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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece IGT Pitch


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Gladiator Platform pitch in the early days of Titan Gaming, Inc. to International Game Technologies (IGT), a world leader in the casino industry. IGT manufactures roughly half of the slot machines in the United States.

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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece IGT Pitch

  1. 1. Client: Titan Gaming, Inc. (now Playsino) Project: Custom sales pitch to IGT Product: Gladiator (tournament platform - BETA) Concept: “Algorithm of the Heart” Titan is a tournament gaming system. In 2009, we developed a fast paper-pitch to International Game Technology. Intent: Show how new algorithm automates resources; leverages gamers’ social instincts and competitive patterns to return highest line-item ROI in the industry. Give your copy every advantage Notice how the headline positions IGT as already licensing Gladiator platform. IGT: How We Reach, Satisfy and Grow Your Audience… Like No Other Gaming Company In The World The copy starts with a bang; begins to set up concept. Why These Are the Best of Times Predictably, when the economy dives, game-playing peaks. Why? Hypnotic connection. As our siren call for emotive encounters amplifies, social gaming— sharing stories and test-of-skill engagements—is an enriching response. Trade cover mock-up turns prospect into a hero. Copy taps Gladiator’s #1 potential. Tournament Revolution IGT Transforms Community Gaming 2 Million Simultaneous Players 23 Fascinators target core desires; keep prospect reading. Think About These: Gladiator’s Breakthrough Promises  Imagine flattening wasteful system resources from > 30% to < 10%  1,000-Player tournaments running in 10 minutes flat (Hello NFL)  At last… Limitless auditing capabilities  Affiliate program earns users money— whether they gamble or not  PLUS designer interfaces so easy to brand, your admin asst. may be your next Administrator Intelligent Creative COPY CLOSE-UP 2 COPY CLOSE-UP 1 COPY CLOSE-UP 3 RESULTS Client was pleased with the dedication, collaboration, research and ingenuity packed into this pitch. Though IGT did not sign, Titan continued to advance its offering. In 2013, a former IGT exec. became CEO of the co. Titan is now enjoying success as Playsino. Want to know more? Contact Tia Dobi (310) 839-2468