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Maximize Your Mail -- 9 Maverick Mailers' Stealth Tips


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"Maximize Your Mail" is a stand-alone tip campaign. It's an excerpt from "How To Sell Anything Using Scientific Advertising" (a one-of-a-kind enhanced version of the timeless marketing classic originally penned by Claude Hopkins).

Here the client assigned me 9 employees. For each one, I wrote a pithy bio, defy-gravity feat and uncommon direct mail marketing tip. Do you know these? Try them now--you'll be pleased.

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Maximize Your Mail -- 9 Maverick Mailers' Stealth Tips

  1. 1. Nettie Sr. Sales Executive HERSHMAN #1 Sales Blunder Empower your sales by empowering your prospects. Resistance goes through the roof when you are too direct too early in the sales cycle… i.e.”Buy now!” Selling is problem solving. And problems by definition imply failure. Essentially, you’re promising to take your prospect from failure to success with your offer. It’s your job as a marketer to look at the products and services you sell and discover the connection. Ultimately, it’s also your job to build up your prospect’s self-esteem through your communication. You are not selling things. You are not even selling results. You are selling that feeling of self-worth… the seed of wishes fulfilled. Meet Nettie Twenty-five years in marketing with over 100 client credits. Former stints at Harte-Hanks, Pacific Comm., Creative Ad, and Advantage Mailing. Trains Towne’s sales team in finer ‘What’s In It For Me?’ points of direct mail, inventory control, process flow, and fulfillment. Towne Touch: Plastic overlay saves healthcare client $5,000; hospital extends mail out additional 6 months. Ask Nettie anything: Time At Towne: 2 years
  2. 2. Kevin Business Solutions & Client Services Manager MINDER 10.5 Costly Mail Mistakes #1 Mailing a job as a flat vs. as a letter #2 Designing an unusually shaped mail piece w/o knowing postage ramifications #3 Failure to weigh #4 Poor data quality #5 Personalization that runs afoul of USPS regulations #6 Failure to check final folded thickness #7 Wrong permit # or language on indicia #8 Wrong service endorsement #9 Failure to comply with Move Update #10 Issues with address block label #10.5 No in-house MERLIN Let this be your checklist & save $$$. Meet Kevin Spends teen summers at Towne stuffing envelopes and folding Morris the Cat tees. Rejoins co. after community college graduation. Imprints team of 12 client service reps with his ‘special’ stamp for making complex mail easy. Detailed down to the DNA with enchanting Colombo personality. Towne Touch: Spots error in client-provided segmentation logic; wards off skewed ROI catastrophe. Ask Kevin anything: Time At Towne: 25 years
  3. 3. Jennyfer Sales Executive SICKLER Is This A Good Idea? Choosing an unproven product and mailing to an unproven list are classic marketing mistakes. See if your next big idea has ‘market merit’ (without spending a fortune on focus groups). Let’s say you had a golf ball that beeped— making it a cinch to find when you sliced your ball off into the woods. What lists would you test: names of prospective country club members; magazine subscribers; warranty card lists? Have your list broker pull mail order buyers out of the SRDS. Then have her chisel that list to recent, direct-mail generated names of multi-buyers of golf equipment. Ask if "hotline" names exist (buyers in the last 30 days). Use those names unless she happens to know of an even hotter list of names who've bought golf equipment by mail. Test the very hottest names available. Meet Jennyfer Lives by specialty data, hot mailing lists, and workable solutions. Formerly with Inside Prospects,, infoUSA and datamart. Draws on customer service, buyer advocacy and hard work ethics carved while at Ralph’s Grocery Store (8 years). Towne Touch: Takes anxious, first-time businesses to Every Door Direct Mail with better- than-good (i.e. double-digit) results. Ask Jennyfer anything: Time At Towne: 2 years
  4. 4. Elena Sr. Growth Strategist MARTINEZ Numbers Don’t Lie Direct mail either pays for itself or it doesn’t. Its built-in, BIG DATA targeting makes it a potential goldmine that CMOs and CFOs can appreciate. Marketers spent > $45Billion on direct mail—more than search, online video, online rich media, online banner ads and print magazine advertising combined. 2012 Integrating direct mail in branding campaigns improved the lift of local ads by 44% & online campaigns by 62%. 2011 The avg. household receives 2 pieces of DM a day vs. 157 emails; advertisers who stick with it gain ‘share of mailbox’ & higher ROI. 79% of consumers find reading mail easier than going online. Technology allows for maximum targeting: highly personalized messaging, offers, and graphics—even co. branded indicias. 2013 Non-profits can slash rates to 7.9₵ using Every Door Direct. 2013 Source: United States Postal Service Meet Elena Rises up fulfillment ladder at Diversified Direct leading accounts for The American Red Cross, Merrill Corp., USC, UCLA, and Robinson’s-May. At World Marketing (Berkshire Hathaway), finesses art and science of merging critical, political, and regulatory mailings with a number of modern multi-media capabilities. Towne Touch: Shows political candidate how a simple redesign saves him $40,000 without compromising a penny of messaging. Ask Elena anything: Time At Towne: 10 months
  5. 5. - Nicole President SEYMOUR Open Me Now! 7 Ways to get your envelopes opened. 1- Use teaser copy to call out your audience—Coffee Lovers. 2- Use directive language—See Inside. 3- Use the real estate—load up copy front and back. Or keep blank! 4- Bullet point benefits—or try mind- bending fascinators. 5- Don’t mention your corp. name if it doesn’t mean anything to the reader. USPS requires identification only when mailing at low rates available to fundraisers. 6- Try a new size to stand out from the pack. 7- Let provocative copy peek through— use more than 1 window. Meet Javier Meet Nicole Works in every employee position from the ground up: hand assembly on shop floor… accounting… account management… fulfillment… sales lead… designing Proprietary Inventory Management System… to launching, nurturing & growing some of Towne’s most loyal customer accounts. Towne Touch: Turns distressed accounts around on a dime. Ask Nicole anything: Time At Towne: 27 years
  6. 6. Allison Sales Executive MEINKING When 2 + 3 = 1 Dimensional mail is ‘tabletop stackable’ and ‘top of mind’ sticky. If your first Pop-Up or 3D mailing is a success, consider running a sequential campaign. Little known direct response math shows that the response of a 2nd and 3rd mailing will match the results of the 1st. Step 1: Let’s say you mail out 500 premiums to your in-house list with a 4% ROI. Now, reword your offer. Then send it 2X, to the same list. Like this: Step 2: Send a postcard. Step 3: Send a new premium. Drop the entire campaign over 4-6 weeks. It’s not unlikely that: Step 2 + Step 3 = same ROI as Step 1 (or a few percentage points either way). People love to be entertained. Dimensional is advantageous. Meet Allison Integrated marketing and fulfillment pro with 19 years experience—both agency and client side. At Prudential Real Estate, handles marcom development & dist. for 40,000 agents. Also with Specialized Marketing Services and Hayes Martin. Second time around with Towne. Towne Touch: Decision to trim a 3D package by 2/8” saves agency $70,000 on annual gift mailing. Ask Allison anything: Time At Towne: 2 years
  7. 7. Javier Production Manager MACIAS Meet Javier Rocks mailhouse, lettershop and digital printing. Produces franchise coupons… Vehicle Service Contract brochures… laminated membership cards… QR code promotions and special 3D packaging. Formerly with ABG Direct. Captains 5 department heads and formidable crew. Towne Touch: Secretly applies white glove test to outgoing packages. Ask Javier anything: Time At Towne: 5 ½ years Improve Your B-to-B Catalog 5 items experienced catalog marketers include to boost readership & sales. 1- A personal letter from the CEO to your customers… printed inside the front cover, or on letterhead. 2- Useful information like “How-To” articles, tables, & charts. 3- Product samples. Techies love tinkering at their desk. 4- 3-ring binder. Rarely gets trashed, too bulky for file cabinet, more likely to be shelved within reach. 5- Customer credits… Just like in the movies, a list of all the firms that have bought from you is impressionable. Whether 50, 100 or 1,000, names in print convey trust.
  8. 8. Patricia Sales Executive REINACH Signature Surgery What makes direct mail (and email) different from other forms of marketing is the letter—a highly personalized, 1-to1 communication that lets writer and reader make an emotional connection. A letter written by an executive then signed by an assistant throws believability out the window and depresses response. People pick up a lot from the way a name is signed. Give your signature’s color, size and vitality close scrutiny. Compare the average signature of a publisher with that of Salvador Dali or Gloria Vanderbilt. Then ask yourself why the former are lackluster and the latter so distinctive. The signature is your salesman’s handshake. Make yours healthy. Meet Patricia Previously Director of Sales & Marketing in hotel & hospitality industry. Innovative strategies skyrocket sales for Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach. Towne Touch: Passion for consistent results in fund raising, community volunteering and leading professional organizations makes for über-resourceful connections in marketplace. Ask Patricia anything: Time At Towne: 1 month
  9. 9. Debora Executive Vice President, General Manager GRIFFITH $64,000 Questions The difference between average and exceptional is in the details. When you’re looking for excellence in fulfillment, you need to know the small secrets of fulfillment make all the difference in your business. These are the top money questions… Which marketing question(s) does your fulfillment answer? Are your orders processed in real-time? Can you access order and inventory reports 24/7? Can you track mail stream ‘at a glance’? Who’s auditing inventory control for just- in-time delivery? How much are you shelling out for every order you fulfill? What is the LTV of your customer? … do you know the answers? Meet Javier Meet Deb Mail and fulfillment expertise spans Finance, Customer Service, Systems and Operations (two decades). Account management credits include Crystal Cruises, Wyndham Hotels, Blue Shield and Sprint. Loves solving client issues both externally and internally. Master Certificate Integrated Marketing (UC San Francisco) and M.B.A. (CSU Monterey Bay) ensures whole brain thinking. Towne Touch: Every challenge has a resolution, absolutely. Ask Deb anything: Time At Towne: 15 years