Ym2 assignment 101 creative digital vu phuc thuy tien


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Ym2 assignment 101 creative digital vu phuc thuy tien

  2. 2. NESCAFÉ Cùng Trò Chuyện CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND As a global leading instant coffee brand, NESCAFÉwas struggling to create an emotional connection with Vietnamese people who prioritize local brands. Target Audience: Male and Female aged 20- 29, ABC, mostly in big cities, love to converse
  3. 3. Big Idea Insight Brand Role Conversation is a crucial part of my daily life, a way I get comfortable around people and express myself Season conversations with great coffee taste NESCAFÉ Cùng trò chuyện Let’s get to know NESCAFE through conversations Let NESCAFE be the irreplacable conductor of the daily talk NESCAFE knows you as a citizen of Vietnam
  4. 4. DEPLOYMENT strategy Start the Conversation Build awareness of conversation Build Conversations Let’s start the conversation Everyone is conversing with NESCAFE Create your own conversation Unbranded banners TVC Cungtrochuyen.com website Digital billboard Web banners Forum seeding Forum seeding Digital billboard Web banners Website Social influencer Digital billboard Key message Key Hook Key Channel Objective
  5. 5. RESULT Comment Creative idea from the root, the instictive role of coffee in people’s life Deep understanding of Vietnamese people to find the most effective way for NESCAFE to become apart of their life Daring choice of unbraded media Achieved both marketing and business objective
  6. 6. STEP TO DEVELOPE DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN IDEA OVERVIEW Based on the basic model of idea development
  7. 7. STEP TO DEVELOPE DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN IDEA XPLORATION Listen: Use social listening tools to learn about • User behaviors in digital • What Influencers and users say in digital world • What are the digital paths users take Know: about your brand • How is your brand behaving in social • How is your community engagement and growth • Is your brand voice consistent and clear
  8. 8. STEP TO DEVELOPE DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN IDEA IDEATION Generate all your raw ideas into solution for the final challenge without worrying about the quality and judging about the effectiveness Use ideates tools to create ideas (go for quantity & the wider the better): • Solo brainstorming • Reversal • Pool brainwriting • What if…..
  9. 9. STEP TO DEVELOPE DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN IDEA DEVELOPMENT The development stage is purely focused around campaign formalisation. • Finalize one idea that most suit the situation (base on previous analysis + consumer insight) and develop a campaign plan • Choose, design routes, communication flow and way of approaching for each channel base on content strategy (how to use influencers) • Planning and establishing actualisation routes, communication flows and expectations • Creating key performance indicators per channel and estimating expected return per channel
  10. 10. STEP TO DEVELOPE DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN IDEA DEVELOPMENT Community Manageme nt Social Experience Influencer Manageme nt Content Activation • How to use different forms of advertising to extend the reach • Where to distribute content to reach users • Use own, earned and paid media • How to amplify the program
  11. 11. STEP TO DEVELOPE DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN IDEA EVALUATION - optimization The evaluation of a digital strategy is very important both in long and short term, it helps you to adjust actions on board and improve the effectiveness of future campaign Short term: • Your brand’s voice touches consumers or not ? • Content strategy build good interaction ? Long term: • Evaluating KPIs and fiscal achievement • Reviewing engagement and unexpected longer term benefits • Scoring the strategy and the benefits that it has given
  12. 12. STEP TO DEVELOPE DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN IDEA ACTION Follow strictly the content strategy and guideline, on digital, crisis happen quickly so we need to follow and take action immediately To optimize our plan.
  13. 13. Social listening: to find out NESCAFE’s problem of not obtaining Vnmese citizenship and Vietnamese’ love for chatting Brand print: understand the brand role, the suitable image Generate into the INITIAL IDEA of conversat ion website Make the IDEA more tangible, feasible Community management: Choose forums and pages to seed Social experience: define the journey from unbranded message to raise curiosity, to mass interesting conversations Influencer management: Hồ Hoài Anh, Hiền Thục Content activation: choose intersting conversation topics Test the IDEA Utilize the advantage of Digital to test to optimize the idea. Set tangible action standard Take action if the idea pass the standard. If not, go back to social listening. Example: NESCAFÉ Cùng Trò Chuyện