1.855.842.2770 TRY IT TODAY The Number of Improved Businesses Processes, Doubled5PROCESS One IT team member was able to post on tibbr a common IT issue the company was experiencing; instead of fielding IT help desk calls all day, employees across the organization were able to quickly find resolutions on tibbr, saving hundreds of individuals within the company time. tibbr has become the first place individuals within the organization go to for IT help. 5 YEAR 1 YEAR 3 10 X2 105 IMPROVED BUSINESS PROCESSES SAVING EMPLOYEES PER PROCESS, EVERY HOUR 5 MINUTES – Forrester Consulting Reduced Costs of Companywide Communication to Employees BEFORE AFTER TIME SPENT 4COMMUNICATION Read-rate is higher, response is greater, and employees are more engaged with this manner of communication as compared to older methods. 25%LESS TIME SPENT ON COMPANY WIDE COMMUNICATION. – Forrester Consulting Faster Employee Onboarding and Training3ONBOARDING We see a lot of people coming in as newbies asking about the organization — who do I speak to for this? Where do I go for that? Through tibbr, we see that established employees are reaching out to answer these questions. We see people want to help the newbies, people want to share. NAME NAME $2,453,400 SAVED DUE TO FASTER ON-BOARDING TIME – Leading Professional Services Company Employees now have access to training information, a whole network of peers, expert advice, and best practices as they become acquainted with their new position. This means that employees are able to add to the bottom line faster. – Forrester Consulting Cost of Innovation and Idea Management Reduced by 30%2INNOVATION …one of our leaders in one of our countries was meeting with a client — the client was looking for some insight into how they could update their business model. From this leader posting a poll out into tibbr, he was able to get responses from about 140 people from 30 different countries — the demographic of the respondents basically matched the demographics that this client was trying to reach. This would not have been possible before tibbr. INNOVATION &IDEAMANAGMENT 30%OFF - Global Energy Management Company COST REDUCED BY 30% According to Forrester Consulting Workforce Productivity Savings Increased by 3X1 PRODUCTIVITY …people are clearly saving time by posting out to a subject or posting out to a group of people to get the answers they need, and clearly saving themselves what equates to a lot of time gathering the information they need. TOP 5 BENEFITS OF USING TIBBR $768 KSAVINGS USERS $2.3 MILLION $9.3 MILLION YEAR 1 BEFORE TIBBR AFTER TIBBR 3xIN WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY SAVINGS 4.1K 50K $2.2 M $6.7 MILLION $27 MILLION YEAR 3ADOPTION INCREASE – Leading Professional Services Company 12.5K 5K 60K15K The Total Economic Impact of TIBCO Software’s Enterprise Social Platform tibbr A globally dispersed company based in the US 145,000 employees in offices across 136 countries $75,000 average employee salary The Forrester TEI study was based on: After a six-month long study, Forrester Consulting determined the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of deploying tibbr, a software platform for streamlining collaboration and innovation. Results reflect a three-year investment. THE ROI OF A NEXT GENERATION WORKSPACE. YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 7.7 MONTH PAYBACK PERIOD 333% SAVINGSCOST ROI $28.2 MILLION $15.9 MILLION $6.6 MILLION Forrester’s Findings