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Lifetime - Digital Interactive Engagement Presentation

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Lifetime presentation

  1. 1. Lifetime is an agency specialized in digital brand activation focused on identifying trends and translating innovative ideas into products and services. Committed with an international strategy that goes by establishing strategic partnerships with companies holding key technologies and innovative products, Lifetime intensifies the focus on the development and integration of new technologies with a view to promote the relationship of brands with their target audience and create interaction opportunities and enduring involvement.
  2. 2. PRINT INNOVATE LARGE FORMAT DISPLAYS EVENTS RETAIL APPs RETAIL SHOWCASES OOH Advertising POS Kiosks & Displays Automatic Retail Bacon Inflate Video print Sound Print Volume Print Solar Charger Video Projection LED transparente LED Curtain Video Wall LED Ultra-thin indoor Flexible LED CrowdLed Pulseiras RFID Controlo de Acessos RFID Redes Sociais Integração Redes Sociais ECO Interactive Wayfinder Mobile Cupons Mobile POS Expositor Interativo Digital Fridge iHanger LCD Transparente Expositores Holograficos Realidade Aumentada Touchless Displays Touchscreen Through Glass Live Broadcasting Touchsensores Grab-a-coupon Tablet Kiosks Retail Adviser E-ink Expositor Interativo Retail Tablet Battery Displays U-Sampling Vending Machines MicroVending Ecobank Concept Projects EventStation EventHaus MicroHaus Airdesic Q-bit DoNuts Chesterfield
  3. 3. PRINT INNOVATE Video print Sound Print Volume Print Solar Charger
  4. 4. Print Innovate Video Print Overview Specifications Video Print Video Print is a completely new way of communicating, revolutionary and very effective. It is the ultimate fusion between the print and the visual, as it features a color TFT-LCD with a flash memory that allows video playback with standard digital audio format. Video Print is available with any type of finish printing. From UVI Varnishes, gold ink, stamping, multiple pages in custom sizes ... any shape is possible.
  5. 5. Print Innovate Video Print Overview Specifications Video Print  Compatible with all digital video formats.  Rechargeable via a mini-USB port  LCD sizes: 2.4 "to 4.5" with the possibility of providing other dimensions;  Up to 120 minutes of video;  Content selection buttons;  Option to reuse;  Possibility to download additional content;  Customizing messages.
  6. 6. Print Innovate Sound Print Overview Specifications Sound Print Sound Print is the multisensory communication format compatible with any type of graphic printing.
  7. 7. Print Innovate Sound Print Overview Specifications Sound Print  Pre-recorded sound, voice or message are all available  Pre-recorded duration: 3~340s are available  Components: voice IC,PCB, speaker, button cells, etc  Outstanding: clear and vivid sound quality
  8. 8. Print Innovate Volume Print Overview Specifications Volume Print The development of volume printed product represents a perfect mix between art and technology. Our moulds for the three-dimensional images are created by hand in the same way that our famous predecessors Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci created their sculptures. The print and the vacuum forming process are carried out by means of the most modern techniques. Pedir orçamento
  9. 9. Print Innovate Volume Print Overview Specifications Volume Print  Material: Slex available in different thickness: 3/10 mm, 4/10 mm, 5/10 mm, 8/10 mm.  Print: Offset:Offset in 4 colours with silkscreen varnish if required or necessary.  Format: Mastersheet size 68x98 cm, all the other sizes depend on the subdivision of the whole sheet. Pedir orçamento
  10. 10. Print Innovate Solar Charger Overview Specifications Solar Charger The Solar Charger, its an ultra-thin and flexible solar panel housed in a printed cardboard. It is compatible with all mobile phone models, allowing charging batteries by connecting to a USB cable. Pedir orçamento
  11. 11. Print Innovate Solar Charger Overview Specifications Solar Charger      Solar panel: PET laminated Dimension of solar panel: 200 * 140 * 10mm Weight: 95g Conversion efficiency: 17% Power (output): 5V Pedir orçamento
  12. 12. LARGE FORMAT DISPLAYS Video Projections Glass LED LED Curtain Video Wall Flexible LED LED Ultra-thin indoor
  13. 13. Large Format Video Projections Overview Specifications Video Projectors Lifetime rents professional video projectors 400020000 ansilumens for indoor and outdoor events. Pedir orçamento
  14. 14. Large Format Glass LED Overview Specifications Transparent LED Transparent LED is a product indicated for stores where it is important to take advantage of natural lighting. Inside the effect is that of a curtain with 90% visibility outwards. Dynamic image displaying high brightness just outside the storefront. Pedir orçamento
  15. 15. Large Format Glass LED Overview Specifications Transparent LED Brightness adjustment TECHNICAL PARAMETERS 10mm > 3000cd / m2 indoor > 6500cd / m2 outdoor 320mm x 320mm / 640mm x 320mm Automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness and manual adjustment Display Mode MTBF Weight 32 -bit True Color 1024X768 > 10,000 hours 13kg --- 15kg / m Pixel Pitch Screen brightness Module size Pedir orçamento
  16. 16. Store Fronts LED Curtain Overview Specifications LED Curtain The Curtain Wall is a 90% transparent matrix of surface-mounted LEDs on vertically hung circuit strips. Curtain Walls can conform to curves, corners and cylindrical design requirements for an optically fascinating LED display. Pedir orçamento
  17. 17. Large Format Video Wall Moldura Ultra Fina Overview Specifications Video Wall Moldura Fina Video Walls are the big trend globally adopted by major international retail chains. Video Walls with contents designed specifically to entertain the audience and provide a positive and rewarding experience come to occupy the space left by the once indispensable mannequins exhibitors or product. Pedir orçamento
  18. 18. Large Format Flexible LED Overview Specifications Flexible LED The ultra-flexible LED screen with just 25mm thick, and less than 10kg/m2, features an excellent image quality and stable performance with a rate of 10,000 Hz and more than 2,500 nits of brightness. Available in P4, P6, P8 and P10 versions is the right choice for indoor spaces where curve, cylindrical or other less conventional formats are needed.
  19. 19. Large Format LED Ultra-thin indoor Overview Specifications LED Ultra-thin indoor SPECIFICATIONS FX3 FX4 FX5 FX6 PIXEL PITCH 3.9 mm 4.6 mm 5.2 mm 6.25 mm PIXEL MATRIX 128×128 dot 108×108 dot 96×96 dot 80×80 dot LED QUANTITY/MOD ULE 16384 dot 11664 dot 9216 dot 6400 dot WEIGHT 5.9kg/panel POWER CONSUMPTION 300W/panel PIXEL CONFIGURATION SMD 3-IN-1 BRIGHTNESS RELATIVE HUMIDITY 1500 nit 1500 nit 4000 nit 4000 nit 10% ~ 90%RH Pedir orçamento
  20. 20. Store Fronts Sound Maker Overview Specifications Sound Maker Sound Maker Turns Surfaces into Speakers for Store Interactive Advertising. The sound maker transducers instantly turn windows into massive glass speakers using supplied superbond pads. A Sound Maker transducer can be installed in minutes. No screws, no damage to walls or surfaces and they are easily hidden. Both unobtrusive and low profile. Pedir orçamento
  21. 21. EVENTS CrowdLed Pulseiras RFID Controlo de Acessos RFID Social Media Social Media Interaction Devices ECO - Interactive
  22. 22. Events CrowdLed Overview Specifications CrowdLed Crowd Led is a wireless lighting technology, specially indicated to create lighting performances for audiences. Crowd Led lets you activate the audience in a totally amazing way by remotely controlling and synchronizing light effects and colors of each bracelet or object, creating an engaging and memorable experience. The audience becomes an active participant in the show.
  23. 23. Events CrowdLed Overview Specifications Crowd Led  WRiSTBANDS Crowd LED device integrated into a branded waterresistant wristband.  PiNS Crowd LED device integrated into a branded plastic enclosure, to pin on the participants chest.  PENDANTS Crowd LED device integrated into a branded plastic enclosure attached to a branded necklace.  HELiCOS Crowd LED device integrated into a branded plastic enclosure to be dropped over the crowd.  BALLS Crowd LED device inserted inside a PVC beach-balls of different sizes.
  24. 24. Events Pulseiras RFID Overview Specifications Pulseiras RFID Using RFID wristbands, cards or devices, our proprietary entrance portals and handheld readers can precisely and securely manage access control on site. The system gives you real time reporting, can manage unlimited additional areas such as VIP bars, and has multiple backup levels, ensuring that it never fails. >> Download: RFID spec sheet Pedir orçamento
  25. 25. Events Pulseiras RFID Overview Specifications Pulseiras RFID     >> Fabric Silicone PVC Paper Download: RFID spec sheet Pedir orçamento
  26. 26. Events RFID - Controlo de Entradas Overview Specifications RFID - Controlo de Entradas Our access control systems securely seal your event and entirely eliminate fraud. Staffing costs are cut by reducing the number of stewards needed. Each custom-built portal can validate over 2,000 RFID devices per hour, drastically reducing queuing times. Purpose-built, real-time reporting tools gives you greater control and up-to-the-second information. Pedir orçamento
  27. 27. Events Social Media Interaction Devices Overview Specifications Integração Redes Sociais By connecting friends through social media, audience members can interact across the events venues, while engagement points allow them to share their experience online. Possibilities include check in points, status updates, static photo booths and roaming photographer's with RFI enabled cameras, competition zones, content download, playlist construction and digital reward areas. Meanwhile, custom-built measurement dashboards allow you to gauge how far that excitement has spread beyond your gates. Pedir orçamento
  28. 28. Events Eco Interactive Overview Specifications Eco – Geradores Interativos The ECO Generators are strategic tools for marketing and positioning of brands bringing to the forefront the commitment with the preservation of environment and a sustainable future, creating awareness about clean energy production. ECO Generators have in common the ability to generate electricity through the movement:  Playground (swings, seesaws ..)  Fitness equipment (bikes, treadmills ...)  Events (EnergyFloor, Hamster Wheel ...) Pedir orçamento Pedir orçamento
  29. 29. Events Digital Graffiti Wall Overview Specifications Digital Graffiti Wall Modified spray cans enable you to design your own digital Graffiti in a projection screen and share it on the social networks Digital Graffiti Wall comes in all sizes. For rentals, we provide our DGW application and a computer server, infra red camera, digital spray cans, stencils and any custom components ordered. For brands, the DGW is a great way to connect with their target market experientially.
  30. 30. RETAIL APPs Wayfinder Mobile Cupons Mobile POS
  31. 31. Retail APPs Wayfinder Overview Specifications Wayfinder Wayfinder is a interactive 3D navigation interface, developed for guidance in indoor spaces - malls, hypermarkets, department stores, specialized retail. With this application each visitor - either departing from the main entrance, an intermediate floor or parking lot will be guided to his desired store. Pedir orçamento
  32. 32. Retail APPs Mobile Cupons Overview Specifications Mobile Cupons Mobile POS is an exclusive tool for promotions on the point of sale using SMS and a mobile phone cam. Mobile POS, offers the consumers the possibility to benefit of exclusive promotions by submitting a photo of a receipt and product. Submissions pass though a sophisticated anti-fraud technology layer before being validated And the consumer is notified once his submission has been processed along with his offer.
  33. 33. Retail APPs Mobile POS Overview Specifications Mobile POS          100% Manual Validation App Free. Smartphone Independent Entirely Mobile Submission Real-Time Responses Sophisticated Fraud Detection All Receipts, All Retailers Detailed Reporting and Analytics Customer Feedback Flexible, Extendable Pedir orçamento
  34. 34. RETAIL SHOWCASES Expositor Interativo Digital Fridge iHanger LCD Transparente Expositores Holograficos
  35. 35. Retail Showcases Expositor Interativo Overview Specifications Interactive Shelves Mobile Phones are linked via a sensor that is installed in the display and when a customer picks up a mobile phone, coordinated images and videos, or the product features,and additional information is displayed on monitors. Pedir orçamento
  36. 36. Retail Showcases Digital Fridge Display Overview Specifications Digital Fridge The digital refrigerator is an innovative product featuring a transparent LCD installed on its door. It’s a impacting way to show video contents and real product at the same time with Pedir orçamento
  37. 37. Retail Showcases Digital Fridge Display Overview Specifications Digital Fridge Size (width x Height x Depth) mm: 21.5” 420 x 518 x 51 32” 545 x 848 x 51 39” 610 x 987 x 51 Capacity (L): 60, 118, 115 Temperature Control Range (℃): 0-8℃ Refrigerant: Honeywell R134a Temperature Control System: Microcomputer control Cooling Mode: Forced cooling Pedir orçamento
  38. 38. Retail Showcases iHanger Overview Specifications iHanger In a world of electronic commerce, more than one image, coordinates images featuring products, potentiate sales. Hangers and Shelves with integrated sensors send a signal when a product is removed triggering an immediate digital response and displaying coordinated images and videos on the screens. Pedir orçamento
  39. 39. Retail Showcases LCD Transparente Overview Specifications Transparente LCD This is an interactive format, high visibility with great impact for brands. The unique ability to show a real product in a full amp visual brand virtual space, make this supports a very effective communication tool. Pedir orçamento
  40. 40. Retail Showcases Holographic Displays Overview Specifications Holographic Displays Holographic Displays are a powerful way to showcase products. It is a mixed-reality display designed to present products or artifacts in combination with free floating holographic video elements. Holographic Displays become the center of attention at events, in flagship stores and the retail environment in general. Pedir orçamento
  41. 41. OOH Advertising Realidade Aumentada Touchless Displays Touchscreen Through Glass Live Broadcasting Touchsensores
  42. 42. OHH Advertising Realidade Aumentada Overview Specifications Realidade Aumentada . Augmented reality (AR) is the ultimate interactive virtual experience. It is the unification of digital software and live surroundings that generate scenes in real time, augmenting what you see to connect you with the digital and physical world. Pedir orçamento
  43. 43. OHH Advertising Touchless Displays Overview Specifications Touchless Displays Displays can feature touch less technology (or notouch) - an interactive solution that enables users to interact with any type of screen, at a distance, through simple gestures in the air. Pedir orçamento
  44. 44. OHH Advertising Live Broadcasting Overview Specifications Selective Lightning The lighting system is divided up into independent lighting pixels whose intensity can vary from 0% to 100%. A computer program controls the lighting sequences. Lighting possibilities include flashing (up to 10/second), gradual fading of light zones and movement detectors or an integrated timing device to set off lighting sequences. Pedir orçamento
  45. 45. OHH Advertising Thru-Glass touch tecnonogy Overview Specifications Thru-Glass touch tecnonogy Thru-Glass touch screen technology is a unique way to communicate with your customers and make your window work for you. When coupled with a rear screen or rear projection film, this amazing system will allow people on the street to make choices regarding products and services by simply touching your window, even when your store is closed. An Interactive touch foil is almost completely transparent in color and can be installed with a holographic rear projection film for use as a holographic touch screen on glass. Pedir orçamento
  46. 46. OHH Advertising Live Broadcasting Overview Specifications Live Broadcasting Lifetime offers a broad range of Life broadcasting solutions to meet each campaign specific needs. Pedir orçamento
  47. 47. OHH Advertising Sensores Touch Overview Specifications Sensores Touch Tactile sensors applied decal sticker film, communicate information that is available on LCD screens or projections on the glass storefront. Touching the buttons printed on vinyl automatically triggers a response and digital display and allows for example to combine pieces of clothing, configure a car or interact with a mobile phone via the printed keys. Pedir orçamento
  48. 48. OHH Advertising Wi2Play Overview Specifications Wi2Play The Wi2Play turns smartphones into wireless joysticks without the need to install any applications, allowing users to interact with games and digital contents in any type of video displays and in real time. Pedir orçamento
  49. 49. Store Fronts Touch Sensores Overview Specifications Touch Sensores Touch sensors applied in printed vinyl film, communicate information that is made available on a LCD screen or video projection installed on the storefront glass. Pedir orçamento
  50. 50. POS Kiosks & Displays Grab-a-coupon Tablet Kiosks Retail Adviser E-ink Expositor Interativo Retail Tablet Battery Displays
  51. 51. Kiosks & Displays Grab-a-coupon Overview Specifications Grab-a-coupon Grab-a-Coupon is an digital equipment designed for automatic dispensing of discount coupons. Allows the consumer to interact in a touch screen and receive a discount coupon that you can redeem when purchasing the chosen product. Pedir orçamento
  52. 52. Kiosks & Displays Tablet Kiosks Overview Specifications Tablet Kiosks The tablet kiosks provide an elegant and outstanding presentation for interactive communication. Whether the message is in retail, at exhibitions or in health care, tablet kiosks will invite people to browse your message. Pedir orçamento
  53. 53. Kiosks & Displays Retail Adviser Overview Specifications Retail Adviser The Recipe Advisor is an interactive terminal for customers, who buy food in supermarkets, consumer markets or self-service department stores. Via touch screen the customer selects current recipes along with their list of ingredients. The preparation instruction and the shopping list to take away can be printed via an integrated printer directly at the terminal. A keyword search for particular dishes or specific ingredients is also possible. Pedir orçamento
  54. 54. Kiosks & Displays Electronic Ink Overview Specifications Electronic Ink An e-Paper Display is a paper thin electronic display used for POS that can enhance any advertising campaign by giving motion to the existing ink on the advert, so that different areas are highlighted in any sequence. Electronic Ink enabled displays are easily readable even in direct sunlight because electronic paper displays reflect light like ordinary paper. Pedir orçamento
  55. 55. Kiosks & Displays Electronic Ink Overview Specifications Electronic Ink The displays can be powered using different Battery options of either 6 cell, 2AA, Lithium or Solar and depending upon the size of the display and the battery type chosen, the batteries can last up to 2 years before they need to be replaced or recharged. >> Download: Electronic Ink spec sheet Pedir orçamento
  56. 56. Kiosks & Displays Expositor Interativo Overview Specifications Open Frame These dynamic screen displays allow retailers to show their customers ads, movies, slideshows, and other promotional messages at any location, and can be housed inside your custom fixture. Pedir orçamento
  57. 57. Kiosks & Displays Retail Tablet Overview Specifications Retail Tablet Studies have found that up to 76% of brand selections are made in-store. With Retail Tablets retailers can reach their customers and have them interact with their brand in a way that is proven to increase sales and brand awareness. Pedir orçamento
  58. 58. Kiosks & Displays Retail Tablet Overview Specifications Retail Tablet Made of durable materials and built specifically for commercial use, RetailTablets have been developed to solve the problems found in commercial environments that consumer tablets are not designed for. Are available in different sizes:  7”  10,1”  15,6”  18,5”  21,5” Pedir orçamento
  59. 59. Kiosks & Displays Product Adviser Overview Specifications Product Adviser Product Adviser is the right solution for brands that wish to communicate in retail environments where there is no power connection. Product Scanner • Screen options: • Battery operated • Video response provides choice of content up to 30-45 second loop. • Unlimited product interface • Shopper has ability to use buttons for specific information -Home screen for direct response videos -Landing screen after product is scanned for “Learn more” video options Pedir orçamento 3 DARKO, Inc. │ 2026 Summit Commerc e Pa rk, T winsburg, Ohio 44087 │ 330.425.9805 │ da rkoinc .c om Copyright© 2013. DARKO, INC. All rights reserved. 4 DARKO, Inc. │ 2026 Summit Commerc e Pa rk, T winsburg, Ohio 44087 │ 330.425.9805 │ da rkoinc .c om Copyright© 2013. DARKO, INC. All rights reserved. 4
  60. 60. power. Kiosks & Displays Power Code Overview Specifications Power Code Access to power has become one of the most important factors in people’s choice of which venue to visit, what to do while there, and how long to stay. Power Code has been chosen by such global leaders as Starbucks, McDonalds, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Madison Square Garden, and dozens of airports around the world. Our technology offers unique enterprise-grade systems, allowing venues to monitor, manage and monetize their wireless Pedir orçamento
  61. 61. Automatic Retail U-Sampling Vending Machines MicroVending Ecobank Concept Projects
  62. 62. Automatic Retail U-Sampling Overview Specifications U-Sampling The U-Sampling is an interactive sampling machine design to advertise and dispense free products in return for consumer data. The u-Sampling can be placed in near any location from airports to shopping centers, train stations or music festivals. Thanks to u-Sampling, message and product will get to the right people, whenever and wherever brands want to. In any case, product samples will get right where decisions are made.
  63. 63. Automatic Retail u-Sampling Overview Specifications Especificações u-Sampling      42” Touchscreen 400 product samples capacity Wi-fi HD Cam Remote management Pedir orçamento
  64. 64. Automatic Retail Intelligent Vending Overview Specifications Intelligent Vending This new type of vending machine with integrated Touchscreen, Network Module and anti-vandalic protection offers an interactive experience allowing consumers to quickly and conveniently browse information about the products and brand. The automatic selection of products and information ensures customer satisfaction and 24 hour service with a larger variety of products compared with traditional vending machines. Pedir orçamento
  65. 65. Automatic Retail Intelligent Vending Overview Specifications Intelligent Vending  Advance Soft-no-drop system allows dispensing fragile items such as handicrafts, mobile phones etc.  Stocks monitoring in real time.  Web Reporting features for a complete history of contacts and information on consumer interests.  Accept payment by ATM credit cards, cash or NFC.  Detailed invoices Data for individual articles (eg mobile phones IMEI). Pedir orçamento
  66. 66. Automatic Retail MicroVending MICROVENDING ST ANDARD Overview MICROVENDING DIGIT PLAYER 7” AL Specifications MicroVending A new range of multi-product single-channel vending machines, fully configurable. Offers maximum reliability and easy of use by the operator and end customer. Available with integrated LCD activated by motion. UNA$ NUEVA$ GAMA$ MULTIPRODUCTO$ • Adaptado a cualquier tipo de formato de producto. • Completamente mecánica • Personalizada con tu logo y diseño • Diseño más vanguardista del mercado Pedir orçamento Pedro$ Cajaraville$ Departamento$ ventas$ de$$ Skype:$ microvending$ $ MICROVENDING$ S.L.,$ $ PASAJE$ MINERVA,$ 8$ Nº$ LOCAL$ $ 2,$ CORDOBA$ (SPAIN)$$
  67. 67. Automatic Retail EcoBank Overview Specifications EcoBank Ecobank is an innovative and effective recycling machine that rewards users in exchange for empty containers. The interactive collector Ecobank is a powerful marketing tool for: • • • • • Launch a new product or service Increase market share and brand loyalty Extend and add value to national deals Complement traditional advertising Regionalized support deals Pedir orçamento
  68. 68. Bacon Inflate EventStation EventHaus MicroHaus Airdesic Q-bit DoNuts Chesterfield
  69. 69. Bacon Inflate EventStation® Overview Specifications EventStation® With over 15 years of design revisions the EventStation® provides the ultimate platform for digital print logos and artwork requirements. Pedir orçamento
  70. 70. Bacon Inflate EventHaus® Overview Specifications EventHaus® The original inflated urban dome with its unique cellular construction, the EventHaus® provides an instant chill-out environment. Pedir orçamento
  71. 71. Bacon Inflate AirDesic® Overview Specifications AirDesic® The AIRDESIC sets to redefine the medium of airbeam inflatable structures with its unparallel performance and iconic looks it remains quick to install and easy to operate. The AIRDESIC uses a matrix of triangulated tubes and nodes to form a single piece ‘high pressure’ inflatable framework replacing the more traditional metal geodesic forms. Pedir orçamento
  72. 72. Bacon Inflate MicroHaus® Overview Specifications MicroHaus® The smallest freestanding inflated pod within the Baconinflate range, the MicroHaus provides an instant cool environment. When one isn’t enough, why not create a village of igloos to really create an onsite impact? Pedir orçamento
  73. 73. Bacon Inflate Overview Specifications MicroHaus® Pedir orçamento
  74. 74. Bacon Inflate Q-bit® Overview Specifications Q-bit® The Q-bit is the first inflatable structure to work over both one and two levels and can provide a unique elevated perspective and domineering onsite presence. The Q-bit is the result of an exciting partnership and official collaboration between Kinet-X Structures and Baconinflate (UK) Ltd and sets the standards for creative engineered temporary design. The structure can provide 72sqm of covered space and remains quick to install and cost effective in comparison to the more traditional tiered marquees. Pedir orçamento
  75. 75. Bacon Inflate Chesterfield® Overview Specifications Chesterfield® DoNut is a unique table-seating combination by Extremis. The inflatable seat carries a composite table top allowing up to 6 people to join the table at any one time. The top provides the perfect surface to apply a logo or message. Available now to hire or purchase in the UK along with your Bacon Inflate structure. Pedir orçamento
  76. 76. Bacon Inflate Chesterfield® Overview Specifications Chesterfield Chesterfield iSafas available in different sizes: 85 x 65 x 50 cm S 170 x105 x 75 cm L 239 x 101 x 75 cm XL Pedir orçamento
  77. 77. Bacon Inflate DoNuts® Overview Specifications DoNuts® DoNut is a unique table-seating combination by Extremis. The inflatable seat carries a composite table top allowing up to 6 people to join the table at any one time. The top provides the perfect surface to apply a logo or message. Available now to hire or purchase in the UK along with your Bacon Inflate structure. Pedir orçamento
  78. 78. Bacon Inflate DoNuts® Overview Especificações DoNuts® Pedir orçamento
  80. 80. Kiosks EmCarga Overview Specifications EmCarga The EmCarga machines were designed for charging cell phones batteries and MP3 players. Emcargas have a Touch Screen and wi-fi, which brands can use to provide content such as games, applications and music. Pedir orçamento
  81. 81. By being connected continuously, young people are unaffected by old marketing strategies divided in rigidly media campaigns widely publicized above-theline.
  82. 82. Communication with Generation Y requires the realignment of the entire marketing strategy
  83. 83. EMCARGA university
  84. 84. Case Study TMN Briefing: TMN the leading mobile phone operator in Portugal needed a quality solution to communicate with Generation Y's a difficult target with a reputation for being peer oriented and seeking instant gratification. Solution: Lifetime created a students network of mobile phone charging kiosk incorporating digital signage and interactive touchscreens. 140 Kiosks were installed in schools and universities providing students free phone charge and internet. With this solution the brand gained a new channel of communication with Generation Y.
  85. 85. Kiosks EmCarga Overview Specifications EmCarga Univerities & Schools Proposal: 80 machines to be installed in schools and universities. 12 months Leasing Contract Monthly fee: 10.000 Euros.
  86. 86. Kiosks EmCarga Overview Specifications EmCarga  Touchscreen 17”;  Wi-fi;  PC PM1.6G CPU+512MB storage+80G hard disc;  Windows XP.  Bluetooth; Pedir orçamento
  87. 87. About us..
  88. 88. OUR MARKETS
  89. 89. OUR CLIENTS
  90. 90. GET IN TOUCH +351 213 602 570 +55 (11) 328 07 671 Portugal Brazil Av. José Gomes Ferreira, n.º13-6º piso Miraflores, 1495-139 Algés Rua Vizeu, 57 Vila Olimpia 04538-050 São Paulo +44 (0) 213 766 500 +55 (11) 1604602 570 +244 937 557 351 UK Angola 20 Osyth Close, Brackmills industrial estate, Northampton- NN$ 7DY Rua Dr. António Agostinho Neto - casa SN, Bairro Azul, Município Samba, Luanda