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Meeting minutes 4


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Meeting minutes 4

  1. 1. Meeting Minutes 4 BY TIA-REISA APALOO-CLARKE
  2. 2. Meeting Minutes  Date: 08/01/14  Time: 11.15am  Location: OPHS, Media Classroom A29  Present: Tia-Reisa Apaloo-Clarke & Warren Siwale  Minutes taken by: Tia-Reisa Apaloo-Clarke
  3. 3. Agenda  First draft of script was completed, group read through it and gave feedback and possible improvements.  Now that we decided on our final idea for our short film, we wrote down possible locations and friends we could use to play our actors
  4. 4. Points for next meeting  Progression of paperwork  Script to be completed  Pick location and actors to be used in short film.