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Tv channel research


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Tv channel research

  1. 1. TV CHANNEL RESEARCHSHAHNA PINNOCKThe purpose of the research is to find out whichUK channels show which type of documentariesand to decide which channel my documentarywill be on.
  2. 2. Examples of programmes shown on Channel 5: TV CHANNEL – CHANNEL 5 • The Bachelor • Angelina Ballerina• The channel was launched in 1997, it was the • Big Brother fifth and final national terrestrial analogue • Amy Winehouse: The Untold Story network to launch. The station rebranded itself (Documentary) as Five from 2002 to 2010 then back to Channel • Bridezillas 5 in 2011. • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation• Sky 105 • Extraordinary People (documentary) • Home and Away• There is Channel 5, 5USA and 5*• 5USA - concentrates on showing imported Current channel 5 movies and programmes from the United logo States,• 5*- Five Life was originally intended to be a female-oriented channel with an emphasis on lifestyle programming.• Richard Desmond is an English publisher and business man who owns Channel 5 television network.• The channel mainly broadcasts entertainment programming, such as reality television, game shows, American drama, sports events and early morning chat shows. Target Audience: Channel 5 logo from 6th of October 2008 • Children due to the till 13th of February 2011 programmes shown in the First Channel 5 Logo morning between 6-9am. • Females due to programmes shown 9am-1pm such as Trisha. • Documentaries show a variety of target audiences from male to female.
  3. 3. Type of Documentaries shown are Extraordinary People,The time slots that are most successful are 6-9am and The True Story, Candy Bar Girls, How Do They Do It?9pm onwards due to children watching programmes And Revealed.such as Hoobs in the morning and mainly femaleswatching Big Brother and 9 or 10pm. Big Brother LogoBig Brother is a reality TV show and is interestingto audiences. The Channel 5 Website is where you can select a documentary and get a small summary of it. Most of these documentaries are usually shown between 7pm and 9pm due to images and content. The target audience vary due to the theme of documentaries e.g. Amy Winehouses one is targeted towards fans and mainly Compared to other Channels, Channel 5 has a women. lot of American programmes and the documentaries are mainly based on nature.
  4. 4. CHANNEL 4 DOCUMENTARIES The documentaries are usually shown fromExamples of Channel 4 Documentaries are 6pm onwards.Supersize VS Superskinny, Undercover Boss,The Secret Millionaire, The Story of Film: AnOdyssey and 3 Minute Wonder. Target Audiences for the documentaries are adults who are interested in health, history and current issues such as global warming. Ages: 21 years onwards. These documentaries are different to other channel ones because they explore mainly English issues and culture, are based in England and History which involved and effected England.
  5. 5. TV CHANNEL-CHANNEL 4 Current logo • Began on 2 November 1982 • Operated by Channel Four Television Corporation • "The public service remit for Channel 4 is the provision of a broad range of high quality and diverse programming” • ‘Sister channels’ are Film4, E4, More4, 4Music, Kerrang!, Kiss, Magic, Q, Smash Hits! and The Box. • The channel has websites to catch up on programmes like 4OD and its own radio station. • Chairman and deputy chairman are Terry Burns and David Puttnam. • The chief executive is David Abraham. Examples of Programmes shown on Channel 4: • Embarrassing Bodies • 8 out of 10 Cats • Unreported World • Hollyoaks • The Million Pound Drop Live • Channel 4 News • Fresh Meat • Educating Essex (Documentary) • Made In ChelseaThe Target Audience of this channel is verybroad as the channel broadcasts programmesfor children, females, males, adults andelderly people.Programmes such as Fresh Meat isaimed at teenagers and 8 out of 10cats for males between the ages of21-50 Fresh Meat Cast This channel compared to Channel 5, the programmes are mostly based in the UK and are aimed towards this culture. It also has a variety of music channels unlike Channel 5.
  6. 6. BBC AND BBC IPLAYER BBC Iplayer’s Logo• BBC IPlayer is on online website where you can watch programs which you have missed on the television. It also provides you with listings, summaries and information on your favourite subjects. Radio• The website also has links with the BBC Radio stations such as 1Xtra and also station programs such as E20 which can only be watched on the website. logo E20 Cast • You care able to create an account and save your favourite programs. • It has a selection of the most popular shows • You can find the programs by the channel they are shown on. • There are categories and a A-Z of all BBC programs shown.
  7. 7. CHANNEL 4 AND 4OD• 4OD is a website which is similar to BBC Iplayer, where you can watch programs online.• ‘OD’ stands for On Demand.• The whole point of on demand is whenever you feel like catching up you can. • This is similar to the BBC Iplayer website where you can do things like sign up, choose channels and ‘browse all’. • There are a selection of images to also show previews of the episode. • You can also shows a certain type of program you want to watch e.g. comedy, drama, food, entertainment or documentaries.
  8. 8. THE CHANNEL I WOULD CHOOSE• I would choose Channel 4 for my ‘Music and Behaviour’ documentary due to the documentary ‘How Hip Hop Changed The World’ that influenced me.• The time slot would be at 9pm as my target audience is mainly teenagers and adults. This is how Channel 4 selects their target audience.• Channel 4 has a lot of documentaries based on topics such as music, television and human behaviours. Opening title of documetary