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Documentary ideas

  1. 1. DOCUMENTARYIDEASRianna Johnson
  2. 2. Apartheid: The Beauty: The History of South Africa Right Face of Beauty? Education: Original ideas How Much is Too Much?Fashion: Food: Is HealthyProgression or Really Healthy?Regression
  3. 3. Apartheid:We should do our documentaries on things we have a lot ofknowledge on. I studied the apartheid for GCSE so I have agood level of knowledge for it. The reason why I am not takingit forward is because getting external research and input fromthe general public would be hard because not everyone knowswhat it is. Along with this, my target audience would be verynarrow. Ideas I am not taking forwardFashion:Doing fashion is over done and may look like I just copied ideas fromGok Wan’s TV show. Although it is not a documentary certainaspects may look similar. Fashion repeats itself over years, and sothrough research done in the introductory episode may mean thatthe series might not have long gevity. Also I’d focus on mass trendsthat are in fashion now, thus alienating niche audiences. From my ASknowledge by getting rid of the niche audiences could result in a loss
  5. 5. EPISODE ONE History of make up Where make up came from Why we use it Is it good or bad Trends in make up Does make up make us pretty
  6. 6. EPISODE TWO: WHAT MAKES US PRETTY Does a little bit of make up make some one pretty Or, does a lot of make up make some one pretty Does the skin tone make someone pretty What is the right shade of beauty? Do celebrities influence our opinions of beauty
  7. 7. EPISODE THREE Tying up all the conclusions that I have come to from previous episodes Linking them together Now ending on a question So with all this research, having got the ‘perfect’ pretty is this realistic Is there such thing as perfect beauty
  8. 8. SERIES: FOOD
  9. 9. EPISODE ONE Making the audience aware of the good and bad foods Why have we become a fat nation Exploring convenience foods Looking at healthy fast foods, is a salad from tesco really that healthy Comparing the findings to other fattening foods to weigh it up What it takes to make a healthy quick salad Which option is cheaper and healthier
  10. 10. EPISODE TWO Fast food, exploring if it really is that bad for you What fast food outlet is the best and worse How much fast food children eat Linking this information to child obesity Should their be restrictions on children and fast food
  11. 11. EPISODE THREE Looking at different types of diets on three averaged sized women Seeing which diet is best How each affects them Could the bad decisions made by one of the women be stopped or is it now a way of life
  13. 13. EPISODE ONE Introducing how students are taught Subjects, most and least popular Exam and module type, coursework and classroom life Is the work load too much
  14. 14. EPISODE TWO Coursework and exams for years 11/12/13 What it is like What is expected Hours of work needed for each grade Is the demand for students too high Is the ‘filter system’ fair on those who arent accedemic
  15. 15. EPISODE THREE How much does all this work impact on children On their health, staying up late to finish work ect On their social life, not going out to do work On their family life Is it fair