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Valentine's Day for Kevin


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Valentine's Day for Kevin

  1. 1. AmazingEverything youare and everythingyou do
  2. 2. BelovedI am yours andyou are mine
  3. 3. CherishEvery moment we havetogether
  4. 4. DepthNo one canunderstandthe depth ofour love
  5. 5. Every single day,I am grateful for you!
  6. 6. ForeverCould never belong enough for me
  7. 7. Grateful…For every day I sharewith you
  8. 8. Heart…You make mine oh so happy!
  9. 9. I Love You!
  10. 10. Just becauseJust becauseyou’re myeverything
  11. 11. KissWhat a wonderful invention
  12. 12. Love MuffinThe name that nevergets old
  13. 13. May…The month of our very first date
  14. 14. November…The month we said “I Do”
  15. 15. One and only someoneAs in one…and only
  16. 16. Pongratz…The last name we now share!
  17. 17. QueenYou make me feel like one
  18. 18. RememberingSo many memories already, and somany more to come
  19. 19. SpecialYou are so special to me
  20. 20. Todayand every day
  21. 21. US…Who would we bewithout eachother?
  22. 22. VeryHow much I love youVery much
  23. 23. WhoCould love me morethan you?
  24. 24. eXtraordinaryThe love that we share
  25. 25. YES!As in again,without a doubt.
  26. 26. amaZingYou’re amazing enough to haveit in here twice!
  27. 27. Kevin,Happy FIRST Valentine’s Day (as a married couple) ever!!You make me so happy and I am so honored and blessed to beable to share my life with you! You are the most wonderfulman in my world, and I am looking forward to many moreawesome Valentine’s together!I love you more than you could ever imagine and hope youenjoyed the look back!Your forever valentine,Tia