Edgeryders: Making A Living By Making A Difference


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A presentation I made at the Council of Europe the 15/03/2012 about the Youth of Europe that is making a difference. Some answers to:
Who are they?
What they do?
How they do it?

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Edgeryders: Making A Living By Making A Difference

  1. 1. Social InnovatorsEdgeRyders - Planning the Youth Transition Handbook March 15th and 16th 2012 Strasbourg Tiago Dias Miranda
  2. 2. Understanding Observation Synthesis Ideation Prototyping Testing Double Diamond Diagram
  3. 3. Understanding Observation Synthesis Ideation Prototyping Testing Double Diamond Diagram
  4. 4. Personasare archetypes builtafter a precedingexhaustive observationof the potential users.Profilesocialneedsdesireshabitscultural backgroundsdemographic characteristics
  5. 5. Meet theEdgeryderInnovator
  6. 6. Martina CerrutiAge 31 years oldFrom Verona, ItalyLives in Berlin, GermanyRelationship It’s complicatedStudies BA in Business Administration and ManagementWork Co-Founder of Urban GamesMusic Controprogetto, Janis Joplin, RadioheadBooks Tropic of Capricorn, The Mesh: Sharing EconomyMovies An Inconvenient TruthInterests Travelling, Cultural Identities, ViolinLife Goal Help others by matching meaning and purposeCuriosity Collects postcards
  7. 7. Favorite Quotation“The ideal place for me is the one in which it is mostnatural to live as a foreigner.” - Italo Calvino
  8. 8. In Stockholmshe lived in community within an Icebreaker
  9. 9. Moderately successful musician “We can do many more things when younger than we generally think”Follows and shares thoughts and feelings with people who have “Working for myself is just more the same world view emotionally and socially rewarding”
  10. 10. Pursuit Achievement of passion & RecognitionLike-minded Self-Efficacy Community
  11. 11. “For some years I worked at internationalfirms. I found myself too limited inside theseenvironments.No space to express myself, too manyboundaries towards possible ideas”Power gamesHierachiesActing
  12. 12. Non-Profit Sect“The deeper I descended into theemployment world and the NGO sector,the more I became disenchanted andsceptical”
  13. 13. Atypical profiles“Going through formalized recruitmentprocesses sometimes blocks out promisingcandidates because they focus on formalrequirements (e.g. a degree)”Employer’s answer:- I am sorry, you are too ahead of your time!
  14. 14. Time management & financial security“Working as a waitress helped me to pay my rent andgave me the possibility to invest the rest of the time onsomething that I thought it was the right path for me”
  15. 15. Urban Games(a game of urban transformationthat uses a web platform and asks itsplayers to perform creative missions)
  16. 16. 1 The player picks the mission and shuts down the computer 2 gets out on the street5 publishes the mission attaching photos and videos 4 after returning home 3 plays the mission, collects the necessary proof of his experience
  17. 17. EmotionalSupport Mentor“We need to takeinitiative in providing aspecific type of socialenvironment toencourage resort to a Familymore empoweredand fruitful mode ofsocial interaction” Friends Network
  18. 18. FundingSupportNo FoundationNo corporate sponsorsNo public sectorNo investors andNo social venture capitalist= No riskBusinesses and Government’s answer:- I am sorry, this project is too innovative!
  19. 19. so... “I am still dependent on family venture for seed money” Friends Family Fools No More Help! “Today’s context makes it harder for me to ask money to my parents and at the same time there aren’t any opportunities for an on and off jobs!”
  20. 20. Financial “Fuzzy Terminology: weakens our position if we lack the words to clearly state what we do, and how weSurvival do it and what it costs then we can’t expect others to support us” “We still know very little about the price and value of creative work” “It is difficult to find enlightened clients, specially in a crisis moment, when the average answers are "this is not the right moment to invest on that" or "we dont have money" utside my network
  21. 21. Peer-to-Peer “The bigger your network, the more generous you are with your own time and Support skills and equipment to help out others, the more generous others are towards you” MONEY = TIME + SKILLS + EQUIPMENT
  22. 22. • Social innovators are going toSustainability the field trying to find innovativeEnterprise answers to these concepts byLong-term contributing for social welfare.Intigrity • Market and policies are actingCommunity as barriers.Commitment • Converting social value toCulture market value.Market • From collaborative toValue sustainable enterprise.Organizational • Community and businessSocial integrity: “shared value” Zooming out
  23. 23. Final thoughtsProjects that improve our society and world should have a tax-reductionI have no security at all but sharing has become the base of my life andeveryday I learn infinite things.In the long run, organizational culture is a variable. The interestingquestion is what drives that variable.Work aligned with passion, principles and experience – breedscommitment to excellence