Elite young marketers assignment 20.1 thuy tien_ngoc tram


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Elite young marketers assignment 20.1 thuy tien_ngoc tram

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 20.1 K H O N G T H I T H U Y T I E N N G U Y E N N G O C T R A M PRACTICE SESSION – Integration of Social,Traditional PR, On-ground Activation
  2. 2. YAN BEATFEST 2014 is the premiere music festival in Vietnam, gather more than 80 local stars and many other cool activities
  3. 3. About About YAN TV - The leading youth channel, to sharpen the Vietnamese youth music trend & lifestyle trend. YAN TV was officially launched in June 2009. It currently reaches over 5 million household in all major cities and provinces nationwide. YANTV's overall platform combines on-air, online, mobile and on-the-ground elements. Positioning Offer the most insightful programs, YANTV, with the platform of Musik, is the leading lifestyle channel for Vietnamese Youth. Communication Big Ideas Feel The Beat: 2012 - 2013 YAN Generation: 2013 – 2014 YAN To The Max: 2014 - now Competitors
  4. 4. Campaign TargetVIETNAMESE YOUTH 13 – 25 yo Urban (HCMC dominant), male & female They’re young, energetic, spontaneous, love to be a part of a new trend (hate to be left behind), ready to explode and seek for chances to express themselves. They’re music lovers.
  5. 5. Campaign Big Idea The first ever Outdoor Music Festival in Vietnam Gather more than 80 super stars, local and global with the most appealing performances This is an outstanding activity of YAN in the year of “YAN to the max” – a big milestone in YAN’s evolution, to celebrate “the beat” of YAN now is getting stronger & stronger.
  6. 6. Experience the magnificent Beat Festival as music-camping style for the first time ever in Vietnam, by YAN. Campaign Key Message
  7. 7. EXECUTION IDEA ON GROUND ACTIVATION SOCIAL PR Yan’s 1st ever outdoor music festival in Vietnam The hunt for Yan Beat fest’s tickets The sky of music super stars to be in Yan Beat fest
  8. 8. ON-GROUND Yan’s explosive 12 hour music camp – the 1st ever in Vietnam: Climax of the campaign is literally explosive with international stars like Shayne Ward and DJ Scott Kirby and 80 Vietnamese stars, 20 music game throughout the day, 150 street vendors. All participants was engaged in the explosive music spirit of Yan.
  9. 9. SOCIAL The hunt for Beat Fest ticket Spreading information and driving the need for Beat Fest to the peak by FACEBOOK application, music application, online race, lucky draw, social seeding, influencer sharing, event live update, teasing viral clip.
  10. 10. PR The sky of stars to be in Yan Beat Fest Kick off with press conference releasing news about the explosive event and Yan’s role, spreading information about stars that’ll join the event and amplify the event afterwards throughout traditional channels (print, online, TV, radio)
  11. 11. KEY LEARNINGS • Utilizing Yan’s assets (Yan TV, Yan news, Yan radio…) • Explosive event that met expectation • Consistent explosive music spirit across channels • Too much focus on stars without highlighting Yan’s role PROS CONS