Chongqing municipal people's government work report


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Chongqing municipal people's government work report

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Chongqing municipal people's government work report

  1. 1. Chongqing Municipal Peoples GovernmentWork ReportDelegates: Now, on behalf of Chongqing Municipal Peoples Government, report to the GeneralAssemblys work over the past five years, for the next five years and make recommendations in2008 for your deliberation and CPPCC members please comment. A Review of the past five years Over the past five years, we adhere to Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" asguidance to the scientific development concept as a guide to enriching Xing Yu, accelerate theconstruction of the economic center of Yangtze River, the main line of building a moderatelyprosperous society, focusing on important strategic opportunities, deepening reform, expandingopening up, focus on development, work together to promote harmony, to promote economic andsocial development entered a new stage. Significant signs are: --- Comprehensive economic strength has increased significantly. Preliminary statistics, in 2007the citys GDP reached 411.2 billion yuan, five-year average growth of 12.6%. Per capita GDPmore than $ 2,000, more than doubled in 2002. Local financial revenue reached 78.86 billion yuan,an increase of 4 times. Financial institutions and foreign currency deposits and loans reached666.2 billion yuan respectively, year-end balances and 519.7 billion yuan, were more than double. --- Implementing the western development strategy has achieved significant results. Five-yeartotal in fixed assets investment 1.0511 trillion yuan, three times for the previous five years, thecumulative at the municipal key projects 126. --- Central assigned the "big four" basically completed the main task of tackling. Overallprogress of the Three Gorges reach millions of migrants plan 95%. Large-scale industrialenterprises realized profits of $ 22 billion, overall labor productivity of 10.5 yuan / person-years,respectively, up 4.4 times and 1.3 times. The rural population in absolute poverty decreased from94 million to 50 million people. The main urban air quality days from 221 days to 289 days,Chongqing, Yangtze River Water Quality and stability in Ⅱ, Ⅲ class. --- New breakthroughs in reform and opening up. Municipal state-owned enterprise assetsreached 585 billion yuan, more than doubled. Non-public economy accounts for the citys GDPreached 55.1%. Foreign trade volume exceeded 70 billion U.S. dollars, average annual growth of32.9%. Five years, total actual use of foreign direct investment of 30 billion dollars in capital107.8 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 31%, respectively, and 52.9%. --- "Lap wings" the smooth commencement of a new pattern of regional development. Speed upthe "circle" the pace of development has increased the "wings" and support six regional centralcities, the county catch, striving to develop. --- Urban and rural residents improved significantly. Introduced more than 1,200farmer-friendly policy. Five years, 108 million new urban jobs, the new transfer of rural surpluslabor force 211 million people, the cumulative transfer of 748 million people. Disposable income
  2. 2. of urban residents reached 13,715 yuan, rural per capita net income reached 3,506 yuan, anaverage annual increase of 13.6%, respectively, and 10.8%. We completed the second session of the Municipal Peoples Congress established the firstmeeting of the objectives and tasks to fulfill the term of this government to the people of the citybeginning to make a solemn commitment. This year, we made ten key areas: (A) actively implement the central macro-control policies and measures, economic restructuringmarked success. Proportion of three industries from 2002 to 16:39.2:44.8 adjusted to12.9:44.6:42.5. Industrial economic dominance is more prominent. Industrial investment in totalsocial fixed assets investment increased from 18% in 2002 to 33.5%, the citys total industrialadded value of GDP rose from 31.7% to 36.8%. Doubled the number of households of industrialenterprises above designated size, sales revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan of enterprise groupsfrom the 1 to 9. North Zone, Economic Development Zone, New District, West WingMicroelectronics Industrial Park, longevity Chemical Industrial Park Industrial Park and featuresthe citys total industrial output value of the proportion of 50%. Consumer demand continues toincrease, total retail sales of social consumer goods up 94.6% over 2002. Total tourism income hasdoubled. Stable development of real estate. Modern logistics, exhibition, cultural and creativeindustries in the ascendant. Implementation of long-term scientific and technological development program. AppliedTechnology Research Institute into the city, City Academy of Agricultural Sciences, ResearchInstitute to accelerate the construction of quality measurement test, the state key laboratories andengineering research centers to 11. Promote the University City and the West WingMicroelectronics Industrial Park interactive development. Made Silkworm functional genomics,hybrid vehicles, 2 MW wind turbines and other major scientific and technological achievements.Five-year growth of 15.2% professional and technical personnel, the introduction of foreignexperts to 11,000 people. 1050 patents for invention. (B) speed up construction of infrastructure, urban and rural areas a new look. "ChongqingUrban and Rural Planning (2007-2020)" by the State Council for approval. Urbanization rate of39.9% in 2002 to 48.3%. Improved rural and urban traffic conditions, to achieve the "eight hoursin Chongqing" and "the main city of a half-hour" goal. Yu Wan built, adjacent to Chongqing,Chongqing and Guizhou, Chongqing and then, pad loyalty, industry, water and other highways,the total mileage exceeded 10 km. Construction and upgrading of local trunk roads 2,500 km ofrural roads built or renovated more than 30,000 kilometers. Yu-Huai built railways and Chongqingrailway. New port cargo handling capacity of 20 million tons. Jiangbei International Airportpassenger throughput exceeded 10 million, ranked among the list of large hub airports; WanzhouAirport up and running. Information infrastructure and application level leading west. Five newpower capacity of 4.67 million kilowatts, completed three years ahead of Chongqing, 500-kilovoltpower grid, "Day" shaped ring. New cross the Yangtze River, Jialing River Bridge, 16, new urbanroads 1487 km, the main city of laying asphalt pavement 5.9 million square meters, publictransportation network coverage of 75%, and built the first city west rail lines. Transformation ofthe main city inhabitable houses 7.89 million square meters. The citys new urban green space90.11 million square meters, the main city of the newly constructed park 41. Implementation ofthe lighting project, and the town more beautiful night. (C) policy support and benefit agriculture intensified, push forward the construction of new
  3. 3. socialist countryside. Than the national agricultural tax was rescinded a year in advance andadditional. Cumulative five-year municipal finance on the "three rural" investment 66.3 billionyuan. New rural construction "1000 Village forward, one hundred village model" making goodprogress, the implementation of "three hundred projects" to achieve new results. Mechanizedfarming income level increased to 14.2%. Total grain output stable at 11 million tons. Buildhigh-quality agricultural products base 1315 mu. Above the level of agricultural industrializationleading enterprises to 237. "Bai Jiangzhen" economic output reached $ 70 billion. Completion ofirrigation investment 220 billion yuan, Kaixian carp pond reservoir and "Ze Yu," a smoothprogress of water projects to build 17 medium-sized reservoirs, reservoirs with 700 regulation, tosolve more than 400 million rural residents in drinking water safety. New rural biogas digesters300 000. To develop the labor economy, the financial arrangements above the level of 390 millionyuan of special funds for rural workforce skills training, pilot services and management of migrantworkers, to solve a number of migrant workers are most concerned about employment,entrepreneurship, social security, childrens education, living with The home equity maintenanceand other practical problems. (D) Three Gorges Reservoir area basically completed the relocation of the main tasks, thereservoir area of industrial development and employment situation of new immigrants turn forthe better. Immigration dynamic investment totaled 45.37 billion yuan, 107.2 million relocationresettlement, relocation adjustment submerged industrial and mining enterprises 1392. Introducedto speed up the reservoir area of industrial development, Resettlement supporting thesupport policy. Reservoir of industrial development was accelerated. Urban migration andzero-employment households and the transfer of zero-employment families of rural migrants tocompletely eradicate the unemployment rate in the reservoir area by the end of 2005 urban survey,12.8% to 9.3% of the end of 2007. National ministries, provinces and municipalities, and the maincity of the "trinity" responsive support in the reservoir area has been formed.(E) efforts to increase energy conservation, environmental quality improved significantly. Fiveecological construction and environmental protection totaled 25.5 billion yuan investment,focusing on implementation of the blue sky, clear water, green, quiet four actions. Completion of43 heads of key urban environmental pollution, safety problems and the relocation of businesstransformation, shutting down "five small" enterprises 2249. Build 55 sewage treatment plants,garbage disposal 42, the citys urban sewage centralized treatment rate of 68%, garbage harmlesstreatment rate of 72%. Natural resource protection, reforestation, soil erosion, library week toaccelerate the construction of green belt, the citys forest coverage rate reached 33%. Allcommercial land for auction and sell. Implementation of the Three Gorges water control,drawdown area of regulation and two, three geological disaster prevention, safeguarding ofecological safety. (F) to further promote economic reform, development activity is growing. State-ownedenterprise resources, debt, equity restructuring reform to achieve significant results. Eightconstructive Investment Group five years totaled 140 billion yuan investment, financing, 170billion yuan. Yufu boost the company to become a model of state-owned enterprise reform, thecentral and western regions of Chongqing as the Stock Exchange of property rights tradingplatform. 1007 state basically completed the reform of commercial enterprises. Adhere to the"non-ban that is accurate, that many non-restricted", the introduction of relaxation of market
  4. 4. access, reduction of business fees, and other policies to improve the financing environment,non-public ownership economy to accelerate development. Framework of public finance shape.Bank of Chongqing, Southwest Securities, Chongqing International Trust and municipalreorganization of rural credit cooperatives reform to achieve substantive progress, insurance, thenumber of headquarters and regional headquarters in the Western Conference, the formation of theThree Gorges Reservoir Area Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation, the introduction of eightnew foreign-funded financial institutions. Local share reform of listed companies basicallycompleted, the new seven listed companies. Categories implementation of investment projectapproval, approval, filing system. Accelerate the reform of monopoly industries. Product qualityand food and drug safety supervision has been strengthened. (Vii) internal opening, pressed forward and open into a new stage of economic development.Average annual growth of total exports 32.8%. Actively undertake international industrial transfer,the worlds total of 500 enterprises have settled in Chongqing 93. Exceeded 1 million foreignlaborers. Successfully hosted the fifth Asia Pacific Cities Summit and other international event, tocarry out Russias "China Week in Chongqing", "French Culture Year in Chongqing - ToulouseFestival," the Philippines "in Chongqing, China Week" activities. The new foreign consular two,new international sister cities 9. Yu Hong Kong, Macao more closely linked Chongqing, Sichuan,Chongqing, Chongqing and Guizhou and other regional cooperation in more depth. Chongqing isbecoming a hot spot favored by domestic and foreign investors. Edited by the (H) an important step in the cultural system, create new culture. Carry out "emancipate the mind,the concept of" the great debate, foster "self-reliance, develop open," the Chongqing human spirit,launched the "Everyone Chongqing" image of the city logo. The formation of Man-fundedcompanies, newspaper groups, radio and television groups, publishing groups, the XinhuaBookstore Group and the Red Rock line, encourage and support private enterprise development,culture, cultural industry average annual growth of 27.9%. Hongyan Revolutionary Museum built,the China Three Gorges Museum, Huguang Assembly, Chongqing Library and a number oflandmark cultural facilities and public cultural facilities, new cultural facilities more than 40million square meters, 50 villages all over radio and television. Philosophy and social sciences,literature and art, journalism, publishing a number of emerging effects of national innovation andgood works. Chongqing Acrobatics, Sichuan, Qijiang prints and other performances to go abroad,well received. 17th National Book Fair, the first China Chongqing Culture and Art Festival, thefirst farmer in Chongqing and other major man-days of cultural activities a success. Threeconservation rescue work smoothly. Wulong "South China Karst" inscribed on the World HeritageList. Mass culture and fitness activities have flourished, the second city of Games, Third PeasantGames a success. (Ix) made great progress in social development, the people most concerned about some of thepeoples livelihood has been effectively improved. Development of education achieved a historicleap. The citys "two bases" work by the state, "two bases" population coverage rate of 100%;junior high school graduates entered high school the proportion of 84.5%; higher education intothe popular stage, the gross enrollment rate of 23%; University City the main function of the basicform. The citys average years of schooling of 7.7 years in 2002 to 8.4 years. All pay off 1.96billion yuan, "compulsory education" debt, the total elimination of 4.429 million square meters ofdilapidated buildings of primary and secondary Class D stock. Substitute teachers in rural areas
  5. 5. the problem is basically solved. The full realization of free compulsory education in rural areas; inthe lead of the secondary vocational school students funded, Chongqing, membership reached100% of the surface of the Student Financial Assistance; college student financial assistance forneedy families gradually improved. Major diseases and public health emergencies to be effectiveprevention and control, urban community health service network to further improve the new ruralcooperative medical system covering all the districts, farmers participation rate of 77%. Fullimplementation of child immunization vaccination free of charge. Natural population growth rateat 4 percent. Or less. Urban employment situation improved significantly, to achieve more than when new jobs inurban areas and new labor force unemployed. Urban workers and social security standards toimprove the basic pension for enterprise retirees an average of five years has doubled. Minimumliving guarantee for urban residents to achieve the cities, the rural minimum living security systemis fully established. The main city of the "double trapped" family all at low-rent housing guarantee.3032 all rural households move into new homes cave shack. 65,000 ex-situ removal of ruralpoverty. Push forward the construction of peace in Chongqing. Safety grassroots work to furtherstrengthen investment 700 million yuan building "security engineering" 4800 km; the citys safetyaccidents and deaths continued to decline, especially since the number of major accidentsdecreased 58.3% over the previous five years. Strengthen the comprehensive management ofsocial order, crime effectively curb the trend of high incidence, increase peoples sense of security.Community early warning, emergency response and public events to further improve themechanism for social mobilization. (J) the government itself has been strengthened, and further improve administrative efficiency.Consciously accept the Municipal Peoples Congress and its Standing Committee, MunicipalCPPCC supervision, carefully listened to and adopted by NPC deputies and CPPCC members fortheir valuable advice, for a total of five deputies suggested 7733, CPPCC proposals 7032, 100%completion rate, satisfaction rate 90%. Decision-making municipal government set up expertcommittees and the Legislative Review Advisory Committee, to employ the relevant disciplines"House" for the government technology consulting academicians, executives of multinationalcompanies engaged in international economic mayor consultants, scientific and democraticdecision-making has improved. Improve the administrative system, configured to optimize thefunctions of municipal departments, towns basically complete the institutional reform, reform ofpublic institutions steadily. Implementation of the rule of law, the government created the "foursystem", transformation of government functions, "the three innovation" and improve theadministrative system of "three pilot projects." Cancel, stop or adjust the implementation ofvarious administrative approval 862. Comprehensive administrative and law enforcement pilotmade positive progress. Shape "3 + X" government news release system. Conduct "governing forthe people, service development" corrective learning activities, further work-style changes.Government, and intensified anti-corruption work, investigate and punish the law and disciplineviolations and staff. Women and children, the elderly, the disabled, ethnic, religious, Overseas, Taiwan, science,legal literacy, auditing, statistics, meteorology, seismology, geological survey, air defense, firefighting, files, Local Records, confidentiality, counselors, cultural and other work, has a newprogress, new progress. National defense education and national defense mobilization solidprogress, "mutual support to build" activities to achieve new results.
  6. 6. Delegates! Just past 2007, Chongqing event, wedding and more. Was particularly encouragingis that the people of the city: General Secretary Hu Jintao vision for the development of a newstage in Chongqing, "314" overall plan of the State Council approved the master plan urban andrural areas of Chongqing, Chongqing, the country ratified urban and rural comprehensive reformpilot area. The major new historical opportunities for the development of Chongqing into apowerful force. Directly under the citys economic growth hit a new high since the GDP growth of15.6%, local fiscal revenue grew 48.9%, per capita disposable income of urban residents increased18.5%, rural per capita net income increased 22%. Delegates! Over the past five years, Chongqings rapid economic development, social harmonyand stability, and benefit the people most five years; is to consolidate and develop the "heart Qi QiShun, the wind is fresh enough" good political situation of five years. Recalling the ups and downsof five years, we have been able to overcome difficulties one after another, to ensure that thereform and opening up and modernization construction in Chongqing ship true to the line, relyingon the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, correct guidance, rely on theguidance of scientific concept of development innovative practice by the State Council and thestrong leadership of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, by the Municipal PeoplesCongress, Municipal CPPCC supervision and support, by people of all is the city worked hard. Inthe event of sudden SARS epidemic, avian flu, drought in a century and a rare large floods of thecritical moment, united the people of the city, to ride out the storm, to minimize losses andmaintain the good momentum of economic and social development. Practice has proved thatpeople are the rapid development of Chongqing, the source of strength and victory. Here, on behalf of Chongqing Municipal Peoples Government, to the city and people of alltroops stationed in Chongqing, police officers pay tribute! Give strong support to the governmentof NPC deputies and CPPCC members, as well as care and support for community development inChongqing, our friends, to express my sincere thanks! See the results at the same time, we are keenly aware that the citys economic and socialdevelopment and building a moderately prosperous society in the new requirements, and thepeoples expectations of a better life, and advanced level of development of provinces andautonomous regions, there is still no small gap, on the road ahead still faces many difficulties andproblems. Main features: First, the contradictions are still outstanding urban and rural structure,unbalanced regional development, the Three Gorges reservoir area industrial emptiness problemof employment and immigration has not been fundamentally resolved, Southeast regionalself-development is not strong, the weak foundation of agriculture and rural areas, urban-ruralincome gap between urban and rural development long way to go. Second, openness and privateeconomic development were lower than the national average. Third, the ability of independentinnovation is weak, little-known brands and patents, innovation has not really become the corecompetitiveness, energy conservation and environmental pressures, changes in economicdevelopment is imminent. Fourth, employment, social security, income distribution, education,health, housing, safety, social security, land acquisition, demolition and other aspects of the citythere are many problems to be solved. Last year food prices rose rapidly, to create hardship forlow-income people. Fifth, government and construction of service-oriented government does notfully meet the new requirements, social management and public service functions to bestrengthened. The quality of government staff and administrative capacity need to be furtherimproved, in some sectors and regions to varying degrees, bureaucracy, formalism, and
  7. 7. extravagance and waste issues, very few people even abuse of power, corruption, the disciplineand state laws are not. We should treasure the past achievements, shortcomings of the work to be hard to rectify, moreenergetic and promising, efforts to create a new situation in the development of Chongqing! Second, the "314" master overall plan for the next five years the development of clearobjectives and tasks At a new historical starting point, we are faced with new opportunities, take the newrequirements of the central, carrying the people of the citys new look. Chongqing GeneralSecretary Hu Jintao made "314" overall plan, which is lucky, Chongqing, Chongqing peoplesgood fortune. We know that a very high value central and western regions of Chongqing as theonly municipalitys strategic position, earnestly hope that Chongqing is the national regionaldevelopment and make greater contributions. The next five years to do government work, we must comprehensively implement the partyscongress and the City, the spirit of the third Party Congress, hold high the great banner ofsocialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents"important thought and the scientific concept of development, "314" overall plan for the master,emancipate the mind, ideas, commitment to reform, expanding opening up, effectively change themode of economic development, promoting economic and social good and fast, better and fasterdevelopment. The main goal of the next five years are: --- Accelerate the construction of an important growth pole in the western region should striveto economies of scale, "six double." In 2007, based on the 2012, double the citys GDP, more than800 billion yuan; local revenue to double, more than 150 billion; total fixed asset investment todouble to 650 billion yuan; social Total retail sales more than doubled, reaching 350 billion yuan;total imports and exports more than quadrupled, to $ 30 billion; actual use of foreign directinvestment and domestic investment are more than quadruple, reaching $ 5 billion and 160 billionyuan. --- Accelerate the construction of regional economic center of Yangtze River to achieve "sixfeatures" leading west. Financial center, trade and logistics center, transportation hub, highinnovation, education, talent and culture Highland Heights West-leading six functions,significantly enhance the competitiveness of the urban core, concentration, radiation, drivingability is increasingly obvious. By 2012, financial institutions and foreign currency deposits andloans at the end of the balance of both exceeded 1 trillion yuan; merchandise sales exceeded 80billion yuan, 100 billion yuan added value of logistics; new highway 1,100 km, the highwayleading west density; the whole of society development expenditures accounted for the citys GDPup 2%; basic universal high school education, higher education gross enrollment rate of 30%,average years of schooling to 9.2 years; high-level professional and technical personnel and highlyskilled personnel to reach 10 million, respectively, , 75 million; cultural industry of the citys GDPaccounts for 4%. Edited by the --- Accelerate the construction of the development of urban and rural municipalities to focus onoptimizing the "four structures." Optimizing urban and rural industrial structure, employmentstructure, urban structure, regional structure. By 2012, non-agricultural industrial added valueaccounted for more than 90%; non-agricultural employment accounted for more than 65%;urbanization rate has more than 55%; one-hour economic circle the main indicators to per capitaaverage level of the eastern region, northeast of Chongqing, Chongqing drive south-east Upper
  8. 8. West regional average. --- The first in the western region to building a moderately prosperous society onto "two step."Two years in advance in accordance with the 2018 first-round well-off society to achieve therequirements of the target, by 2012 GDP per capita $ 4,000 onto the steps, 2018 steps aging on the$ 8,000. Achievement of a comprehensive well-off about 85% in 2012, about 95% by 2018. --- A new socialist countryside construction should be improved, "five levels." Industrializationof agriculture, agricultural technology and equipment, large-scale land management, ruralinfrastructure conditions, the transfer of rural surplus labor force levels were significantlyincreased. By 2012, the rate and quality of agricultural products were 62% and 75%; integratedmechanization level of farming income of more than 30%; scale concentration of land in ruralareas reached 25%; average annual growth of investment in fixed assets in rural areas 20%; fivenew transfer of rural surplus labor force more than 200 million people, has reached 10 million. --- Revitalize the old industrial base to achieve the "three bigger and stronger." Bigger andstronger pillar industries, enterprise groups and industrial parks. Cars, natural gas, petrochemical,equipment manufacturing, materials, the five pillar industries of electronic information industrialoutput exceeded 1 trillion yuan; the introduction of 500 and 500 Chinese enterprises and otherstrategic investors, 30 new foster ten billion yuan sales income level enterprise group; North Zoneover 300 billion yuan of industrial output value, and strive to form a three industrial output valueof 10 billion-level, eight 500-billion-level characteristics of industrial park. Five years, the citysindustrial investment of 900 billion yuan industrial output value in 2012 1.5 trillion yuan,recycling, "a Chongqing industry." --- To improve the livelihood of the people to run the "10 practical things." Five years, 1.2million new jobs in urban areas, urban dynamics to eliminate zero-zero-employment householdsand the transfer of employment of rural families; establish urban and rural residents of the socialsecurity system; New 2071 village-level public service centers, access to basic health services andbasic cultural rights and interests protection; legal aid should be done to make aid assistance;transformation of the main city inhabitable remove seven million square meters, mining shantytown into a piece of 2.7 million square meters of illegal buildings and 3,000,000 square meters, toimprove the living conditions of 300,000; subsidies outside the main city of the nine counties 31counties each 25 million in support of its municipal facilities construction and social undertakings;building a number of "rice bag", "vegetable basket" project, to ensure that the public grain, meat,vegetables, market supply ; new construction and renovation of rural roads 50,000 km, new ruralbiogas digesters 500 000; completely solved the problem of urban and rural drinking water safety;reduce poverty in rural areas of the cards 60 million people. --- To improve the quality of urban development to build a national "smooth urban," "NationalGarden City." Invest 45.5 billion yuan to build Rail Transit Line, Line and 6 line of a project, earlystart the second and third, on the 6th line extensions, a total of 165 km, to achieve mileage 116 km,through the formation of the main city of the nine Metro area backbone network, basicallycompleted "five vertical and horizontal six part seven contact" fast road network framework toimprove the outer suburbs of public transportation. "The mountains, water, city" each other moreprominent features and characteristics of the city, the main city of 2737 square kilometers into a"National Garden City", the new five-year 39.23 million square meters of urban green space,green space urban districts in 2012 the rate reached 37%; in urban planning and construction area5473 square kilometers, "Forest City", 2012, the citys forest coverage to 38%.
  9. 9. Achieve these objectives, must be assigned by General Secretary Hu Jintaos efforts to advanceand promote sound and fast economic and social development of the city and improve thelivelihood of the "four major tasks": (A) to accelerate the development of modern agriculture, and promote the new socialistcountryside construction. The development of modern agriculture as the primary task of the newrural construction. Implementation of modern agricultural science and technology innovationprojects. Promote industries to more favorable areas, stable development of high-quality grain,highlighting the development of live pigs, vegetables, citrus industry leading three majoradvantages to develop bamboo, mulberry, herbs, flowers, livestock and grazing characteristics offive regional industry. Accelerate the development of rural cooperative economic organizations,improving the agricultural social service system. Scale to promote the industrialization ofagriculture, the development of sales revenue by 100 billion enterprise group 5, the 100 millionleading enterprises. Increase investment in rural infrastructure construction. 100 new bus pass high standard oiltowns, villages roads patency rate of 55%. Five kinds of water conservancy investment of 300billion yuan to build a large enough reservoir of jade and Tongguanyi beach, pine only, the threementioned Joan River water project, start "Ze Yu," two other key water conservancy projects,complete remediation of dangerous reservoirs speed up the construction of the canal systemsupporting the basic engineering of the region WESTERN to solve water shortage problems, theeffective expansion of agricultural irrigation. Rural and urban residential electricityTongwangtongjia. Improve the rural living environment. Nurture new farmers. Strengthening therural grass-roots political power, the implementation of "grass-roots talent rural townshipconstruction projects." (B) significantly enhance the capability of independent innovation, industrial upgrading oldindustrial bases in the core competitiveness. Accelerate the construction of innovative city.Promote the implementation of major science and technology, science and technology platform toenhance science and technology and enriching the peoples livelihood four county and technologyservices operations, build industrial technology innovation chain, promoting a combination ofresearch, in order to "Chongqing create" improved "Chongqing manufacturing." Increaseinvestment in innovation. Support results-based incubator, technology financing, venture capital,to accelerate the pace of industrialization of dual-use technology, promote scientific andtechnological achievements. Establishment of a patent, brand, standards support and copyrightprotection system, and strive to invention patents average annual growth of 25%, China Top Brand,China Well-known trademarks were increased to 60 and 35. Improving incentives for invention,innovation, technology diffusion, rationalization proposals and reward, so the wisdom to unleashinnovation, innovation in large numbers. Enhance the competitiveness of modern manufacturing. Good job big investment, big projects,big business, big base, pillar construction. Concentrate on building a modern industrial base ofnational importance to enhance the brand of car and motorcycle development level of intellectualproperty, extend natural gas chemical industrial chain, to accelerate the preparation of oil andchemical industry base, promote equipment manufacturing to advanced mechanical and electricalintegration into, the new materials industry to promote high end of development, to developenergy industry, and labor-intensive industries. Priority to the development of integrated circuits,software and information services outsourcing industry, and strive to 2012, the citys information
  10. 10. industry accounted for the proportion of GDP increased to 10%. Positive development of urbanhousing industry. Using modern technology to enhance the building materials industry. New andenhanced features industrial park north of the citys industrial driving force. (C) effectively solve livelihood problems, and actively building a harmonious society. Moreattention to social development, efforts to improve peoples livelihood, promote fairness andjustice, sharing reform and development. Entrepreneurship to create jobs. Improve support their own businesses, for self-employment andemployment assistance for people in all policies, create "full employment community" and "fulltransfer of employment village." Guide the grass-roots employment of college graduates,employment and growth companies to start their own businesses. Ex-urban and rural employmentservices to do the work. Initial distribution and redistribution should be more emphasis on equity. Establishment ofenterprise growth mechanism for wages and payment security mechanism. Create conditions toenable more citizens to have property income. Increasing the proportion of middle-income.Disposable income of urban residents, the average annual per capita net income of rural residentsincreased by 12% and 15%, and gradually reverse the widening income gap. Edited by the Establish and improve the urban and rural residents of the social security system. Properlyresolve the basic old-age insurance for urban workers remaining issues, the basic pensioninsurance institutions to promote the reform, the establishment of new rural social pensioninsurance system and the land of Peasants of basic pension insurance system. Improve the urbanbasic medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance system, the development ofenterprise supplementary insurance and commercial insurance. Establish a comprehensive urbanand rural cooperative medical insurance system. Ensure that urban and rural low as the cities.Gradually increase the poverty standard, the minimum wage and the basic pension for enterpriseretirees and other social security benefits standards. Make special care and placement, the disabled,elderly work. Development charity. Area development in poor areas do a good job and wholevillage. Deepening health system reform to ease the mass medical care is difficult and expensiveproblem. Adhere to the public nature of public health, strengthen the governments responsibilityand commitment. Improve the prevention and control of major diseases and public healthemergencies emergency response capabilities. Improve the governments purchase of public healthservice system, speed up the township hospitals, village clinics and community health servicecenter. Urban and rural low-income people and seriously ill patients with medical assistance. Todevelop traditional Chinese medicine. Strengthen the prevention of occupational diseases.Improve family planning benefit-oriented mechanism, the birthrate low, improve the quality ofbirth population, high sex ratio at birth control issues. Improve the housing conditions of urban and rural residents. To ensure that the city "doubletrapped" family housing security based on full coverage gradually expanded to other cities inlow-income housing for needy families. Increase affordable housing and low-cost, small andmedium-sized common commercial housing supply. Urban residents per capita housingconstruction area of more than 30 square meters of rural residents per capita housing area of 35square meters. Maintain the basic stability of general price level. Increase agricultural output and ensure
  11. 11. market supply. Crack down on illegal activities and all kinds of prices arbitrary charges. Improveand implement means of subsidies for low-income people to ensure their basic living standards donot decline because of price increases. Improve the party leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, publicparticipation in the social management pattern. Strengthen the management of urban and ruralcommunities. Perfect expression of the demands of the peoples interests, social stability, riskassessment and investigation and resolve the disputes mechanism, enhance the ability to handlemajor emergencies. Strengthen the peoples mediation, administrative mediation and judicialmediation. Further promote peace building in Chongqing, so township and the police station,community center and village police room, according to the law to combat and prevent criminalactivity, protect life and property safety. Strengthen the safety culture, the rule of law,accountability, technology and investment, the implementation of corporate safety responsibility,government responsibility for production safety supervision, to ensure steady improvement insafety conditions. Delegates! After ten years of hard work, the Three Gorges reservoir area will be one year aheadof millions of migrants task fully completed. Three Gorges "small family homes, for the country"is a great feat, will always be remembered by history. Prosperity in the reservoir area, rich newphase of immigration is an important and difficult task. Reservoir with good support for industrialdevelopment and the promotion of immigrant employment incentives, intensify theimplementation of a number of major industrial projects. Five new urban immigrant labor force 15million people, a new transfer of rural migrant labor force 70,000. Efforts to make immigrants thebasic life security, availability of labor and employment, poverty alleviation rewarding, sharingcommon goals of building a harmonious and stable new reservoir. (D) overall strengthening of urban planning and construction management, greatly enhance thequality of urban development. Implementation of urban master planning, urban planning andscientific advance. Starting point planning and construction of 1062 square kilometers of the maincity downtown, making the country a beautiful environment, fresh air, smooth traffic flow,suitable for living in the city. Attention to urban space layout and architectural style of thediversity of art, the overall promotion of the Yangtze River, Jialing Rivers and Four urbanplanning and construction, the implementation of Yuzhong Peninsula city image design, build promountain near the water and watch the mountain view of waters unique style and livableenvironment. Wanzhou promote "second city" and Fuling, Qianjiang, Jiang Jin, Aikawa,Yongchuan other regional centers of urban construction, coordinated development of small andmedium cities and small towns. Suburban districts and counties to promote the development of theupgrading of the county, to support its new on the number of municipal facilities and publicprojects to expand urban capacity, improve the urban functions. Intensive efforts to achieve urban development. According to "reduce, increase green, blank,plastic surgery," the planning and construction principles, the city do a good job co-ordination,policy guidance and the necessary capital investment, the main responsibility of the relevantdistricts and counties to complete the main city inhabitable houses, mining into the filmshantytowns and illegal buildings demolished. Relocation of heavy steel and other 69 heads oftransformation of urban environmental pollution and safety hazards of key enterprises. Acceleratethe construction of linking urban and rural areas, connecting the surrounding networkinfrastructure system. Form a "Ring 8 shooting," highway network, the construction of
  12. 12. network-like line, the total mileage of expressways open to traffic reached 210 km. Speed up "ahub of ten lines of" railway network construction, start-Yu Wan and Yu intercity rail, the newrailway mileage of 320 km. Port cargo handling capacity reached 140 million tons and containerthroughput of 2.2 million TEUs. Completion of Phase III expansion and the Jiangbei InternationalAirport airport construction Qianjiang white boat, air passenger throughput reached 25 million.Built Chaotianmen, longevity, Jia Yue, etc. 12 across the Yangtze River, Jialing River Bridge.Priority to the development of public transport, integrated into a number of hubs. Improve urbanwater, electricity, gas security of supply capacity. Underground pipe network construction jointgroove. Improve the disaster prevention and mitigation system. Efforts to achieve modernization of urban management. Construction of the main city of thedistrict and regional center city digital city management system. Main road in the city, animportant traffic junctions and other public places, construction of video information systems,intelligent traffic control. Into urban sewer gas electronic monitoring system. Municipal utilities toestablish market-oriented mechanism. Gradual development of comprehensive improvement ofthe old residential area, the introduction of the qualified residential property services. Strengthen energy conservation, improve the ecological environment is directly related to thequality of urban development. Five-unit GDP energy consumption decreased by 20%, the wholesociety of chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions dropped 10% and 15%. Improveenergy saving statistics, monitoring, evaluation system. The implementation of ten key energyconservation projects, and built a number of recycling companies and recycling park. By 2012, themain urban air quality days reached 305 days; the citys urban sewage centralized treatment rate of80%, garbage harmless treatment rate of 90%. Strengthen the integrated control of secondarypollution of rivers and rural non-point source pollution control. Tree planting 500 acres. A target string of footprints, No pain no gain. We must unite the city peoples wisdom andstrength, and strive to "314" into the overall deployment blueprint beautiful reality! Third, efforts to enhance the momentum of reform and opening up The most distinctive feature of the new era of reform and opening. Necessary to implement thereform and opening up through "314" overall plan of the whole process of reform and innovationto promote the spirit of scientific development, the expansion of domestic and internationalcompetition open to participate in the formation of new advantages. (A) the construction of the western regions most perfect modern market system, wide variety ofactive elements together domestic and international resources. More attention to expandingconsumer demand. To maintain an annual growth rate of total retail sales of social consumergoods is higher than the citys GDP growth. The headquarters of the economy, modern logisticsand exhibition as the starting point of economic development of producer services led tocharacteristic blocks of life and tourism as the starting point to drive development of serviceindustry. Speed up the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Trade Logistics Center.Formed by the Liberation Monument, Jiangbeizui, marble stone consisting of the central businessdistrict. Improve the citys central business district, large market, trade and business area of largeenterprises concentrated radiation. Rural market "double built" urban communities"double into the" circulation of agricultural products "Double Ten" project. National Railwayconstruction and integrated logistics center Cuntan Hong Kong, Yubei Airport, Wanzhou port,Fuling Port, longevity and other integrated logistics park in Hong Kong. To build the ThreeGorges, Dazu Rock Carvings, urban landscape, Wujiang River Gallery, Wuling scenery and hot
  13. 13. springs are tourist products, construction, well-known tourist destination and tourism hub of thewest. Vigorously develop the capital, property rights, technology and other factor markets. Acceleratethe construction of the upper Yangtze financial center by 2012, the financial industry accounts forthe citys GDP reached 6 percent, financial institutions assets exceeded 2 trillion yuan, the localstock market value of listed companies over 700 billion yuan in premium revenues $ 40 billion.Actively build a multi-level capital market system, to expand and improve the property marketfunctions. Promote market-oriented technological achievements. Regulate the development ofindustry associations and market intermediaries. Rectify and standardize market economic order,strengthen product quality and food and drug safety supervision. A sound social credit system. (B) to develop inland open economy, improve the level of opening. Co-ordinate opening andopening up to co-ordinate the export and import, export and domestic co-ordination, sharing ofglobal, national market, so that a higher degree of Chongqing became an open country, thedevelopment of a strong vitality and competitive in the world. Build economic development of inland open platform to create first-class port. IntegrationCuntan Hong Kong airport, export processing zones resources towards the establishment of inlandbonded port area. Increased investment in port infrastructure, customs clearance and logistics toimprove the environment, the development of electronic port business. Deepening and thesurrounding provinces, the regional customs cooperation along the coastal areas, to support thereform of customs clearance. Expand international flight routes and air cargo business. Increase in foreign capital utilization. Play in promoting the use of domestic and foreignindependent innovation, industrial upgrading in the active role. Construction of the transfer ofprocessing trade base. The use of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, technology development,private equity and other forms, to attract the leading type, core-type projects and multinationalcompanies, domestic well-known companies regional headquarters, R & D institutions, goodsdistribution centers, procurement centers, billing centers and other functional projects inChongqing. The establishment of municipal, county and business investment linkage mechanism. Expand the scale of foreign trade. Improve the high-tech products, electronic products, specialagricultural products and the proportion of services exports, support their own brands, softwareand information outsourcing, cultural and creative products and cultural services exports. Tocreate the United Nations International Industrial procurement, national auto and auto partsexports, the export of national pharmaceutical innovation, national service outsourcing industryand special export base for shipbuilding. Expansion of advanced technology and equipment,important resources and bulk imports of raw materials. Firmly to "go out." Guidance and support qualified enterprises to develop overseas processingtrade and resource development, establishment of overseas R & D center, marketing, network andresource supply base. Foster large-scale foreign project contracting business, and actively contractoverseas projects. Efforts to expand the scale of foreign labor exports. Pragmatic and promoting regional cooperation. Actively participate in the southwest city ofeconomic coordination will be the six provinces. To build Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone.Together with the cities along the Yangtze River Yangtze River to build. To carry out multi-facetedcooperation with the eastern region. Closely with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan exchanges andcooperation in the region. Actively participate in the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area. Theconclusion of a number of new international sister cities, for more countries to establish consulates
  14. 14. in Chongqing. (C) to carry out urban and rural comprehensive reform pilot to promote the "lap wings"coordinated development. Established to promote agriculture, the cities with rural long-termmechanism for the national urban and rural development to explore new ways. Breakthroughs inthree areas: To develop the labor economy, set up to guide the employment of migrant workers in cities livetransfer mechanism. Seize skills training, employment, entrepreneurship, social security,household registration reform and other key areas, bold exploration test, guide farmers in smalltowns outside the city and the city, county area, the main city of three towns gradient transfer,equitable distribution. Encourage migrant workers to return home business. Employing labor unitsfor migrant workers to provide basic health and safety conditions in line with the dormitory.Expansion of migrant workers and catastrophic medical insurance, pension coverage, high-riskindustries to achieve full coverage of migrant workers industrial injury insurance, carry out"security interaction" commercial insurance. Effectively solve the school children of migrantworkers and rural children left behind in education management. Enhance cultural andrecreational life of migrant workers guide, Chongqing farmers man-days to carry out activities tocreate an inclusive, social atmosphere to treat migrant workers. Innovation and rural land management system. Adhere to conservation and intensive use of land,strict protection of cultivated land, farmland accelerate the construction of the standard. Adhere tothe law voluntarily paid, to encourage deregulation, the right to land contractual management,promote land transfer. To carry out urban and rural construction land, construction land decreasedlinked to the pilot, paid the Balance of cultivated land within the city perfect mechanism to protectthe supply of land necessary for the development. Explore the rural collective construction landand land use rights transfer system. Co-ordination "lap wings" coordinated development. Efforts to change the "small horse-drawncarts," the situation, enhance the urban driving rural development, "circle" to bring "two wings"development. To the main city as the core of one-hour economic circle to focus on the "leadleader", and strive to become an important growth pole in the western region of the core region,the Yangtze River upper reaches of the main economic center of the carrier, urban and ruraldevelopment and municipal strategic platform. Chongqing Wanzhou as the center of the northeastregion to focus on "speed put file," special economic corridor into the upper reaches of theYangtze River, Yangtze River Three Gorges International Tourism with gold, the Yangtze Riverimportant ecological barrier. Chongqing Qianjiang as the center of the southeast region to focus onthe "to do special to do excellent", built in the Wuling Mountains economic Highland, folk band ofeco-tourism, poverty alleviation and development demonstration area. Improve the "circle" and"wings" corresponding assistance mechanism. Deepen the reform of counties to expand theirpower, so that districts develop more space. Counties are encouraged to highlight thecharacteristics of dislocation development, and strive to GDP over 20 billion yuan of counties to20. (D) to develop non-public ownership economy, enhance the states economic vitality, controland influence. Adhere to the equal protection of property rights, to promote fair access, equality ofthe formation of various economic sectors compete with each other to promote a new pattern.Non-public economy is a socialist market economy, an important part of the creation of socialwealth, expand employment, improve the livelihood of the important channels is the reform and
  15. 15. opening force. Unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development. Amore relaxed environment, more concrete measures, more humane care and more efficientservices, the full release of all social entrepreneurial energy, so that non-public economicdevelopment of Chongqing as a "paradise." Improve financing conditions and an equitable taxburden. Construction of small and medium business base and industry cluster, nurturing growthcompanies above designated size 10000. Run China (Chongqing) private economic developmentforum. Modern property rights system, based on the development of mixed-ownership economy.Support and guide new economic organizations and new social organizations and healthydevelopment. Continue to deepen the strategic adjustment of state-owned economy and state-ownedenterprise reform, key state-owned enterprises to promote the overall municipal market, thestate-owned assets to the advantage of industrial concentration, focus resources on competitivecompanies, funds focused on competitive products. Fully state-owned conglomerate ininfrastructure, industrial parks and major project financing, construction role. Fully complete thetransformation of state-owned enterprises into companies. Improve the state capital budget system.Deepen the reform of monopoly industries. (E) the development of cultural liberation and productivity, and promote cultural developmentand prosperity. Culture is the "soft power", can stimulate the sense of reform and opening up thecadres and masses, highlighting urban development activity. Building a socialist core value system,and promote the spirit of the Three Gorges Hongyan spirit, comprehensively promote theideological and theoretical armed, nurturing spirit of the city, civilized fashion guide, the correctguidance of public opinion, image-building five projects in Chongqing, the rise of a new upsurgein socialist cultural construction. To establish the socialist concept of honor, depth "Do the peopleof civilization action." Build a learning society, held "Chongqing Reading Month" activities toenrich "Elegant Chongqing" content. Prosperous development of philosophy and social sciences.Edited by the Strengthen the cultural infrastructure. Built and good use of Chongqing Grand Theatre, Scienceand Technology Museum, Sichuan Art Center, Cathay Pacific Arts Center, sports training center,Olympic Museum and other cultural and sports facilities, comprehensive, planning andconstruction of Museum of Natural History, the International Circus, mass art, such as the ThreeGorges Museum a number of nonprofit cultural and sports projects. Implementation of radio andtelevision coverage, and cultural information resources sharing, grassroots cultural positions, ruralfilm screenings, literary and artistic talents to develop five public cultural construction. Strengthenthe cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage protection. Deepen cultural restructuring, promotion of cultural content and form, institutional mechanisms,means of communication innovation. Promote cultural and creative industries by leaps and bounds,the construction of national animation industry, large enough to film and television dramaproduction, Nanbin cultural and creative industries, the four bases of modern printing and logisticscity Jiefangbei fashion culture, Huangjueping Art Park. Strengthening the cultural developmentand management. Continue to run in Chongqing, China Culture and Art Festival, and actively bidfor world, national important cultural and sports events and fairs. The establishment of municipalcultural arts awards and honors system, create a favorable out fine, talent, benefit the environment,a large number of influential cultural figures in the country. Further stimulate the peoples culturalcreative potential, so that harmony and nourish peoples cultural heart.
  16. 16. (Vi) accelerate the construction of the upper Yangtze Talents education, improve the overallquality of the public. Education determines the overall quality of the public, the public impact ofthe reform and opening up the overall quality and level of development. Adhere to the nature ofpublic education, increase financial input in education. Consolidate and improve the "compulsoryeducation" quality, high-quality educational resources to expand and improve the quality ofvocational education. Promote the restructuring of university disciplines, to create a number ofnational and municipal key labs and engineering technology research center, build a high-leveluniversities, teaching and research university, comprehensive university city "five integration"function. Emphasis on pre-school education, special education and adult education. Support andregulate social forces to set up education. Focus on quality education, deepen the entranceexamination system, school reform, educational assessment mechanisms to reduce the burden onprimary school students, students create innovative entrepreneurship. Perfect for students frompoor families at different levels of subsidy system, and never let a student out of school because offamily poverty. Bayu-depth implementation of engineering talent. Young people continue to runthe forum. Promote the "thousands of talents introduction plan" and "overseas talent gatheredPlan", a large number of high-level creative team. Innovative institutional mechanisms forpersonnel work to develop human resources services. Endless reform and innovation, expanding opening up world wide. To respect the grassroots andthe peoples pioneering spirit, to promote all-round opening-up reform and development, scientificdevelopment of Chongqing given new vigor and vitality! Fourth, to promote service-oriented government Implementation of the "314" overall plan of the governments own reform and building a newand higher requirements. Governments at all levels of innovation and reform, efforts to buildservice-oriented government, and effectively improve the credibility of the Government andexecution. (A) accelerate the transformation of government functions, innovative administrative operationmechanism. In strengthening and improving the economic regulation, market supervision, themore energy, financial and material resources for the social management and public services.Promote the government and enterprises, public institutions, government-funded separately, andthe government and the market intermediary organizations. Development and implementation ofadministrative reform program. Reasonable division of the city, county, township three levels ofgovernment powers and responsibilities. Explore and implement the functions of the organic unityof the large sector institutions, improve administrative efficiency. Advance classification reforminstitutions. Improve the fiscal transfer payment system, and improve the basic operation of thegrassroots political power minimum financial guarantee mechanism, always put the citysmunicipal expenditure to finance the general budget to 25 percent. Gradually digested townshiphistorical debt. Sound science and government performance evaluation system. Create a "sunshinegovernment", smooth e-government, government communiques, press conferences and otherpublic sources, all related to peoples interests and public policy issues have to implement an opensystem of doing things.(B) according to the law, in strict accordance with the statutory authority and procedures toperform their duties. Strengthen the construction of government regulations. Actively cooperatewith the Municipal Peoples Congress and its Standing Committee to do the work of locallegislation. Improve the collective decision-making on major issues, expert advice, public notice
  17. 17. and hearing system, improve decision-making corrective feedback mechanisms anddecision-making accountability system. Further reduce and standardize administrative approval,the implementation of administrative examination and approval for the Internet. Strengthen thecomprehensive administrative enforcement pilot. Accountability of the executive andadministrative supervision and auditing supervision, so that power comes with responsibility, withthe right subject to supervision, compensation for infringement, illegal to be investigated.Governments at all levels should consciously accept the supervision of the NPC and its StandingCommittee and the work of legal supervision, and consciously accept the democratic supervisionof the CPPCC, and consciously to strengthen the democratic parties, federations of the workingrelationship. Attach great importance to the public and news media monitoring. Support tradeunions, Communist Youth League, womens federations and other mass organizations inaccordance with law and their respective charters. Support the troops and armed police forcesstationed in Chongqing building, consolidating and developing the military and army-people unity. (C) and improve their political style, focus on strengthening anti-corruption. Government Ethicsrelations image of the government relations popular support, and relationship to sustainabledevelopment. To strengthen the civil service ranks. Leading cadres at all levels of government setan example of emancipating the mind, to do exemplary commitment to reform, opening up thecourage to set an example to do and do set an example for integrity. Strengthening education,system and supervision both in punishing and preventing corruption, and ensure a clean power torun. Depth bribery in business. Promote the electronic monitoring system construction.Investigations and disciplinary law firm of people and things, and resolutely correct unhealthypractices that hurt public interests. Build a conservation-oriented agencies, reducing administrativecosts. Harmonious, and prosperity. Peoples satisfaction has always been committed to building onlythe government, the peoples government to get peoples support and support business inChongqing will be booming! Fifth, the major work in 2008 This is the work of the new government the first year, we have to meet the thirtieth anniversaryof reform and opening up the opportunity to resolutely implement the central macro-controlpolicies and measures, effectively the "314" overall plan to implement the annual work, trystarting point to start, high standard start. Main development objectives are: the citys GDPincreased by 12%, the local general budget revenue grew 15 percent, per capita disposable incomeof urban residents and rural residents per capita net income increased 12% and 15%, urbanconsumer price index or control 4.5%, a unit of GDP energy consumption by 4.6%, chemicaloxygen demand of the whole society and sulfur dioxide emissions decreased by 2% and 3.5%, themain urban air quality days to 2.9 days. Focus on ten tasks: (A) the development of agricultural production to maintain price stability. Strive to keep grainoutput in 1150 tons; municipal funds to 250 million to support fiscal consolidation pig breedingsystem and large-scale farming; arrange 80 million yuan funds to support the new 200 acres ofhigh-quality vegetable staging base; rapeseed production reached 35 tons. Improve the production,transportation and marketing, to ensure the effective supply of major agricultural products.Implement the State Council on the basic necessities of life for some important goods and servicesof the temporary price intervention measures, to strengthen their food, oil, meat, poultry, eggs,feed, gas, fertilizer prices of important commodities such as supervision. New transfer of rural
  18. 18. surplus labor force 40 million people, scale concentration of land in rural areas reached 17%,supporting the conduct of rural collective construction land use right transfer pilot. Speed up theagricultural infrastructure construction, improve the comprehensive mechanizationof farming income level. (B) results in independent innovation and industrialization has taken a major step. ChinaChongqing Hi-tech Fair to run the Eighth and the Fourth China International Fair of dual-usetechnology, International Symposium on Sino-US material. Increase the risk capital investment,improve technological innovation loan guarantee service system. Concentrate on theimplementation of wind power outfit, urban rail transit vehicles, 15 major new productindustrialization projects. The formation of 10 research instruments and other strategic alliances. (C) make a 100 billion yuan industrial investment in large projects, the sales revenue 10 billionyuan of enterprise groups to promote the work. Implementation of SAIC Iveco HongyanCommercial Vehicle, BASF MDI, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Group, 850,000 tons of methanol,Peng Wei Petrochemical 900,000 tons of purified terephthalic acid, double the money tire steelradial tires, run through the new thermal power base, heavy casting forging base, a large plateDongqing 200,000 tons of aluminum ingots, Tianhe 100,000 tons of electrolytic copper, theNational Rainbow Digital Top Ten industrial investment projects. Preparatory work to do 10million tons refinery. Last years 130 billion yuan industrial investment, industrial added value andprofits of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 20%, 16%. (D) to promote the inland open and pragmatic economic development. Strengthen cooperationwith China Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 companies and docking, we will focus on investmentprojects and parks chain investment. Initiative to undertake the eastern industrial transfer. Actualuse of foreign direct investment and domestic investment are growing more than 30% of totalimports and exports to achieve growth of 30%. Start the construction of service outsourcing,undertake the transfer of processing trade, Crux, labor export and other national economic baseopen, the establishment of 11 acres of sericulture base and five overseas labor service centers. (E) urban and rural comprehensive reform pilot strive to make breakthroughs in key areas. Fornational approval of Chongqing urban and rural comprehensive reform pilot program in general.The development of administrative management, social security, fiscal, financial and otherspecific reforms. Support the National Development Bank and Agricultural Bank of China to carryout reforms, to promote the listing and in Chongqing Bank to set up branches outside the city, setup in Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, banks started to promote the development of the ThreeGorges in Chongqing. Start a new village banks and other financial institutions pilot. 7-9 newlylisted companies to complete and re-financing, direct financing of 30 billion yuan. (F) well a number of key projects. In fixed assets investment of 36 billion yuan, up 15%. Ensurethat the Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway to Yunyang Wanzhou section, the main western city ofOuter Ring Expressway opened to traffic. Accelerate the construction of second-Xiang Yu,Wanzhou Railway and railway container center station; start the construction ofLanzhou-Chongqing Railway, Yu Lee Railway, South Fu second-Chongqing railway and therailway. Start Chaotianmen center port area development. Grass Street avionics speed hub, silverpower plant construction, which Peng and 500 kV station, "Day" shaped double-loop network.Basically complete range of family longevity bridges four medium-sized reservoir construction,renovation reservoirs with 600. Speed Rail Transit Line, a third line construction,started in early Phase II and Line 6 Line a project.
  19. 19. (G) to increase energy conservation and ecological environment construction efforts.Completion of 15 heads of key urban environmental pollution, safety hazards corporate relocationtransformation. Preparation of 74 key energy companies energy audits and energy-saving plan, theelimination of small thermal power units 44,000 kilowatts, the closure of small steel mills 12. Intothe main drainage works in three cities 100 km pipeline network in 11 cities and Qijiang sewagetreatment plants, such as 8 Yongchuan city garbage disposal, construction and other West Wingsewage treatment plant and reservoir 30 small towns sewage, garbage disposal projects .Implementation of the beam Beach River, Zhuxi River comprehensive management of riverpollution and other sub-projects. Earnestly implement the policy of returning farmland to follow,comprehensively promote the forest classification management. Ecological forest into the city 1.3million square meters of flowers Avenue 500,000 square meters, 40 new community parks. (H) fully complete the reservoir four resettlement tasks. Kaixian county to speed up relocationand other key cities and rural towns relocation and resettlement, the basic completion of thereservoir area counties "double lump sum" settlement of the task, four water storage to meet theneeds of the Three Gorges Project. Complete the migration for employment, "two-one thousandproject", step up to help solve the problems of urban migration as a key legacy of the ThreeGorges. Strengthen environmental protection and the Three Gorges reservoir water reservoirmanagement. (Ix) to solve a number of peoples livelihood. Transformation of the main city inhabitableremove 2.3 million square meters, mining shanty town into a piece of 700,000 square meters.Exempt from the city since the fall semester tuition and compulsory education; arranged 680million yuan of funds to implement the 360,000 primary and secondary treatment of active andretired teachers living allowance; secondary vocational schools and the employment rate ofcollege graduates were 95% and 90%. Extension county-level medical institutions, 10 and 80township hospitals. Completed more than 10,000 20 villages have been blind power of naturalradio and television coverage, the construction of 200 township cultural stations, 1,000 villagesand cultural activity room and Farm House. Solve the three million urban and rural drinking watersafety. Complete the relocation of 5000 rural poor ex-situ, to reduce poverty in rural areas of thecards 12 million people. Earnestly implement the Employment Promotion Law and the LaborContract Law, to raise funds to support employment and reemployment municipal 5.5 billion, 22million new urban jobs. Timely raise standards of urban and rural low, adjust the standards ofbasic pensions for enterprise retirees; 900,000 in the past to address land Peasants and urbancollective enterprises county 80,000 uninsured persons over age basic pension insurance; urbanand rural cooperative medical insurance pilot expanded to 20 districts and counties. (J) the preparation of the citys main functional area planning. Determine the main function ofposition, direction, development timing, control principles, the scientific development ofsupporting policies and performance evaluation system. Actively seek-Chongqing Economic Zoneincluded in the national key development. Delegates! Many hands make light, concerted efforts be accomplished. We must hold high thegreat banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, upholding Deng Xiaoping Theory, "ThreeRepresents" important thought and the scientific concept of development, more closely unitedwith Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC ChongqingMunicipal Committee, under the strong leadership , brought together elements of the developmentat home and abroad, gather wisdom and strength in all aspects, emancipate our minds, pioneers,
  20. 20. and promote the development of Chongqing every success in further and achieve better and faster,better and faster development of new target!Edited by the