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Eco Chamber Virtual Tour


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View the EcoChamber Virtual Tour to see how we can help your organization.

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Eco Chamber Virtual Tour

  2. 2. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER The EcoChamber The EcoChamber is a global green chamber of commerce whose mission is to help the environment while helping grow the economy and jobs. We do this through a few key tactics: 1. Facilitate more and more companies to adopt environmentally-friendly practices in their everyday activities in a way that improves their bottom lines. 2. Support companies that are green to help them network and get more business from across the globe. 3. Work with governments to create legislation that is both good for the environment and businesses.
  3. 3. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER The EcoChamber How can the EcoChamber help you and the environment? • Profit by Going Green: The EcoChamber member benefits help you profit by going and being green. We walk you through simple yet powerful steps to save money, improve customer loyalty and increase the market share over your competitors. • Eco-Certification: We will direct you through the process of becoming ”Eco Certified”. You will attract more customers while showcasing your commitment to the environment. • Online Member Directory: Increase your global presence, drive awareness and find investors, customers and vendors. Our online marketing and social networking campaigns are devoted to creating your “green” path to success. • Legislative Advocacy: To create a more powerful voice for the environment and economic advancement of businesses through legislative policy that will affect your business today and into the future. • Regular Updates: Keeping you informed on the latest information, regulations and innovations. Plus, a bi-monthly newsletter and webinars that highlight the most relevant issues. • Savings: For you and your customers through discount programs, informative savings tips and referral services. Keeping costs down and saving you money.
  4. 4. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER EcoChamber Functionality Features and Functions of the EcoChamber We provide a single, intuitive, and personalized gateway to a set of services and information resources. This allows you to access any and all services. •Engages individuals, companies and the public. •Creates community tool for institutional research •Point of access for constituent groups •Increase efficiency gateways to information Interact with you
  5. 5. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER EcoChamber Functionality All materials are easily downloadable and viewable from our online portal such as our digital brochure.
  6. 6. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER Directory Listings Features and Functions of the EcoChamber Business Directory Company profile • The EcoChamber Member Directory is available online to visitors and members. It boasts endless amounts of new features to help your organization succeed. • Directory items are also controlled entirely by you. You have complete control to Your events upload your videos, PDF’s, photo galleries and company information. • Reach thousands of people and organizations who want to do business with other environmentally responsible groups. Classifieds/Jobs The EcoChamber website is a powerful way to boost your business while promoting green initiatives. Articles / Releases Promotions
  7. 7. Your Company Profile INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER Your own personal website will Social network be on optimized allowing you to have a showcase for prospective customers, investors and Upload videos vendors to find. and PDFs Your listing will also benefit your own website through Upload your increased Search Engine logo Optimization Automated map Include a photo gallery Make comments and reviews
  8. 8. Your Events Listed INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER Share your events with the public through to increase attendance and visibility. Upload videos and PDFs Include a photo gallery Automated map
  9. 9. Jobs and Classifieds Listings INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER Help others find what you are offering and find what you need through EcoChamber’s jobs and classified section Sharing Optimized Include logos, photos, videos Automated map
  10. 10. Your articles and press releases INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER Let the world know about your success by posting articles and press releases to EcoChamber’s website. Sharing and Search Engine Optimized
  11. 11. Promote your products or services INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER Our directory is available to the whole world, not just our members. This means that any of your promotions are accessible to anyone looking for what you have to offer. Drive traffic and sales to your company through our robust promotion program. Sharing Optimized Include logos, and images
  12. 12. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER Directory Listings Social Networking EcoChamber is fully engaged in the social networking world which provides multiple extra access points for people to learn about your organization and learn about helping the environment. Social Networking Platforms: EcoChamber’s Portal • – we are launching our own social network portal with even greater features than Facebook. This portal allows you to network across the globe 24 hours, 7 days a week. This will allow your to much more easily connect with prospective clients, investors, stakeholders or others who share your values and goals. • In addition, we have a large presence in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and our own newsletter and archive features.
  13. 13. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER twitter newsletter facebook linkedin
  14. 14. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER The EcoChamber Go-to-Market Activities outlined are meant to raise awareness of the EcoChamber on a global level. Each provides a unique opportunity for publicity, brand awareness and membership development. 1. Online visibility and marketing: Online advertising SEO Social Networking Blogging Related commenting and posting Online radio shows Webinars E-mail campaigns Affiliate Marketing Program Google AdWords
  15. 15. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER The EcoChamber 2. Community involvement: The EcoChamber will be involved on a global and local level in key events and activities to further promote our visibility. Current events under development include: • Annual Conferences: One will be held in Washington, DC and another will be held outside of the United States • Key events: SuperBowl, Sundance, etc. 3. Regional Directors: The EcoChamber will allow for Regional Directors allowing people to take significant leadership roles within their geographic area. Regional directors will be able to take the lead in their areas where they will be able to host events such as roundtables, networkers, and forums, in addition to having their own portion of the website to manage and upload content to benefit their direct community.
  16. 16. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER The EcoChamber 4. EcoAmbassador Student Program: The EcoAmbassador program is a global EcoChamber initiative to support and provide unique educational and leadership opportunity's for the next generation of environmental leaders. The EcoChamber will award the prestigious position of EcoAmbassador to one student per participating educational institution. EcoAmbassadors will be able to participate in the EcoChambers VIP and Think Tank activities. In addition, they will be able to host forums and roundtables at their institutions discussing and debating current environmental issues. Discussions will then be uploaded to the EcoChamber iTunes University Channel to share with other institutions fostering the exchange of ideas and best practices. EcoAmbassadors will reap the benefits of networking with environmental leaders from the globe while businesses will be able to recruit from a pool of the best candidates available.
  17. 17. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER The EcoChamber 5. Taking stands on issues: By taking stands on issues, we will represent our existing members while supporting the environment and the economy. Stands will be taken at a government level through advocacy initiatives, grassroots development and through public relations initiatives. EcoForum – A forum and mini-think tank dedicated to bringing leaders in various environmental, business and political sectors to discuss the most pressing issues or the moment.
  18. 18. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER The EcoChamber The EcoChamber is designed to be a support system and revenue source for other chambers of commerce and business associations. How can we help business organizations? We offer a partnership that includes the following. 1. Provide regular free webinars for members on topics including going green profitably. 2. Provide monthly articles on key environmental topics for them to share on their website and newsletters. 3. Give access to our roster of guest speakers. 4. Showcase the organization on our website highlighting their leadership and initiatives. 5. For organization members that feel would benefit from the global reach of the EcoChamber, we will offer – 1. A revenue share for their organization 2. A discounted membership for their members
  19. 19. ECOCHAMBER INITIATIVES Supporting important causes In addition to helping businesses, the EcoChamber is involved in many other worthy causes making your membership do even more to help our planet and people. • The Holtz/Jackson Pediatric Integrative Research Center • Pan American Development Foundation • EcoAmbassadors
  20. 20. INTRODUCING THE ECOCHAMBER The EcoChamber Memberships and Donations There are many ways to get involved with the EcoChamber. You can join as a Basic Member and take advantage of our many benefits and features, you can join as an Executive Member and take a leadership position. And you can also make a tax-deductible Donation to help our many community initiatives. BASIC MEMBERSHIPS EXECUTIVE MEMBERSHIPS - Students – FREE - Individual – $650 - Individuals - $99 - Non-Profit – $1,250 - Non-Profits – $275 - For-Profit – $3,000 - 1-9 Employees - $375 - 10-24 Employees - $475 - 25-99 Employees - $575 - 100 or more employees - $875 EcoChamber is a non-profit 501c(6) organization Tax ID: 27-0178116. Under federal law, 64% of any donation to EcoChamber is deductible as a business expense.