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How to Pitch a VC

  1. Tiang Lim Foo | @tianglim | @seedplusvc
  3. ▮What is “The Pitch”? Pitch noun (PERSUASION) [ C ] A speech or act that attempts to persuade someone to buy or do something
  4. ▮To persuade… • Know your audience • What’s your story? • Know what you want, and why
  5. ▮Know your audience Which stage / sector / markets do the VC invest? Look for VC/Startup fit. [Hint: look at the portfolio]
  6. ▮Know your audience Who will be attending the meeting? What were their professional experience? [Hint: LinkedIn.]
  7. ▮Tell a story - what do you do? • What’s the problem you’re trying to solve? • Who are you solving the problem for? Who are your customers? • Why is it important, and why now?
  8. ▮Tell a story - what do you do? Never get into the trap of trying to anticipate what (the VC) wants to hear. Tell your own story.
  9. What Is the true size of your market? ▮Tell a story - the pitch
  10. The secret ingredient is people. !" ▮Tell a story - the pitch
  11. Go-to-market strategy. ▮Tell a story - the pitch
  12. Be honest about what stage you are at. ▮Tell a story - the pitch
  13. Your real competitive advantage is being different in the long term. ▮Tell a story - the pitch
  14. Product, Product, Product. [Hint: It’s not about the features] ▮Tell a story - the pitch
  15. Plausible financials ▮Tell a story - the pitch
  16. The ask. [Hint: It’s not just about the 💰💰.] ▮Know what you want, and why.
  17. ▮What’s next? 1. Take notes, and follow-up. 2. Pitch constantly.
  18. ▮Some (more) tips • Introductions ‣ 🔆 introductions (having a shared connection put you in touch) and ❄ intros (emailing or calling out of the blue) are just fine for pitching a VC, as long as you are prepared, clear and concise. • Be organised ‣ Have a clear funnel process (think CRM) + get your data room prepped.
  19. GET IN TOUCH. Tiang Lim Foo | @tianglim | @seedplusvc