Promoting healthy development of urbanization


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Promoting healthy development of

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Promoting healthy development of urbanization

  1. 1. promoting healthy development ofurbanizationD) promoting healthy development of urbanization. Implementation of theoverall planning of urban and rural science, improve the overall carryingcapacity of cities and towns, and enhance the countys economic strength, topromote the main city, county and district development coordination andinteraction of small towns. The citys urbanization rate increased to 53%. This year, the main city to expand fully into the outer era. In accordance withthe construction of 1000 square km, population 10 million National Center forurban targets, accelerate the construction of North Zone, speed developmentof West Park, East Area and South Area, population and industry to promotethe orderly expansion of the outer ring, as soon as possible a number of newfunctional groups. Adjust and optimizethe layout of inner functions, improve the function of the central businessdistrict, the development of headquarters economy, service outsourcing andmodern service industries, promote industrial high-end. Between the inner andouter focus on advanced manufacturing and distribution of large logistics base,to promote the industry to the radiation type, drive type. Speed up the vitalpublic service facilities and municipal infrastructure planning and construction,comprehensive services to enhance the main city. Advance planning andconstruction of a number of satellite towns connected the tour and railtransport, fast-track, the green corridor, and enhance the main driving force ofthe radiation outside the city. The main city district to strictly follow the tourfunctional orientation, dislocation development, special development,aggregate development, to avoid homogenization. Chongqing Wanzhou speed up the completion supports the second largestcity, accelerate the development of six regional cities, to develop other areasthe county. Suburban districts and counties to increase financial transferpayments to support efforts to improve urban infrastructure, improve education,health, culture, sports and other basic public service capacity. Characteristicsof the outer suburbs of the industrial park to a full refund retained part of themunicipal tax increment to support the new group to promote the structuraloptimization, driving local employment, in line with environmental protectionrequirements of large projects, good projects. Promote the sustainabledevelopment of resource-based cities. Accelerate the development of small towns. Integration of special funds forconstruction of small towns, the national focus of the town center of town andcity to cultivate a concentration of population, industrial concentration and
  2. 2. product distribution of the county sub-centers. Promote rural planning, naturaltransformation of villages, implementation of the Bayu new home constructionand rebuilding of old housing in rural areas to guide the orderly transfer andnearby rural residents live together. The reasonable capacity of resources and the environment as a prerequisiteof urban and rural planning and construction, and promote urban and ruralecological civilization. Reconstruction of the Village Park to improve theinvestment strength and focus to improve land conservation and intensiveutilization. Development of low carbon buildings, the construction of nationalrenewable energy demonstration city and the construction of large publicbuilding energy monitoring system model city. Start the creation of nationalenvironmental protection model city. River Beach beam depth comprehensivetreatment secondary rivers and rural non-point pollution, urban centralizeddrinking water sources 100% compliance. Above the county sewage treatmentplants and garbage disposal all put into use, improve sewage treatment andgarbage treatment rate is the rate. To carry out heavy metal pollution andtraffic noise pollution remediation. (E) overall strengthening of the "three rural" and the reservoir work. Alwaysto solve the "three rural" issue as a priority, improve benefiting the agriculturepolicy, strengthening the basis for sustained and steady development ofagriculture in rural areas. Continue to focus on food production, construction,food production capacity of 10 counties, grain production has stabilized at 11million tons or more. Create a national demonstration zone of modern animalhusbandry, pig key base for the construction of 20 counties, increase the levelof large-scale farming. Orchards and vegetable base to expand the scale ofstandardization to support the development of eco-fisheries, livestock grazing,agriculture, accelerate the construction of modern tobacco. Second Chinesecitrus to run the festival. Deregulation, forest rights management, to developgreen mountain, forest economy, wood and bamboo processing plants andflowers, herbs, forest tourism, promote Xing Lin Zhifu. Implementation of GIprotection, to create agricultural characteristics of the brand. Accelerate theconstruction of modern agricultural science and technology parks andagricultural trade in the city, start building Jiangjin double blessing agriculturalwholesale market. Development of farmer cooperative organizations, leadingenterprises, improve the degree of organization of agriculture. Modern servicesystem to improve the rural, open up markets for agricultural products,promote new agricultural technologies and new achievements, mechanizedfarming income level increased by 3 percentage points. Insist on labor exportand home business with both hands, the new transfer of rural surplus laborforce 30 million people, the new business park a number of returning migrantworkers, migrant workers return home to guide and support local business.Started Jinfo large reservoirs, and built a number of water conservancy,strengthening the canal improvement, new Hanlaobaoshou, water-savingirrigation area of 20 mu. Bai Jiangzhen flood basic standards. Push forward
  3. 3. the rural power grids and villages through broadband projects. Newreconstruction of rural roads 8,000 km cement road to achieve townships,village roads. Concerted efforts to build a harmonious and stable prosperity of the newreservoir. Careful preparation of the Three Gorges Project follow-upimplementation plan, to strive for preferential policies for the reservoir area tolay a solid foundation for long-term development. Prominent immigrantssecure wealth, ecological construction and environmental protection,prevention of geological disasters three key tasks for national pre-arrangedfunding to begin construction of a number of conditions are ripe for follow-upprojects, and follow-up to achieve migrant relocation effective docking.Immigration to speed up the construction of eco-industrial park, localconditions to develop clean energy, oil and gas industry, machinerymanufacturing, textile, green food and other special industries. Deepensupport work towards helping the central business end of the reservoir district.Vocational education and skills to carry out immigration theme years activities,training, employment of 40,000 new rural-urban migration. Peasants doimmigrants flooded pension insurance, improve the level of the Three Gorgesreservoir area of social security. Strengthen the integrated management of theThree Gorges reservoir, drawdown area to carry out comprehensive control,speed up the implementation of the reservoir and its tributaries, water pollutioncontrol projects. Avoid relocation and towns to improve the city security, startthe implementation of geological disaster prevention "impregnable works."Seriously address the issue of immigration difficulties in mass production andliving, improve the reservoir holding stability mechanism to maintain socialstability in the reservoir area. Speed up the "wings" development. Increase the municipal state-ownedenterprises to support the "wings" special industrial zone intensity, starting thesecond round of 5 billion yuan guarantee facility plan. Improve the "ring wing"interaction mechanism and enhance the "ring wing" counterparts, helpingresults. Ethnic minority areas of Southeast and Wuxi, the city population andother difficulties counties to implement special support policies, as soon aspossible to get through outreach channels, there are resources to support thedevelopment of special industries. Through the forest tenure reform and forestmanagement, implementation of the "wings" Farmers million income projects,so Southeast, Northeast foresters Chongqing extensive benefits.Implementation of the relative poverty standard, will be lower than ruralresidents per capita net income 30 percent of the population included in thescope of poverty alleviation and development. In carrying out activities topromote the whole village out of poverty, starting 250 villages in the wholevillage out of poverty, poor immigrants to complete 30,000. Further organizethe social forces involved in poverty alleviation.(F) to expand the breadth and depth of inland open. Western efforts to buildfirst-class open environment, accelerate the construction of major channel of
  4. 4. international trade, deepen regional customs reform, opening-up serviceplatform to build, optimize the administrative environment, legal environmentand human environment, open out a new way inland. Improve the level and quality of investment. Source of foreign capital topromote the shift from a Hong Kong-based Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japanand South Korea and other comprehensive investment, foreign capital in areasranging from industrial-based to industrial, real estate, finance and other areasgo hand in hand, to introduce foreign capital incremental way from the mainshift introduced by both volume and revitalize the stock, comprehensive andwide-ranging, multi-channel investment. Focus on strategic industries andemerging industries, to investment chain, point-investment, etc., driven by theintroduction of a number of major projects and strong. Implementation of thelinkage thing, to undertake the eastern industrial transfer towards theestablishment of demonstration areas, the introduction of domesticdemand-based batch processing and manufacturing enterprises. Soundinvestment follow-up mechanism to ensure the smooth implementation ofcontracted projects. Strengthen the countys investment co-ordination andguidance, to avoid vicious competition. Multi-pronged do a good job of processing trade, service trade and generaltrade. Strengthen the port construction, reduce logistics costs, improvefinancial services, and strengthen human resources support and enhance thelarge projects, the attractiveness of large enterprises, and promote the rapiddevelopment of processing trade. Adhere to both offshore and onshore, theintroduction of well-known international service outsourcing enterprises,software development and outsourcing services, consolidate and enhance thestatus of national service outsourcing base to drive overall development oftrade in services. Improve foreign trade policies to support and nurture the topten export base, and stable export advantages to expand overseas marketshare. Encourage imports of advanced technology, equipment and shortage ofresources. Two Rivers to win the approval as soon as possible, improve the planningand functional layout, to create full-featured, high-end industry, headquartersgathering, livable, with international influence of the modern district. WestWing Micro Electric Park, notebook computer base to speed up the start landacquisition and relocation, "seven connections and one leveling" and thestandard factory building, open to the Jiangbei International Airport customssupervision dedicated channel, a complete set of municipal and commercialand cultural facilities, grasp professional skills training, promoting HP and itsassociated projects bear fruit as soon as possible. Two Cuntan bonded portarea to start the second phase, towards the establishment of vehicle importport, settled in enterprises and projects to 100. Relying on the bonded portarea for the west building, Jianghai transport logistics network, as soon aspossible to play a bonded logistics functions. For Wanzhou, longevityupgraded to a national park industrial park. Improve the North Zone, through
  5. 5. the open area, high-tech industrial zones and special industrial zone matchingfunction, to achieve rapid development. Vigorously implement the "going out" strategy to enhance the allocation ofglobal resources. Strengthen the overall planning, comprehensive policysupport system, support competitive enterprises to participate in overseasresource development, acquisition of high-quality foreign assets, R & D,marketing network and brand. Relying on the citys foreign trade and economicgroups, the foreign project contracting, labor export scale and level. All-round exchanges and cooperation. Strengthening cooperation withneighboring provinces, the Yangtze River economic belt, coastal links topromote interaction infrastructure, resources, joint development, joint industrialcooperation. Promoting the "West Triangle" strategic cooperation, theimplementation of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, with the preparationof the implementation of economic cooperation Wuling Mountain area planning,the layout of a number of common infrastructure for national industryassociations and major projects. Run seventh China-EU Round Table.Delegation to participate in Shanghai World Expo, the Sydney Chinese NewYear celebrations and other activities to show the new image of Chongqing.Platform to expand overseas, with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan tostrengthen regional and international sister cities and overseas Chineseeconomic and cultural interaction. Deepen the comprehensive economiccooperation Chongqing pilot station, turn Chongqing into Taiwaneseinvestment in mainland Chinas third major focus area and the largestTaiwan-funded information industry cluster. (G) strongly promote the reform of key areas and key links. Flexible use ofstate-level reform policies pilot test area, deepening urban and ruralcomprehensive reform, efforts to break the constraints of the scientificdevelopment of structural and institutional obstacles, increase vitality throughreform, gather wealth. Deepen financial reform, speed up the Yangtze River to create a regionalfinancial center. Integration of the financial services, diversified forms offinancing, modern management methods focus on the reform of financialenterprises to increase efforts to promote local financial institutions to increasetheir investment and outreach, explore the establishment of integratedmanagement of financial holding group. Accelerate the construction of theinsurance industry innovation and development testing to guide the insurancecapital to participate in key projects. United Assets and Equity Exchange,improving rural land transactions, share transfer centers, agricultural andlivestock exchange operation mechanism, to enhance services and expandbusiness scope, elements of radiation and enhanced capabilities. Preparationof electronic paper trading center, drug exchange, the establishment of steelfutures delivery warehouse. Strengthening financial supervision and prevent
  6. 6. financial risks and promote the social credit system and create a good financialecology. Deepening of rural land, forest rights and other reforms, to promote two-wayflow of urban and rural elements. To vote to expand trading volume, theestablishment of rural land transactions relying on proprietary informationsharing platform. Start City in basic surveying and mapping, and promote theright of homestead is indeed to explore the rural farmers voluntarily paid out ofthe contracted land and homestead way, make an inventory of state-ownedforestry resources, and steadily push forward the construction of residentialland for farmers to focus on rural and forest land assets of the contract. Speedup the hydraulic system of property rights reform. Foster the development ofvillage banks, finance companies, rural credit union funds and other new-typerural financial institutions, to carry out rural land, forest rights and other factorsof production, mortgages, pledges, and agriculture-related insurance pilot. Topromote balanced urban and rural areas of basic public services, increaseeducation, health, culture, and social security to rural areas efforts to promoteinfrastructure and service network extending to rural areas. Explore theestablishment of conditions of migrant workers and residents of the newgeneration of migrant workers into urban household registration managementsystem, helping improve the employment of migrant workers, social security,schooling of children, housing policies such as hire purchase system to guidethe entire household conditional transfer of rural residents for urban residents.The development of taxation, investment, land and other support policies toencourage and regulate urban resources to the countryside Funong to helpfarmers. Foster a number of urban and rural reform and development focusedon demonstration sites, test drive the overall reform breakthrough. Deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, state-owned capital instrategic areas to enhance the control, drive and influence. Optimize thestructure of state corporate governance, capital structure, industrial structure,promote the restructuring and integration, reduce the management chain.Support Chang, heavy steel company to become one hundred billion. Promotethe water, trading companies, the Groups overall energy market. Improve thestate capital budget management system to ensure that state-owned assets.Municipal state-owned enterprise groups to play Haozai urban and rural areasin economic regulation and the leverage of a social responsibility to set anexample. Further promote the non-public economy and accelerate the development ofSMEs. Relaxation of market access, elimination of discrimination policies toencourage private capital into infrastructure, public utilities, financial services,utilities and other areas of society to protect the equitable participation ofprivate enterprises in project bidding and government procurement. Supporthigh-quality private enterprises listing and financing. To develop equityinvestment funds, leasing, guarantees, trusts, small loans and other newfinancial institutions, continue to implement the plan of financial services for
  7. 7. SMEs, and strive to new small business loan 100 billion yuan. Introduction ofcapital support, tax support and financing guarantees and other policies, theestablishment of public service platform and business base, encourage thepeople business, promotion of small and micro enterprises to flourish, the mainmarket exceeded 10 million. Promote the healthy development of the real estate market. Increaseaffordable housing construction, and implementation of low-rent housing forPoor Families in full coverage. Increase the city inhabitable houses, shantytowns, city reconstruction and migrant workers apartment construction,renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas to expand the scope of thepilot. Start building 20 million square meters the three years of public rentalhousing program, by way of transfer of land for construction, large-scaleincrease in public rental housing, with a relatively favorable rents, housingdifficulties for low-income groups to provide housing support. Support theresidents own homes and improve the type of housing consumption, increasein low-cost, small and medium size supply of land for housing construction,regulate the development of second-hand housing market and revitalize thehousing rental market. Implementation of differentiated credit and tax policy tocurb speculative investment in housing, high housing prices to curb irrationalrise. Real estate market order, increase the store did not build, cover platereluctant sellers, driving up prices and other irregularities in the investigationand punishment. Deepen fiscal and tax reform. Functional areas around the main buildingand the equalization of basic public services, improve the city and countyfinancial resources and powers to match the system. Deepen the departmentbudget, collection and payment, government procurement and expenditurereforms, insisted the citys general municipal expenditure control budgetexpenditures ratio of 25% or less. Steps to strengthen tax administration,increase social Zenggezhishui, strict non-tax revenue. Strengthen the controlof county government debt, reducing debt risk. Gradually increase the incomeshare of the national income distribution, income distribution norms.Encourage enterprises to collective wage negotiations and wage paymentsecurity system, implementation of the minimum wage system to increaselow-income subsidies and grants. Steady implementation of public health andhealth care institutions pay for performance.