Lighting As Identity ~ Zia Priven Design


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Tia Dobi portfolio piece. Bio for Zia-Priven Design based out of New York and Los Angeles.

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Lighting As Identity ~ Zia Priven Design

  1. 1. Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Zia-Priven Bio “ At Zia-Priven Design, Extraordinary Lighting ™ Radiates From Just One Place—Collaborative Minds Imagine a modern glass finial glistening from a premiere line of pendants… or the white-hot brilliance of a Troy Ping Pong Chandelier. Does anything illumine the heart and ignite the mind more than Czech crystal, Spanish Alabaster, hand-hewn brass or bronze wrapped in luminescence? Not according to husband-wife design team Marcia Zia and Paul Priven. The creatives formed Zia-Priven Design in 1999 after first working together in the film industry. It was there that Zia (an Emmy-nominated set decorator) and Priven (a first-assistant movie director) became fascinated with the true potential of cinematic lighting‘s dramatic effects. Experiential. A new kind of lighting showroom was born. From day one, the couple intuitively relied on the shared power of collaboration, but not just in their desire to make beautiful design. In addition to their standard offerings, Zia and Priven opted for the flexibility of choice, welcoming custom modifications and original client-thinking. Capturing the client’s voice was a potent offering. By partnering with a client’s vision, Zia-Priven assured every fixture would bear the owner’s unique stamp of identity. Their business philosophy was crystal-clear: embrace customized design interpretation, exceptional craftsmanship, and rigorous attention to detail while providing personable client care, guidance and service. “Bespoke lighting is always the icing on the cake for any project. Zia-Priven enables us to develop, refine and execute a myriad of lighting options, par excellence.” —Jo Laurie, Jo Laurie Design LLC. The strategy paid off. By the start of the millennium, top names in cutting-edge design including Jamie Drake, Mark Zeff, Celerie Kemble, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, and Geoffrey Bradfield, as well as clients like Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Oscar de la Renta, were commissioning Zia-Priven for their lighting designs. Over a decade (and more than 200 press features) later, Zia-Priven continues to invigorate the extraordinary that interior designers, architects and individuals appreciate from custom- crafted design: highly-trained local artisans and craftspeople, the finest hand-picked materials, and walking clients through every step of the process, personally. With true client collaboration, each Zia-Priven piece radiates an individualized “Ambiance by day… mood in the dark of night.” That’s the secret to Extraordinary Lighting… lighting not available anywhere else. ♥ Zia-Priven International Commissions (short list): Bloomingdale’s Fontainbleau Four Seasons Resort Grand Hôtel Macy’s Mount Airy Casino Resort Red Rock Casino Resort Spa The Ritz-Carlton Social Hollywood Trump Taj Majal Trousedale Wilshire Residences Tryst Wynn Macao Lighting As Identity Zia-Priven celebrates The Troy Chandelier featured on CBS Early Show and in the New York Times
  2. 2. Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Zia-Priven Bio Client feedback: “Brilliant. Thorough. Polished. Working with Tia was unlike any other experience we’d had; previous writers couldn’t meet our needs. We came to her for a new biography for our company and walked away with so much more, including a new perspective on how to improve our writing for ads, web and product promotion, in addition to an excellent bio. We highly recommend Tia and her talents to anyone.” ~ Marcia Zia and Paul Priven, Zia-Priven Designs, New York and Los Angeles