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Collaborative System


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Collaborative System

  1. 1. Collaborative SystemObjective: organize course material and produce a shared knowledge base. D4SB MASTER By Tiago Miranda
  2. 2. Collaborative System1. Balance in Natural Network2. “Less Is More”3. Other Collaborative Successful Network4. Our Collaborative Network System
  3. 3. 1. Balance in Natural Network
  4. 4. Balance in Sustainable Natural Networks Resilience Efficiency Two key variables Efficiency: capacity of the system to process. Resilience: capacity to survive, to adapt, to evolve.
  5. 5. Example of(un)Balance in our Monetary System Efficiency Resilience We only know This makes our system how to calculate monoculture because this parameter. of its low diversity.
  6. 6. Balance in Sustainable Natural Networks Resilience EfficiencyEfficiency and Resilience are a function of 2 structural variables. Diversity: how many different animals are around. Interconnectivity: who can eat what.
  7. 7. Balance in Sustainable Natural Networks Low diversity Dry forest Low interconnectivity Panda only eats bamboo
  8. 8. Balance in Sustainable Natural Networks High interconnectivity Squirrel eats anything High diversity Rain forest
  9. 9. Balance in Sustainable Natural NetworksDiversity and Interconnectivity are independent from what is being processed in network. ANY COMPLEX NETWORK CAN BE MEASURED IN THE SAME WAY biomass in an ecosystem electrons in an electrical circuit information in immune system money in an economy
  10. 10. 2. “Less is more”
  11. 11. “Less is more”“Simpler, sleeker devices - think apps - are less about searching and more about getting” “The screen comes to them, they don’t have to go to the screen” “Specialty software designed for single purpose, unlike general purpose browser” Chris Anderson
  12. 12. “Less is more”“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed” GETTING MORE Mahatma Gandhi FROM LESS “I would prize every invention of Science made for the benefit for all” FOR MORE Ultra low-cost Extreme affordability Gandhian Engineering Inclusive innovation Disruptive innovation
  13. 13. “Less is more”Jacque Fresco in the society he designed called Sociocyborneering, talks about a central computer that stores all types of human knowledge. The computer imports all kinds of data and is able to answer any type of question by making connections between gaps of information.
  14. 14. “Less is more”Just like Google and Wikipedia with Wolfram Alpha has the same direct interface but is a “computational knowledge engine”. This website puts in practice what Jacques Fresco was talking about in 1974 .
  15. 15. 3. Other Collaborative Successful Network
  16. 16. Other Collaborative NetworksThe Open Architecture Network is a clearinghouse for designs, but its also a living network, where communities can connect with designers and donors, and where builders can manage a project from start to finish, with timelines, commenting tools and forums.
  17. 17. Other Collaborative NetworksThe Zeitgeist movement is mainly a information Network. Like a blog, videos, essays, where the information is continuously updated.
  18. 18. Other Collaborative NetworksAsk Nature is a network that invites scientists, business entrepreneurs, engineers and designers to get together and brainstorm about ways of making new ideas based on Nature real.
  19. 19. 4. Our Collaborative Network System
  20. 20. Our Collaborative System- Create a collaboration network for students and faculty of this master.- Getting creatives informed and involved by helping in developing concepts.- Scalable from 0 to 1000s - mass collaboration platform- Reach as far out as possible.- Social Business is still a very young concept, very few people know about it. Lots of theory. Social Video Network Blog Diversity Interconnectivity Resilience Efficiency D4SB Master
  21. 21. Our Collaborative System Needs to be a flexible platform Social With growing potential Full-blown wikiNetwork Versatile concerning applications Interactive with and between usersResilience “Less is more” Video Going towards video net consumption Vimeo Blog Direct Tumblr Informing and fetching more usersEfficiency D4SB Internal work with students and professors Moodle Master