Grant Writing Basics


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The basics for writing a grand for education.

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Grant Writing Basics

  1. 1. Technology Facilitator Kristiana Lightcap
  2. 2. Where do you start? Have a great idea that you would like to use for a class project or activity? Have no money or limited financial resources.Use your great No idea, comeidea to write a up with one.grant proposal.
  3. 3. Where do you seek out opportunities? Government State Grants Grants Private Corporations Foundations The ideal way to find a suitable grant from any of the above at the local level.
  4. 4. The internet is one of the bestways to search for a grant. This is known as a RFP or request for Proposal.
  5. 5. There are two different ways to approach a grant proposal. According to the  According to your RPF or grant project idea. requirements.
  6. 6. Educators are already experts in their area.Writing a grant is Relate grant to like writing a Start with your your subject lesson plan or idea. area. You are essay. the expert. Take is step by step. Relate the grant to specific New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards.
  7. 7. The Writing ProcessProject Summary or AbstractGoals and ObjectivesThe project activities, methods and personnelThe needs for the project.BudgetEvaluation
  8. 8. Possible Required ComponentsEndorsement letter from school district written byschool Superintendent or Principal.Proof of Tax Exempt Status or 501C statement.Letter of support from organizations outside ofschool involved with project.Project SustainabilityProject Leader Resume
  9. 9. Project Summary or Abstract • This section should be written last. • Be clear and direct, a short summary of your grant. • Keep to the point using terms related to education. Goals and Objectives• What is the learning objective of your grant proposal.• How to the outcomes meet the proposal goals• Objectives should be measurable and related to your projects New Jersey Core Curriculum content areas.• Grants should include the 21st Century Career and Life Standards.
  10. 10. The Project Activities, Methods and Personnel • What methods you will use to meet objectives? • What activities you will use with students? • Foundations sometimes request lesson plans. • Whom will the activities take place with? • Is there a timeline to break down major events such as tests, training, evaluation and purchases. The Needs for the Project • What is the need for the grant be specific? • Is there a problem that exist in the school or community that needs to be addressed? • How will your students benefit from the proposal? • What is the target population? • Tell example stories to address needs.
  11. 11. Budget• Be precise and detailed.• Obtain estimated cost from venders.• See sample budget below for equipment needed for a Video Graphics program.. Sample Budget Item Model Quantity Amount Per Amount Item Digital HD Video Camera Sony HVR-Z5U 2 4599.99 9199.98 Recorder Soft Camera Carrying Case LCS-VCC 2 249.99 499.98 60” LED NX720 Smart TV KDL-60NX720 1 2979.99 2979.99 Total $12,679.95
  12. 12. Evaluation• How will you evaluate the project?• Data will assist you through the evaluation process by validating proposal objectives.• Data collection such as test, portfolios, journals, reflection and surveys.
  13. 13. The Last Steps Before Submitting • Double check all grant directions and follow requirements. • Is your vision clear and objectives measureable? • Did you clearly indicate your need for the grant proposal. •. Check for all grammatical and spelling errors. • Have a colleague proofread it. • Turn it in on time!
  14. 14. Hopefully, you are one step closerfrom your idea to grant implementation.
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