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Do You Love A Travel Deal?


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I had just started writing the Google AdWords PPC campaign for this account when the VP of Marketing for cFares asked me to rewrite the homepage and how-it-works copy on the fly.

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Do You Love A Travel Deal?

  1. 1. Tia Dobi’s cFares Homepage & Membership Page Copy Tia Dobi There's no shortage of websites claiming to connect travelers to the lowest fares, but cFares .com search engine hit the market with a unique twist: In addition to searching databases of major airlines and online travel agents like Orbitz, cFares taps into those of wholesale ticket consolidators that generally don't sell directly to the public. - TD [Homepage title] Cheap Flights, Cheap Tickets, Cheap Airfare – cFares Your lowest cost connection for cheap flights Do You Love A Travel Deal? cFares is a Travel search site that’s different from anything else you’ve experienced. We search the Internet and find you the lowest airfares available for travel anywhere in the world. Our insider information connects you direct with airline, agency and wholesale sites so you can book your flight and hotel with a few quick clicks of the mouse. For cFares Platinum Members, we offer online rebates that result in below market fares. We find lower fares than any site on the Internet 90% of the time. Cheap Flights: Click here to see how cFares saves you money on airfare “a Costco for Fares” If you take a family vacation overseas, you could easily recoup the membership fee in one trip. As seen in MONEY Magazine As seen on is “Best for Airfares” Home l Flights l Hotels l Membership l Help
  2. 2. Tia Dobi’s cFares Homepage & Membership Page Copy Tia Dobi [Membership Page title] Booking cheap flights has never been easier – cFares Your lowest cost connection for cheap flights How cFares Works – We Know Where to Look cFares is a unique Internet travel service. We provide the most complete selection of low airfares, backed by attentive customer service. cFares combs travel deals from all possible databases: airlines, wholesalers, and online travel agencies. Other sites can’t provide our choices because only cFares is cleared to search “off-limits” offers from bulk-buy consolidators. (Our interface allows you to compare our results with competitors without re-typing your itinerary over and over.) Tickets you buy via a cFares connection are subject to travel industry standard terms and conditions. There are no special restrictions, and you receive the same frequent flyer benefits as flights purchased from any airline booking agent. There is absolutely no cost to you to see our real-time Gold and Platinum fares. How cFares Membership Works – Join Now to Get “Low-Cost” to “Lower-Cost” Airfare cFares has two levels of membership: Gold (FREE) and Platinum ($50 per year). Gold members have access to all information, including viewing low and below-market fares, routes and destinations, and cAgent biddings. Gold members get fantastic finds and cheap fares, as well as our “persistent search” promise: a 24-hour hold with your name on it if we find a ticket that matches your set price* . Love significant savings? cFares Premium membership touts the best “lower-cost” wholesale deals, giving you the biggest discounts (especially when booking international flights). Sit back and relax as you sign up for cFares and enjoy cheaper airfare on your very next flight. *Overseas travel “Tia’s words are up and they look awesome. Better than anything we’ve had to date.” — Arthur Coleman, Chief Marketing Officer, cFares Home l Flights l Hotels l Membership l Help