To properly resolve more than 20 million urban large collective enterprises in difficulty


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To properly resolve more

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To properly resolve more than 20 million urban large collective enterprises in difficulty

  1. 1. to properly resolve more than 20 millionurban large collective enterprises indifficultyOld-age insurance will be the pilot, , large collective enterprises, handicraftassociation of retired workers and the uninsured employment of educatedyouth back to the city have not placed the issue of old-age security. To achievethe new rural cooperative medical care, basic medical insurance, basicmedical insurance health insurance "three networks" full coverage. Vigorouslyimplement the "bright • Smile" action, cumulative 166,000 cases of cataractpatients, 6747 cases of cleft lip and palate patients who had surgery for free.Launched a childrens leukemia, congenital heart disease free treatment.Cumulative five-year construction of 142,800 low-rent housing units, 94,900units of affordable housing, rental subsidies, payment of 148,000 low-renthousing, transforming urban shantytowns 13.44 million square meters,completed renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas 49 000. 250,000 tocomplete the reservoir area, mountain area people move poor immigrants.Jiangxi vigorously promote harmonious peace, strengthen the ability torespond to emergencies, and constantly improve the mechanism to resolveconflicts and dispute investigation and crime prevention and control system,strictly implement the safety production responsibility system, to furtherenhance peoples sense of security.Radio and television, press and publication, Foreign Affairs, national religion,and Taiwan-related affairs, weather mapping, earthquake disaster reduction,statistical auditing, inspection and quarantine, quality control, food and drugregulation, militia and reserve forces, defense mobilization, civil air defense,gazetteers files, policy advice, social science research, the counselorsliterature and history, women and children, the elderly, the disabled, the RedCross and other humanitarian aid has made new achievements.The Government continued to strengthen self-construction. Push forward theconstruction of rule of law, government, administration, and scientific anddemocratic decision-making to a higher level. Provincial Peoples Congress todraft legislation submitted by 35 local, formulation and revision of governmentregulations 117. In the province launched the "organ performance in" and"business service" activities, streamlining the abolition of the provincial total ofadministrative examination and approval according to law, administrative
  2. 2. licensing items 314, a substantial increase in the efficiency of administrativeexamination and approval. Establish a mechanism for major projects andinvestment management business service system, in all towns (street) toestablish a convenient service centers, 93% of the township (street) toestablish a trading station of public resources, government servicedevelopment, servicebusiness has improved significantly. Depth of governments, solid progressdiligent and clean government, governing for the people further enhanced.Distinguished delegates, five hard-won achievements and accumulatedprecious experience. We withstood the severe test and the multiple challengesof successfully fighting the snow disaster, effective response to the severeimpact of the international financial crisis, over the history of a rarecatastrophic floods, and maintained stable and rapid economic development.Proves once again that, with the State Council and provincial strong leadership,full of great spirit of Jiangxi Jinggangshan people have the ability to have theconfidence to overcome any difficulties and challenges, and constantly strivefor the reform and opening up and socialist modernization drive of the newvictory! Here, on behalf of Provincial Government, the provinces workers,peasants, intellectuals, cadres and veteran leaders, comrades, to alldemocratic parties, personages without party affiliation and social groups, thePeoples Liberation Army in Jiangxi, Peoples Armed Police soldiers,policemen, to the central unit in Jiangxi, pay tribute! To Hong Kong, Macao andTaiwan compatriots, and the friendly people at home and abroad, to allconcerned to support the development of Jiangxi comrades, friends, expressour heartfelt thanks!Reviewed five years of work, we also clearly recognize the provinceseconomic and social development there are still many difficulties and problems,mainly: the total economy is still small, underdeveloped position has notfundamentally changed; resource and environmental constraints strengthenthe economic structure needs to be further optimized; uneven regionaldevelopment, radiation force is not strong central cities, farmers continue toincrease the foundation is not strong, urban and rural development is still veryarduous task; profound changes in social structure, the factors affecting socialstability over , and that social construction and management issues facingmany new; government leadership capacity of scientific development,administration and efficiency levels to be further enhanced. Faced with thesedifficulties and problems, we will take more effective measures to activelyrespond to efforts to resolve.Second, on the "second Five-Year" Plan (Draft) of the main content
  3. 3. (A) guiding principles and development targetsAccording to the partys 17 th and the Central Economic Work Conference, inaccordance with "the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee on the developmentof the provinces economic and social development of the recommendations ofTwelfth Five-Year Plan" requirements, "Outline (Draft)" proposed theprovinces "second five" guiding principle: hold high the great banner ofsocialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory and "ThreeRepresents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the scientific concept ofdevelopment, to adapt to new changes in domestic and international situation,follow people a better life a new look, the theme of scientific development, toaccelerate the transformation of economic development as the main line to astrong driving force for the reform and opening up to protect and improvepeoples livelihood as a fundamental starting point and goal of Poyang LakeEcological Economic Zone development as a leader, to accelerate new-typeindustrialization, accelerating urbanization, accelerating the modernization ofagriculture, focus on improving the ecological civilization and strive to improvethe degree of social civilization and strive to improve peoples well-being index,efforts to achieve scientific development, carry catch-up, the rise of the greengoals.Based on the above guiding principle, considering the trend of development inour province and the actual conditions, the "Outline (Draft)" make theprovinces "five-second" major economic and social development objectivesare: average annual GDP growth of over 11% by 2015 reached 1.8 trillion yuan,and strive to reach 2 trillion yuan. Total fiscal revenue growth of 16 percentannually, to reach 260 billion yuan in 2015, and strive to reach 300 billion yuan.At the same time, significant progress in economic restructuring, reform andopening up a major breakthrough, the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zoneto achieve milestones, overall strengthening of social construction, urban andrural incomes increased significantly.(B) the main tasks and major initiativesAround these goals, the "Outline (Draft)" made a major move accordingly.Vigorously promote the modernization of agriculture. Positive transformation ofagriculture, the use of modern technology, modern means of agriculturalequipment, the development of modern management in the form of agriculture,increase agricultural production capacity, anti-risk ability and marketcompetitiveness. Around the protection of national food security, vigorouslyimplement the new production capacity billion jin of rice quality construction,made to increase grain wealthy, rural land comprehensive demonstrationprojects, such as high-standard construction of farmland, food production and
  4. 4. strive to add 5 billion five-year pounds. Focus on agricultural efficiency andrural incomes, vigorously implement the Qianwan Mu tea yield and quality,Qianwan Mu fruit industry and other major industrial projects. Focus onpromoting the integration of urban and rural development, strengthening ofrural drinking water safety, rural roads, clean energy, information andcommunications infrastructure, promote the extension of urban infrastructureto rural areas, urban public services to rural coverage in rural areas of modernurban civilization to the radiation.Accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system. Strategic focus onfostering the growth of new industries, new economic development efforts tobuild a backbone. Introduction of advanced technology and strategic partnersto develop new energy, new materials, new vehicles, civil aviation,bio-medicine and other strategic and emerging industries, pay close attentionto the construction of lithium, semiconductor lighting, solar photovoltaic,biological, nuclear, high-tech ceramics major industrial projects. Transformand upgrade traditional industries around, focus on technology and equipmentand enhance market competitiveness. Focus on implementation of thetraditional industries to upgrade projects, strengthen and expand thenon-ferrous, steel, automobile and other traditional industries, construction,copper, tungsten, rare earth, a number of national industrial base. Around theestablishment of a modern service system, focusing on the development ofmodern logistics, finance, insurance and other producer services; activelydevelop education and training, health care and other new services. Greatlyenhance the level of tourism development, integration of tourism resources,improve facilities, to build red tourism province, provincial eco-tourism, thetourism industry province.Accelerating urbanization. Accelerate the construction of the Lake Cities,towns along the Shanghai-Kunming line and along the Beijing-Kowloon line ofdense urban areas with dense with "a group of two zones" for the support ofthe urban system, and further optimize the urban layout and form.Implementation of the hundred cities water supply, urban cable come down toearth, accessible urban roads, city gas, urban disaster prevention andmitigation, urban public transport and other projects to further improve theurban functions, enhance urban management. Extraordinary support countyeconomic development, cities and counties to encourage qualified "hundredcities and counties nationwide," "counties and cities in central twenty strong"goal.Accelerate a new round of infrastructure construction. Improve the overalltransportation system. And high-speed railway lines to speed up railwayconstruction, building "five vertical and five horizontal" railway network, toachieve county rail. Speed up highway construction, built to the "three vertical
  5. 5. and four horizontal" main skeleton of the highway network, to achieve countyhighway. Implementation of the 4000 km of national and provincialreconstruction project to improve to enhance the "ten vertical and tenhorizontal" trunk road network. Implementation of high-grade channel trainingworks. the "seven thousand" airport construction. Enhance the energy oftheir ability to support economic and social development. Focus on theimplementation of nuclear power engineering, conventional thermal powerconstruction, power transmission main grid construction, a new round of ruralpower grid upgrading; accelerate the natural gas pipeline construction.Strengthen the water conservancy facilities. Strive to start the construction ofPoyang Lake water control project, completed the Three Gorges Water ControlProject, completed planning for reservoirs with and reinforce dangeroussluices, standardization dike construction and other projects. To promoteinformation technology. Focus on implementation of the wisdom of PoyangLake Ecological Economic Zone project, government network "townships"construction projects, demonstration projects of things to speed up "triple play"integration of information covering the urban and rural transport networks. Byimplementing these major projects, by 2015, the province of infrastructurechanges will occur four landmark: the railway mileage exceeded 50 km, whichexceeded 2000 km high-speed railway, highway mileage exceeded 50 km, thepower transfer system installed over 20 million kilowatts.Strengthen ecological construction and environmental protection. Firmlyestablish the green, low carbon development concept, the full implementationof energy saving tasks, a sound incentive and restraint mechanisms,accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendlysociety. Focus on the implementation of afforestation, "a senior small", PoyangLake basin water environment improvement, construction of sewage treatmentfacilities, industrial parks, urban construction of two sewage treatment facilities,industrial ten million tons of standard coal energy, cleaning and other projectsin rural areas. To carry out low-carbon city, pilot restructuring ofresource-exhausted cities to improve the provinces ecological civilization level.Comprehensively promote the development of social undertakings. "Outline(Draft)" on science and technology, education, culture, health and livelihoodand other aspects of the requirements and major initiatives. Include: focusedon enhancing the regional core competitiveness, vigorously implement thescientific and technological innovation "six" project, to promote high-techindustrialization, building a number of national and provincial engineeringtechnology research centers and key laboratories, fostering the growth of theemerging strategic industry. Strengthening of qualified personnel, increasingthe economic and social development of intelligence support. Conscientiouslyimplement the long-term development plan for education reform and promote
  6. 6. the nursery building, standardization of compulsory school, high school qualityresources to expand, the infrastructure construction of secondary vocationalschools, colleges and universities to enhance the quality of urban educationand construction of the park district and other projects. Accelerate thedevelopment of cultural and creative, digital animation, performing arts andentertainment, modern media and other key cultural industries, construction,urban and rural, benefit all the public cultural service system, to promotecultural development and prosperity. Vigorously implement livelihood projectsto continuously improve the peoples happiness index. Focus on theimplementation of employment and social security services center,standardization of primary health care institutions, provincial and county-levelstandardization of care service community center, affordable housingconstruction and other projects. Strengthen social management andinnovation, and strengthen disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities, andimprove the prevention of emergency warning and emergency responsesystem, to effectively maintain social harmony and stability.(C) the major policy measuresFocus on achieving "five-second" planning objectives, the implementation ofsix key policies and measures.First, focus on economic development and increase revenue, build investmentand consumption interaction mechanism. Firm implementation of majorprojects to drive strategy, optimize the investment structure, investment andconsumption, identify points of integration, focus on the implementation groupis conducive to expanding investment, but also conducive to promotingemployment, improving peoples livelihood, promote consumption of largeprojects, good projects, to form a virtuous cycle of investment andconsumption. Focus on increasing peoples income, actively expandemployment, encourage entrepreneurship, expand income sources.Reasonable adjustments to the distribution structure, reasonable minimumwage, wage growth mechanism for the formation of workers and paymentsecurity mechanism, enhance the work remuneration in primary distribution ofincome; sound social security mechanism, the implementation of specialsubsidies and consumer subsidies and other measures of life, increasetransfer payments, increasing income levels; increase affordable housing,low-cost housing and shantytowns efforts, and improve the housing subsidysystem, efforts to increase public property income. Through unremitting efforts,so that the people of basic income and gross national product growth toachieve synchronization.Second, around the transformation of economic development, innovation andinstitutional mechanisms. Countries with good policy to give the pilot, the first
  7. 7. in the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone of a green GDP accounting,ecological compensation, integrated watershed management system andsewage charges, environmental tax reform and other reform; improveinnovation and entrepreneurship to support fiscal and financial policies toguide social capital into their own entrepreneurial capacity-building; format toexplore the development of new services for market management measures,and factor prices adjust tax policies to create a conducive policy andinstitutional development of service industry environment.Third, regional and urban development around the co-ordinating theimplementation of comprehensive reform policy. Implementation of the mainfunctional areas of strategy, the implementation of financial, land, population,industry, investment, environment, differentiated supporting policies, improvethe performance appraisal methods and interests of the compensationmechanism; tospeed up the reform of household registration system, improve the exchangebetween urban and rural elements of equality, the promotion of landvalue-added benefits mainly used for agriculture and rural savings in ruralareas; innovative rural land management system, improve the land acquisitioncompensation mechanism.Fourth, the market allocation of resources around to play a basic role,deepening of the administrative system,