The beauty of glass last


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The beauty of glass last

  1. 1. TheBeautyof GlassBy Thuy Bui
  2. 2. The History of American ArtGlass During the 1950s, studio ceramics and the craft media in the US started to be importance, and American artists who interested in glass began to do art with glass. The American Studio Movement was a new phenomenon in the early 1960s, that used glass as an artistic medium. In 1962, Harvey Littleton who was a professor of art at the University of Wisconsin and Dominick Labino were recognized as the “fathers” of the American Studio Glass Movement since they presented a glass workshop.
  3. 3. Harvey Littleton
  4. 4. DALE CHIHULY Started his career in 1969. He was the first student of Harvey Littleton. “Dale Chihuly occupies a unique position in the history of contemporary art. His work is immensely popular with the general public, which usually disdains the avant-garde. At the same time, some of the most important art critics, art Amber and Gold Fiori historians, and museum Dale Chihuly curators have acclaimed it brilliance, quality and inventiveness.” (Barbara Rose)
  5. 5. 2012 White Pearl Seaform PairDale Chihuly
  6. 6. 2012 Violet Persian PairDale Chihuly
  7. 7. KIT KARBLER Started his career and opened the Blake Street Glass studio with his friends in 1979. The works are distinguished by thin, concentric lines of colored glass, immobilized in clear crystal. Bottles were their first vessels which are as their trademark objects.
  8. 8. Cherry Chalice1994Kit Karbler and Michael DavidDenver, CO
  9. 9. Penta-Green Paperweight2001Kit Karbler and Michael David
  10. 10. Rock Bowl1994Kit Karbler and Michael David
  11. 11. KIMIAKE and SHIN-ICHI HIGUCHI Started their career in 1987. About love of nature. “In our civilization, human ego is destroying so much of nature. Some of the most victimized are the smallest creatures. My pieces convey a warning about the insects and also my feelings about their loss.” (The Higuchis)Encore Glass and Fine Art Raspberry Vase Cabbage LeavesKimiake Higuchi Kimiake Higuchi Kimiake Higuchi
  12. 12. Susan Gott Started her career in 1991. Susan has combined all her philosophical musing with the abstract, symbolic human form to create vessels which serve as a connection to Spirit. “My work embodies my interest in mythological imagery, symbolism and philosophies from historic and ancient cultures as I investigate these ideas using glass as a sculptural medium.” (Susan Gott)
  13. 13. Buddha DiscSusan Gott Oval Buddha Disc Green Susan Gott Golden Buddha Disc
  14. 14. Work source: Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado.