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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Winning Ponies Survey


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Want to win at the shelf? When your copywriter knows your prospect's key core desire, she can help open up new markets for you. Psyche insight is remarkably easy. Read this 1-page case study and see.

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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Winning Ponies Survey

  1. 1. Client: Project: Customer Survey Objective: Generate hot hook headline for homepage is a small, privately-owned membership site that sells horse racing handicapping picks. In an effort to open up an entirely new market and give WP its own slant to compete with giants in the industry, the appeal demanded a practical approach. I suggested we go with a simple Constant Contact survey—combined with great copy—to select members. This way, uncovering our target prospect’s key core desire would be a sure thing. Give your survey every advantage List criteria: Top users during a defined time range. Invite email: Snack-size copy (66 words); 2 hot links, giveaway incentive, time expiration. Subject line shot through filters with ease: Quick! Claim your 20 free WinningCredits Survey: Brevity and specificity are key. I wrote four precise queries: three 1- question essay, and 1 multiple-choice (with 2 radio buttons). It looks deceptively simple, but proved very effective. 44% RESPONSE Thank you: Rather than receive a standard COPY CLOSE-UP 3 300 targeted customers 134 completed surveys 0 Opt outs / 0 Spam appreciation email, respondents were taken to a landing page on the website. Call-to-action suggests book-marking the client’s signature radio show. The power of authenticity homepage headline continues to pull 4 years running: “No Matter Your Horse Racing Handicapping Experience, We Can Help” DID IT WORK? 44% response was a resounding success. From the 134 surveys, I was able to write homepage copy that resonates with WP prospects, plus a Unique Selling Proposition. What’s more, client now has a copywriter’s gold mine: 402 data insights… straight from the prospect’s mouth. Want to know more? Contact Tia Dobi (310) 839-2468 COPY CLOSE-UP 2 Intelligent Creative COPY CLOSE-UP 1 COPY CLOSE-UP 2