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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Concept for Cars CBI w markup


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Published in: Automotive, Economy & Finance
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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Concept for Cars CBI w markup

  1. 1. The only web planner for buying a new car … in simple steps anyone can follow CAR BUYER INSIDER HOME COOL CAR PEOPLE Yes, you can. Buy a new car without losing your mind. So quit making excuses and do it. SCION MARKETER FUNDS LOCAL BANDS Catch Jeri Yoshizu March 3, 2008 The hardest part about buying a new car is using information to your advantage. But the BEST deal is in the details. Stash yours here CBI “The stress-free way to buy a new car.”
  2. 2. PRAISE FOR CAR BUYER INSIDER Just wanted to congratulate you on the launch of the “Car Buyer Insider.” It’s awesome: packed with info and oh so bright and compelling. Just great! —Renee Azouley, New York YOUR COMMENTS Click here to see why our checklists, tips and timelines work You can use Car Buyer Insider to Own This IF YOU CAN USE THISLET THESE ICONS DRIVE YOU You’ll stay the course with these get-going enhancers to guide your every move. CBI Take our Car Quiz. The answers may surprise you. HOW MUCH DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT BUYING A NEW CAR? CAR CLASS: “Never bring your checkbook to a dealer to buy a new car. Put deposits on a credit card.” — Consumer advocate Jeff Ostroff has saved new car buyers over $8,000,000 To your new set of wheels,hot Message to the Grassroots THE CAR BUYER INSIDER If you can turn a computer on, go online, and know how to check your email, then you have everything you need to get your dream car using the Car Buyer Insider. This planner is unlike any other book, kit or website you may have seen or heard about. It’s been organized in a very easy- to-follow, logical way that anyone can understand. Fill in your choices step-by-step, use the techniques, rehearse the scripts and let our expert insights rev your deal-making engine. Then get ready to buy a new car without losing your money or your mind. I promise. Dear New Car Buyer, Tia Dobi Consumer Advice Editor New Meet
  3. 3. INSIDE INFORMATION ASK THE DEALER Aren’t all dealers just dirty rotten scoundrels out to drain me dry? -- Johnny Consumer, Bute, MT Winning Hand Winning Hand VOTE Is it more difficult for a woman to buy a new car than it is for a man? know RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIPS Dan Schultz, Wothington Chevrolet, Los Angeles You can profit from every encounter with your dealer simply by ESSENTIAL EXPERTS POINT OF PASSION After twenty-five years in the business, I’ve never forgotten that customers are the reason I’m still here. They’re my point of passion. “Paying off a car loan in 3 years or less is good debt. Leasing a car means you will never be in control of your car finances.” If you can’t follow our steps, then you shouldn’t be driving a car.
  4. 4. CONSUMERS PAY ATTENTION Listen, Americans pay attention to every single word they hear on radio and TV. Sometimes those blur the line between enjoying the buying process and eroding confidence. At our dealerships, we don’t encourage you just to visit. We encourage you to move in. We answer every single question and share a wealth of information with our customers. Next week’s topic: 1. THE SETUP To thine all self be true, New Car Buyer. Start here to control your car buying destiny. 2. GO FUND YOUR$ELF Knowing how much you can afford to spend – and not going a penny over – is the key to not losing your money or your mind. 4. NAME YOUR PRICE For each new car, every dealer has 4 prices. All you need is this one. 6. STRIKE A DEAL Armed with your kit and negotiating script, you’re primed to get a great deal. 7. RIDE INTO THE SUNSET Congratulations! The Car Buyer Insider really does work. Now just double-check how sweet your baby really is with our break-proof list, drive off the lot and live happily ever after. The Car Buyer Insider tips [go here and this runs similar to the set-up on] It’s time to buy a car. Ready? Let’s Go! 3. BE CHOOSY The only way to be completely satisfied with your new car is if you’re willing to marry her all over again. 5. TAKE A TEST DRIVE Like a hand in glove, you want a perfect fit. See if your new wheels ride as good in real life.
  5. 5. NEAT NEW STUFF Actors with the need for speed. TRUE CAR STORIES For every new car, there’s a true New Car Buyer story. We call it The Beauty & Truth Lab. Share, browse, and gather ideas from each other . . . >> Spring’s boldest masterpieces >> GO DID YOU SAVE $500 OR MORE USING CAR BUYER INSIDER TO GET YOUR NEW CAR? PASS GO Collect your Car Buyer Insider cool swag PIN CBI IN THE NEWS debuts NEW Car Buyer Insider for Teens! See the Web episode>> CBI LOGO Copyright © New All right reserved l Privacy Policy l Terms & Conditions l LINKS THAT WORK Automakers Talented Tools Glossary Our 10 steps fjkdljfdlkjfdlkj Ldjfldkjflkdjf Jdlfjdlkjfd;lkjf Jdljfldkjflkd;f Lskjalfkdjldk;jf Dlajfldkjfdlkjf aljdflkdjfldkjflksda Our Exclusive Features fjkdljfdlkjfdlkj Ldjfldkjflkdjf Jdlfjdlkjfd;lkjf Jdljfldkjflkd;f Lskjalfkdjldk;jf Dlajfldkjfdlkjf aljdflkdjfldkjflksda