All About Dental Health & Dental Options


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Are you always confused with the terms that Dentist use and you cant understand? Know waht are the dental treatments available and also know the health benefits for dental. Find more information here at

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All About Dental Health & Dental Options

  1. 1. All About Dental Health & Dental Options
  2. 2. Introduction Why do we need teeth? – Chew – Talk – Appearance • Maintaining healthy teeth and gums at any age is an important part of preserving your overall good health. D & D Periodontal Associates
  3. 3. Oral Health Important to General Health Association between chronic and oral infection • Diabetes • Heart disease • Lung disease • Stroke • Low-birth-weight • Premature births D & D Periodontal Associates
  4. 4. The Effect of Poor Oral Health Lack of good oral health can lead to: • Chronic pain • Chronic infections • Poor social relationships • Problems in speaking and learning • Malnutrition • Problems in getting employment D & D Periodontal Associates
  5. 5. Toothache Reasons for Toothache • Holes in teeth • Deep repairs • Exposed tooth neck • Teeth Grinding • Gum infection D & D Periodontal Associates
  6. 6. How do you clean your own teeth • Place the brush wrong against the gum line and brush both teeth and gums. • Brush with agitating movement • Do not press the brush too hard It is easiest to brush the same way each time so that all teeth are clean. First up there on the outside and the inside, both on the teeth and gums. Since the same down there. D & D Periodontal Associates
  7. 7. Good Oral Hygiene Protect against oral disease by: • Brushing and flossing twice daily • Limit sweets • Visit your dentist regularly D & D Periodontal Associates
  8. 8. Oral Disease There are different types of Oral Disease - basically • Tooth Decay • Gum Disease • Dry Mouth • Cancer D & D Periodontal Associates
  9. 9. Oral Disease: Tooth Decay Major cause of tooth loss for all ages • Why Seniors? – Consume refined carbohydrates – Sweet foods, drinks or medications Minimizing Tooth Decay: – Substitute: refined sugars/artificial sweeteners – Use anti-bacterial mouth rinse to reduce level of bacteria – Brush and floss twice daily D & D Periodontal Associates
  10. 10. Oral Disease: Gum Disease Causes of Gum diseases • Gingivitis – inflammation of the gum tissue • Periodontist – destruction of bone and the structures supporting the teeth – Common oral problems that may result in tooth loss – Respond well to proper oral hygiene routines and treatment by your dentist D & D Periodontal Associates
  11. 11. Oral Disease: Dry Mouth Effects of Dry Mouth • Medications common to seniors may decrease saliva production and cause dry mouth • Without saliva the mouth and teeth become more susceptible to infections, ulcerations and decay • Affects: taste, speech, chewing, swallowing, and tolerance to dentures D & D Periodontal Associates
  12. 12. Oral Disease: Cancer Oral Cancer • Can develop in the mouth • More likely to develop in older adults who smoke or chew tobacco and/or abuse alcohol • Early diagnosis is crucial • All non-healing sores in the mouth or changes in voice deserve close attention and monitoring D & D Periodontal Associates
  13. 13. Dental Options Crowns • Rather than remove a tooth damaged by decay or accident, a cover – known as a crown or cap – can be placed over the remaining tooth • Under local anesthetic, the tooth is reduced in size for the final crown to be cemented onto the tooth • During your next visit, the permanent crown will be cemented onto your tooth D & D Periodontal Associates
  14. 14. Dental Options Replacing a lost tooth • Three main types of artificial teeth – Dental Implants – Dentures – Bridge D & D Periodontal Associates
  15. 15. Dental Options - Implants Dental Implant • Placing metal posts beneath the gum into jaw • Dental implants are frequently used as anchors for partial as well as full dental appliances and dentures. • Dental implants are one option of tooth replacement that actually helps to preserve the patient’s jawbone health. • Implant dentistry methods are tremendously successful. In fact, the current success rate of Osseointegrated Dental Implants falls right around 94 to 98 percent. D & D Periodontal Associates
  16. 16. Dental Options - Denture Dentures • A removable or partial denture replaces all of the lost teeth in the arch • The denture is held in place by clasping to the remaining adjacent teeth • Two types of dentures are available - complete and partial dentures. • Complete dentures cover your entire upper or lower jaw. D & D Periodontal Associates
  17. 17. Dental Options - Bridge Bridge • A bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, is a dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth by joining permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implants. • Is a replacement that is cemented to adjacent teeth and cannot be removed • A unit made up of a false tooth and two crowns is custom made to fill the area of the lost tooth and cemented in place D & D Periodontal Associates
  18. 18. Dental Options – Root Canal Root Canal • Teeth infected or abscessed can often be saved by performing root canal treatment • An opening is made in your tooth and the infected nerve is removed • After most root canal treatments, the patient will require a crown to support the remaining tooth structure D & D Periodontal Associates
  19. 19. For more Dental Help Visit D & D Periodontal Associates NYC 595 Madison Avenue, Suite 2500 New York, New York 10022 Call us: 212-759-7763