Healing With The Masters 2010 Speaker Snippet Bios


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"Healing With The Masters" event producer Jennifer McLean needed short, energetic speaker bios done in a day. Here's 10 I whittled in 2010. (This was fun because I love these authors.)

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Healing With The Masters 2010 Speaker Snippet Bios

  1. 1. Healing With The Masters 2010 Speaker Snippet Bios Copywriter: Tia Dobi tiad@earthlink.net Marianne Williamson, an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and New York Times bestselling author, is best known for her teachings of A Course In Miracles and her efforts to establish a U.S. Department of Peace. Her quote, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure," is an anthem for contemporary seekers. Gary Zukav, founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute, makes aligning the human personality with spiritual potential blissfully sweet. His new book Soul to Soul: Communications from the Heart covers the human condition A to Z. With valuable answers to life’s pressing questions, not even Oprah can resist Gary’s authenticity. don Miguel Ruiz, as Toltec teacher to the world, the don’s one-sentence teachings have been called “having a master in your pocket.” This New York Times bestselling author illumines life as art once again with his latest work The Fifth Agreement. Inviting us to be savvy skeptics through a method of self-inquiry, don Miguel’s penetrating journey to awareness never felt so good. Dr. Daniel Amen, psychiatrist and neuroscientist, blesses people each day with his brain imaging discoveries. His premier work with altering A.D.H.D., preventing Alzheimer’s and healing the hardware of depression has allowed for a more widespread use of natural treatments to absolutely optimize the performance of the human brain. Dr. Daniel’s mantra is “Change your brain, change your life.” Amen. Neale Donald Walsch, renowned personal development leader and New York Times bestselling author of Conversations with God Series, has a startling story featured in a Hollywood movie. In it he asks, “If I can take just one extraordinary moment in my life, heed it, and touch millions, what miracle could God be whispering through YOU?” This modern-day spiritual messenger shows us how to truly listen to transform.
  2. 2. Healing With The Masters 2010 Speaker Snippet Bios Copywriter: Tia Dobi tiad@earthlink.net Caroline Myss, medical intuitive, holds a unique place in spiritual mysticism with her uncanny ability to interpret body energy. Known for her rally cry “get a backbone, not a wishbone,” she has penned multiple New York Times bestsellers (including Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can), recorded 180 audio titles, and hosted her own TV show. Caroline’s goal isn’t just that you defy woundology—she matter-of-factly encourages everyone to defy gravity. Bob Doyle, author and entrepreneur, was cherry-picked to appear in The Secret. Years before the movie’s inception, many were reaping the benefits of the Law of Attraction by following the steps in Bob’s Wealth Beyond Reason DVDs. While non-initiates may be in “LOA overwhelm,” Bob reminds us The Universe is always saying “Yes.” Colin Tipping, the British-born, award-winning author of numerous books including Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation, is on a mission to create a world of forgiveness by 2012. John Bradshaw, Mark Victor Hanson, and more praise Colin’s ground-breaking “forgiveness is freedom” technique. Entire communities are healing as they embrace Colin’s soul-based POV for why things happen as they do. John Holland, host of the Hay House radio show Spirit Connections with John Holland, is considered one of the top psychic mediums and spirit messengers in America today. Charismatic and caring, John is beloved for his tender, heart-touching manner as conduit to the Other Side. The author has also appeared on major television shows such as Unsolved Mysteries and A&E. Byron Katie, the author of three bestsellers, has just one job: to teach people how to end their own suffering. Millions have benefitted from her four-question process called The Work. Channeled through the author to end her own debilitating depression, The Work’s clarity, simplicity and speed make it one of the most effective healing technologies on the planet.