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Assigment 19.1 le vu phuc


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Assigment 19.1 le vu phuc

  1. 1. Elite Assignment 19.1 Shopper Marketing Le Vu Phuc
  2. 2. Definition Shopper Marketing is the use of insights – driven marketing and merchandising initiatives to satisfy targeted customer needs, enhance the shopping experience, and optimize business results for retailers and suppliers.
  3. 3. Why Shopper marketing so important ?
  4. 4. Why Shopper marketing so important ? If products are not purchased, nothing else matters. The best marketing and advertising campaigns in the planet fail if products stay on the shelf, and the one making the difference is the shopper. As the quote that probably inspired so many changes says “shoppers are making an overwhelming number (76%) of their purchasing decisions in-store”. Once inside the stores, people should be able to remember the specific brand, they should be able to find it, and should not be attracted to the competition either by price or impulse.
  5. 5. Why Shopper marketing so important ? In short, it is useless to spend too much energy in building brands that shoppers cannot find or are overwhelmed by the competition at the moment of purchase inside the store. Shopper Marketing works in the retail environment trying to solve these pressing concerns.
  6. 6. Case Study shopper marketing: OMO Liquid
  7. 7. Steps for shopper marketing
  8. 8. Steps for shopper marketing Moms, 25 -35 years old, housewives In the time of economic crisis, consumer want to save much money as possible. They looks for condensed product. They open the OMO liquid- bottle product & smell our products from the cap to know whether the product is condensed or not. We want them to buy more of our products. Sell more We need to hide more smell to make really strong smell at the cap. Call to action at shelf is very important, message need to be clear and simple. Enough to attract consumers and encourage them to buy Deal for a good location in store to educate consumer about how condensed our product is. Using Pg at store to make noise, demo sniff the cap to show off the condensed of our product. Promotion at shelf encourage shopper to buy more, such as liquid in package to get discount and save cost Execution demo to show off the money they can save Shopper have more reason to believe and push sales
  9. 9. Elite Assignment 19.1 Shopper Marketing THANK YOU