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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Frog Yoga Alphabet - Kids Yoga Teacher Training


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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Frog Yoga Alphabet - Kids Yoga Teacher Training

  1. 1. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Think it’s impossible to have kids stay focused and actually ENJOY your yoga class? Take Conscious Control: New Kids Yoga Teacher Training Hooks Every Child’s Natural Physiology… Rekindles Your Passion To Transform Students’ Lives With Ease, Joy And Grace Watch your classroom come alive with the first kids yoga teacher training designed to keep kids from running amuck… organically move them to learning… and relieve any restless boredom you may be feeling The web is chockfull of kids yoga games providing hundreds of ways to teach children yoga activities… But you don't want hundreds of ways. You want just a simple system that's effective. A system that has been tested across classrooms with little ones to 14-year-olds. A system that has been tested by veteran kids yoga teachers and traditional schoolteachers with no prior training. And most importantly a system that educates and entertains, keeps you and your kids from becoming antsy, and is fun for everyone. So what causes kids to come alive and pay attention? Humans have a high capacity for expending focused, physical energy. But this isn’t about just “doing” random yoga sequences. It’s about teaching a child yoga while increasing her school (and streets) smarts. Keeping her interest takes total involvement: hooking psyche, brain, and body. Because—just like the storyline in fairy tales—it’s enchanting! How do you teach enchanting kids yoga classes? Introducing Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack. It’s a series of two e-books focused on the language arts. Dozens of word games and activities, combined with 26 phonic-centric yoga poses gets kids up and moving, releasing energy, enhancing listening skills, and learning vocabulary and spelling. Similar to how phonics teach kids to read by associating letters with sounds . . . Frog Yoga Alphabet introduces students to yoga poses representing letters AND words . “Pose prose” is a form of visual linguistics. Students use it to tell their own stories. The brain essentially regards letters as physical objects because it does not really have another way of understanding them. -- Scientific American Magazine, April 11, 2013 “
  2. 2. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Pose Prose Formula English alphabet + yoga linguistics = Story enchantment But what about classroom control? At first blush, control doesn’t feel good. But the lack of control is chaos. Conscious control isn't about lassoing your students into submission. Conscious control is about creating an environment that's right for learning body moves and thinking brain activity. What I call complete physiology. Master this and your students will happily follow along. Why using ‘Frog Yoga Alphabet’ improves kids yoga class participation:  Storytelling is the universal bonding activity  Fires up multiple aspects of brain activity: imagination, intuition, will, memory, reason and perception  Helps kids express themselves . . . not just memorize letters  Builds Maharaja awareness . . . a calm, ubër-awake psychological state  Inclines kids to lead, teach, and learn from one another  Without the mindless crux of computer technology kids generate original thinking  Sets the central nervous system up to receive information . . . humans can only learn while in joy  Yoga breathing paces attention and helps with focused reading  Language arts yoga lights up executive motor functioning that trains the brain to resist being distracted  Offers school and yoga teachers limitless multi-grade, cross-curriculums
  3. 3. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 The ‘Frog Yoga Alphabet’ downloadable series contains about 150 pages of solid content. And not re-packaged content you’ve seen anywhere else. Every page helps kids ages 4 to 14 improve language and speech skills with yoga ‘pose prose’--a wide variety of mind/body letter, word, and storytelling games. So what does the Frog Yoga Alphabet series contain? Here is a list of what to expect 1. The truth about kids yoga Sure yoga’s for relaxing, but it’s even better when it’s used as a state for learning. The human brain can only receive, process, and retain new information in a joy-filled state. 2. Tips on teaching yoga to children When we think about creating an inspiring yoga class for kids, it tends to be a nebulous affair, with no real clear-cut path to follow. This product shows you how to create an injury-free environment designed for learning. Get the confidence you need to get the job done swiftly. 3. Clean graphics Our hand-drawn illustrations and use of white space speak directly to the curious imagination. Each pose is plain and understandable. This is not adult yoga adapted to children’s needs.
  4. 4. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 4. Yoga sampling Not everyone knows imitating is a natural human incentive. Decorate your classroom with our ready to hang A to Z coloured posters. The more kids associate yoga with letters and words, the more they’re inspired to learn their ABCs. ‘Pose prose’ can be practiced in groups or as a singular activity. 5. Apply to your heart’s content As it turns out kids love to consume take-home goodies. Print off Frog Yoga Alphabet pages for party favours, stocking stuffers, end of year student gifts, thank you notes, upcoming class reminders . . . as many and as often as you want. 6. DPA-Ready Canadian schoolteachers understand the potential consequences of not meeting government requirements for a 30-minute Daily Physical Activity. The DPA icon throughout makes decreasing sedentary behavior easy. Plus see how our compelling twist could make Hangman your students’ new favorite Daily Physical Activity! 7. Using the poses Pouring through a book is often not as easy as it’s made out to be. You can’t always tell where the book is leading you to look. Our big, eye-catching teacher training aids make teaching the 26 poses easy. Includes: name of pose; fully illustrated step-by-step instructions; tips to ensure proper form; safety checklist; pose benefits. (Full page and flash card sizes.) 8. Lesson plan creation It’s one thing to give you effective kids yoga teacher training information. But then you still have to shape it into an efficient lesson plan and hope it all works. With lesson plan examples, you can get started with pre-programmed thinking. Structure, content, sequencing and timing work beautifully to guide kids immediately. Also makes sure you get what you need: productivity without adding more to your workload. 9. Montessori friendly A common teacher complaint is that kids get bored. Perhaps this is why Montessori learning, based on a natural human progression of inner psychology, is hugely successful. Frog Yoga Alphabet engages kids total energy ~ the language mind and physical body. FYA taps self-preservation, order, exploration, communication, exactness, repetition and abstraction. Participation isn’t mandatory, it’s human tendency! 10. Activity sheets Sometimes a lesson plan ends up going by so fast, you’re sitting with 5 or 10 minutes at the end of class with ‘dead space’. Use activity sheets, like the Yoga Maze or Match The Body Parts, for these times that are too short to start a game and too long to end the class early. (Parents love these fun, tabletop or ride in the car activities.)
  5. 5. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Janet Williams Certified School Teacher (Primary/Junior) Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT) 11. Let’s tell stories! Yes, we’re teaching kids yoga and literacy. But Frog Yoga Alphabet is designed for different ages and development stages. The great benefit is from teaching ABCs to filling up longer (2-hour) storytelling classes for tweens and teens. Storytelling also helps as an attractor factor with your yoga class marketing. 12. Games, games, and more games Endless ways for kids to activate their natural creativity with interactive games. Learn the alphabet (letter sounds, letter recognition, letter writing), develop yoga vocabulary, become better spellers, yoga-pose to word association, play well-known and new word games, add a twist to charades and more. Hangman, Yoga Jumble and Acrostic Poems never looked so good! 13. Lots to colour Have you priced coloring books lately? Yikes! Give your kids the gift of print- on-demand frog yoga poses for colouring to their heart’s content. (Full page and flash card sizes.) Colour the games and yoga activities, too, for non- stop fun. 14. Yoga for the traditional classroom When it’s time for academics, students can’t be moving about. Yoga poses for the classroom aisle or desk chair settle restlessness. Great for preparing students for mental activity like lectures, tests or homework. 15. Meditation All good things must come to an end, (at least until tomorrow). From Frog on a Lily Pad to Metamorphosis Visualization, get your relaxation on. Each session comes with a musical suggestion. Read how Janet got specific results “I figured Frog Yoga Alphabet would be like other kids yoga educational products, predictable, boring, and lacking in real academic value.” School teachers tend to be pack rats. We hunt down every training gadget or eye-catching
  6. 6. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 bauble we think is going to help our children. Then we hope it’s going to keep a roomful of energetic kids focused while actually teaching them something. As a certified Primary/Junior Teacher in England and Canada, I have high standards. A yoga teacher training product has to: (1) fulfill the Daily Physical Activity (DPA) requirement; (2) progress a child’s academic career; and (3) teach yoga that’s safe, joyful and fun. And the materials have to be easy, quickly doable and stress-free for me. I’ve seen other kids yoga products that don’t cut it. So when a friend told me about Frog Yoga Alphabet, I was a little skeptical. What could be so different? A quality yoga product packed with limitless potential… The secret to Frog Yoga Alphabet’s likeability is its versatility. Kids are insatiable and naturally curious. They are interested in playing the role of leader, they love to use their imagination, and they have to have lots of fun in order to really learn. The frog illustrations are an immediate attractor factor. Good, clean design is intrinsic to learning. Plus, pre-school to teens . . . frogs are cool at school. Teachers need versatile products that can be used in many formats and creative ways and Frog Yoga Alphabet provides this. There are many options to use the yoga poses as a teaching tool. From practicing ABCs, developing a yoga vocabulary, learning spelling, playing word games (like Yoga Jumble and Acrostic Poems), to more advanced storytelling. As you choose various Frog Yoga Games & Activities from the Teacher Training Manual (or any word games you and your students can imagine), you’ll feel how Frog Yoga Alphabet is loaded with multi-level teaching potential. The truth is, for kids to learn they need to be both physically and mentally engaged… Frog Yoga Alphabet gives kids the outlet for spontaneous, physical expression as they learn. It’s about teaching kids how to receive and express information through mind/body connection. When you do this, their sense of identity and articulation soars head and shoulders above the rest. However, introducing kids to the English alphabet with a corresponding yoga pose isn’t all that new… What makes Frog Yoga Alphabet different is each letter has a matching pose and word (phonogram). This is not your run-of-the-mill curriculum teaching the alphabet, or phonics, or even just yoga in pre-school or elementary school. . . . it’s expanded Montessori technique.
  7. 7. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Most of us know that sound and letter recognition (what we use to call phonics) is basic Montessori. Frog Yoga Alphabet embraces the full beauty of Montessori because it’s a communication and movement method in one. Acquisition of language, sensory refinement, social engagement and emotional intelligence in the classroom is total Montessori-style technique. If you are interested in yoga as a practice for child development, or using yoga as an educational tool, Frog Yoga Alphabet is the kids yoga teacher training for you. There are practically limitless ways to engage. Simple, Fun Ways I Use Frog Yoga Alphabet With 4-to-9-year olds I teach a 10-week “Yoga With Janet” studio class, with weekly one-hour sessions. Here are the top ways my 4 to 9-year-olds like to participate: #1 My Yoga Name Book ~ The kids learn the poses from the Frog Yoga Alphabet. Using the Frog Yoga Flash Cards they spell their names, practice the corresponding yoga poses, and then we bind their coloured in letters together to create a book. The last class is parent presentation. The kids perform their book for the audience . . . they love being the teacher and the experience is especially bonding. The kids feel empowered. #2 Hangman Yoga ~ Adding Frog Yoga poses to the traditional hangman word game is a great way for elementary school kids to identify letters and words. Movement really locks in retention. I print the pre-drawn hangman page in the workbook and choose the word. For each letter picked, the class does the pose for a count of 3 breaths. Then they get to see if their pick was a good one! #3 Frog Yoga Word Scramble ~ I choose a 5 letter word and tape a letter upside down on the backs of 5 children. The children with the letters on their backs, get into handstands in a row, by placing their feet up the wall so that their letter shows right side up. Then the remaining children take turns unscrambling the word by directing one child at a time to move into a new position. The children do this until the letters are in the correct order and the word is revealed. It is a creative way to learn new words, practice spelling and a fun way to keep the kids focused. Frog Yoga Alphabet works equally well in the classroom or the yoga studio. Schoolteachers, kids yoga teachers, parents . . . the tool is here, the rest is up to you.
  8. 8. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Can we peek inside the books? Book 1: Kids Yoga Poses  Oversized, Full Color Frogs, A to Z – Feeds kids ‘When can I try that?’ curiosity  Black and White Coloring Pages – Keeps little hearts open and wiggly butts in their seat  Built-in Safety – Pose guide checklist prevents teacher ‘egg on face’  Flash Card Friendly – New 8.5” X 11” and ¼ page size illustrations offer printing flexibility  Plug ‘n Play – Frog Yoga Alphabet is ready to use as immediate download; no previous experience required Each of the poses in Frog Yoga Alphabet comes in multiple versions. You get more effective teaching in class and better student usability at home.
  9. 9. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Book 2: Games & Activities  10 Fast Warm-ups –Helps students dive into the lessons quickly  Big Selection –Over 30 primer templates (spelling, dancing, scavenger hunts, storytelling) offer infinite lesson planning  14 Aisle & Desk Poses –Halts restlessness like pencil tapping, glancing out window, interrupting  Cliffhanger Secrets –‘How to finish’ section leaves kids wanting more  Works Anywhere – Space preparation lets you teach Frog Yoga Alphabet in the classroom, living room, or kids yoga studio Here are some screenshots from the Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Manual. You get lots of easy-to-follow teaching instruction, helpful how-sto graphics, games and activities, plus tips on printing and organizing all your information.
  10. 10. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Meet the Author and the Artist: “Before I created this content… I was burned out teaching kids yoga, too. With guidance and direction, love and imagination can solve any problem. Let me show you how.” ~ Aruna Kathy Humphrys, Creator, Frog Yoga Alphabet Yes! Energy ~ The Birth Of Frog Yoga Alphabet Step into the world of Frog Yoga Alphabet creator Aruna Kathy Humphrys and your central nervous system will rejoice in a soothing “Ahhhh” as you immerse in a field of Yes! Energy. When her students asked if they could keep the cool 3D yoga props they were using in her classes, Kathy answered with a resounding, “Absolutely you can… just give me a second to make a hologram!” She invented Frog Yoga Alphabet as an accessible, inexpensive solution for all kids to have tangible, take-home yoga. The poses mirror authentic frog-character technique she learned from her Guru overseas, with a spin kids can relate to. “Whittling 3,000 year old yoga philosophy to the snack-size mindset of a 4-year-old makes your own practice even better! Not afraid to follow her dreams, Aruna launched a digital line in 2010. Her children’s yoga e- books remain well received by teachers, moms, and kids worldwide because their content (and re-usability) are consistently tested, torn, and enthusiastically chewed to the bone by Young Yoga Masters. She’s taught yoga to hundreds of kids in Canadian public schools and daycare centers. Aruna is the author of Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Teacher Training and Games Manual, and the award-winning Young Yoga Masters blog (the world’s first blog covering kids yoga exclusively). A certified yoga instructor since 1998, she has over 200 testimonials from happy adult clients for her weekend Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Once upon a time Aruna lived in an Ashram for six years. Now she lives in Ontario, Canada, and enjoys singing, ukulele playing and technology. “Let’s tell stories!” Brant Mawdsley, Illustrator, Frog Yoga Alphabet Personal Connection ~ Kids Love The Frog Yoga Alphabet Characters
  11. 11. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Illustrator Brant Mawdsley began drawing at the age of two. Not surprisingly, he completed Frog Yoga Alphabet drawings over two afternoons. Pictures of humans in various yoga poses served as his models. Brandt says kids of all ages have a universal love for frogs; using people drawings wouldn’t be near as interesting. He grins every time one of his ‘colored in’ frogs from a Young Yoga Master arrives in the mail. “Everyone likes to be listened to. Frog Yoga Alphabet is a palette for passionate ideas and personal expression. I’d like to hear from English, liberal arts, and drama teachers using it for rap… poetry… all kinds of storytelling. A self-described gentleman with a sharp wit and an eye for justice, Brant has no patience whatsoever for crime, bullying, snobs, authorities who abuse their power, drugs, lying, cheating, backstabbing, racism, sexism and unnecessary suffering. The artist’s passion is writing and drawing heroic stories. His current cartoon series Shadow Ninja-Crimes Worst Nightmare! stars villains Gossip King, Ciggy, Big Bully, Prankster, Drunken Phantom, Candyman, and Cheerleader. “There’s a personal connection to the stories,” says Brant, “They’re based on real-life issues and kids have a right to know about these things.” Brant lives in Orillia Ontario, Canada. He has a girlfriend, practices martial arts, and is illustrating a client’s new book. Brant says his Aspergers Syndrome is “a form of autism in which I do things by memory and focus on one topic only.” [Sounds like mindfulness to us, Brad. ~ Young Yoga Masters] So why buy now? The biggest reason why you need to get this series right away is because it will save you the frustration of burnout. The second reason is simply that it costs you more in terms of time, money and effort to take any one of my renowned in-person yoga teacher trainings, no matter how large or small your current classroom base. Travel, time spent, hotels, food—not to mention my base tuition—they all add up to several hundred dollars. Here is why you can feel safe with Frog Yoga Alphabet
  12. 12. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Aruna’s 100% Personal Guarantee! Aruna’s Namaste Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied and don’t find this series interesting and exciting for you and your kids – simply ask for a refund within 30 days and we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked!
  13. 13. ©Tia Dobi, Copywriter (310) 839-2468 Be The Best Children and Family Yoga Teacher You Can Be! Join your fellow teachers worldwide in teaching kids yoga with renewed meaning. You’ll be expanding children’s speech and language skills one yoga pose at a time. Unlike similar products, Frog Yoga Alphabet engages a child’s complete physiology: physical yoga and mental literacy. Kids yoga teacher training beyond ordinary Please share this page with your world of yoga teachers, schoolteachers, Early Childhood Educators, therapists, teachers of children with special needs, parents, and people who care about the health and wellbeing of children. Together we can make a difference in developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for global responsibility. Namaste. [ADD TWITTER, FACEBOOK, SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS]