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Accounting service contrac of goldenstar


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Accounting service contrac of goldenstar

  1. 1. GOLDENSTAR ACCOUNTING SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OFOF VIETNAM SOCIALIST REPUBLIC VIETNAM AND CONSULTING COMPANY Independence - Freedom – Happiness Independence - Freedom – Happiness ----------0O0----------- -----------------o0o----------------- -----------------o0o----------------- ACCOUNTING SERVICE CONTRACT No :....../HĐKT/SV/2012 ---------------------------------- - Pursuant to the Civil Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on June 14 in 2004; - Pursuant to the Accounting Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on May 17 in 2003; - Pursuant to the Commercial Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam dated on May 05 in 1997; - Pursuant to the possibilities and requirements of the parties.Accounting service contract (hereinafter called the Contract) was established on 30 Novemberin 2011 at the office of the Goldenstar Accounting and Consulting Company Ltd and executedby the below parties:PARTY A.………………….Office address :Tel : - Fax:Tax Code :Bank account :The representative : - Position: Director/Legal Representative (The contract referred to as Party A)PARTY BGOLDENSTAR ACCOUNTING AND CONSULTING COMPANYOffice address : 16 / 5 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Ward ĐaKao, District 1, HCM City.Tel : 08.3.6011.927 -0942.05.04.07 - Fax : 08.6289.3918Tax code : 030.892.9524Bank account : 0074.7910.0001 Dong A bank – Dinh Tien Hoang Branch.Website - Email :saovangco@gmail.comThe representative : Mr.THUY NGOC THU – Position : DirectorCertification to practice accounting and auditing of 1546/KTV by the Ministry of Finance.(The contract referred to as Party B)Party A and party B may be referred to as Partiesafter discussion the parties agreed to contract terms include the following:ARTICLE 1: SERVICEParty B agrees to provide Party A professional accounting services within the scope of workis defined as follows: Pages 1
  2. 2. 1. Check accounting vouchers; 2. Arrange the accounting documents; 3. Accounting entry of economic transactions arising in the accounting software; 4. Prepare the tax reports monthly, quarterly and annually; 5. Prepare financial reports, income statement quarterly and annually; 6. Prepare and print a monthly accounting records as prescribed by law; 7. Signed name as accountant, chief accountant on the accounting records; 8. Explain to the tax authorities within the scope of work performed; 9. Consulting on tax law, accounting vouchers; 10. Consultation on labor, wages, social insurance, health insurance; 11. Report the amount of tax payable, the time to pay the taxes incurred; 12. Report t in both Vietnamese and English. ARTICLE 2: DURATION Duration of contract : 12 months, from January in 2012 until December in 2012. In the event that the contract expires and the parties do not agree otherwise the contract automatically extended for a subsequent term. In cases where a party terminate the contract before maturity, they must notify the other Party at least 02 months and must complete the obligations and responsibilities stipulated in this contract.ARTICLE 3: DELIVERY DOCUMENTS AND REPORTS3.1. Documents delivered from Party A to Party B Party A will deliver original documents or copy documents to Party B at least 01 timeper month, the day before the 06th of next month at the office of Party A. In the case of many documents, Party B may request Party A to deliver more times permonth.3.2. Reports/Books delivered from Party B to Party A3.2.1. Monthly Tax Report Before 19th of months, Party B will deliver reports/books to Party A at the main officeof Party A, Party A will sign the reports/books and Party B on behalf of Party A to submit tothe State administration/tax authority, then notify and return to Party A the results certified bythe management body.3.2.2. Tax reports, accounting books quarterly and yearly Before the 28th of the months in quarter/year, Party B will deliver reports/books toParty A at the office of Party A, Party A will sign the reports/books and Party B on behalf ofParty A to submit to the State administration/tax authority, then notify and return to Party Athe results certified by the management body. Time to submit the tax reports, financial statements for the State managementagency/tax authority shall not be later than the deadline in accordance with the law.ARTICLE 4: SERVICE CHARGES AND PAYMENT METHODS 4.1.Services charges Service charges for tax and accounting report monthly: VND4,000,000 per month (Inwords:Fouth million dong per month). Pages 2
  3. 3. After 6 months, The Parties will discuss the service charges. If the Party A salesincreased over the month, then adjust the service charge increase. Service Charge for tax settlement report : VND4,000,000 (in words: four million dong). This service charges does not include 10% VAT. In the event must adjust accounting data, reprinting books and reports without the faultof Party B. Party A shall pay an additional charges of 60% of months charge above. 4.2. Payment methods Party A pay Party B in Vietnam dong (VND) in the form of bank transfer or in cashevery month. 4.3.Time of payment 4.3.1. Charge of accounting services, monthly tax reports: Party A pay Party B service charge every months. The time of payment when Party Bdelivery monthly tax reporting to Party A. 4.3.2.Charges of tax settlement report: Party A pay Party B service charge when Party B delivery tax settlement report toParty A to sign. If Party A does not pay on time as specified in this Agreement will bear interest penaltyof 0.1% per day with corresponding to the unpaid time.ARTICLE 5: RESPONSIBILITIES OF EACH PARTY 5.1. Responsibilities of Party A 5.1.1.To ensure delivery timely and fully to Party B the necessary information,concerning the provision of services at the request of Party B. 5.1.2.Appointed staff of Party A coordinate with Party B and create favorableconditions for Party B to review and gather the information needed to perform the services. 5.1.3. To take full responsibility for the legality of the documents provided by Party Arelating to the performance of services. 5.1.4.Compensation 02 month of accounting charge if violations of the prior noticeperiod, the liquidation of contracts prior to maturity. 5.2. Responsibilities of Party B 5.2.1.Party B is guaranteed to provide services within the scope of work specified inArticle 1; 5.2.2.Conducting the work as planned and in accordance with the principle ofindependence, objectivity and confidentiality; 5.2.3. Appointed professional competence staff and experience experts to do the job; 5.2.4. Make sure the facilities to perform the services. 5.2.5.Responsibilities for administrative violations penalties by delaying to implementthe service of Party B. 5.2.6.Stop the contract or do not deliver accounting books and documents to Party A,if Party A do not pay according to Article 4 without reason in writing.ARTICLE 6: COMMITMENT BY THE PARTIES Parties in the contract committed to all the terms of the contract. During the Contracteach Party shall notify the other Party promptly of obstacles to the successful implementationof this Agreement to discuss and find solutions. Information exchange will be made in writing,fax and email sent to the address noted above by each party Pages 3
  4. 4. www.saovangco.comARTICLE 7: CONFIDENTIALITY 7.1.Based on the contract terms and termination or completion of the contract by anyreason. Staff of Party A and Party B : 7.1.1. Do not be disclosed to any third party including the competent authorities anyinformation of party A, is not limited of security information, materials and documents relatedto business operations, financial information and any welfare regime of the Party A or thesubsidiary or company associated with the Party A without the written consent of the Party A. 7.1.2. Do not use confidential information for purposes other than those obligations isreflected in this Agreement. 7.2.In case Party B have to provide confidential information by decision, requirement ofthe Vietnam authorities, Party B shall notify to Party A in the shortest time, but not later thanfive working days from date of receipt of the request of the authorities of VietnamARTICLE 8: CONFLICT OF INTEREST Party B is guaranteed not to perform any acts that endanger or conflict with the interestsof Party A.ARTICLE 9: VALIDITY, LANGUAGE AND DURATION OF THE CONTRACT. 9.1.The contract will take effect after its signing, Article 7 and Article 8 will maintainthe validity of the contract after the contract is terminated; 9.2.This Agreement is executed in English and Vietnamese language. Both languageversions shall be equally authentic. Each Party acknowledges that it has reviewed bothlanguage texts and that they are substantially the same in all material respects. However, incase of any discrepancy between the two language versions, the English language version shallprevail. 9.3. The contract will be liquidated after the full implementation of the commitmentspecified in the contract; 9.4.The disputes arising in the implementation of the contract will be negotiated andresolved by the parties in a spirit of cooperation and goodwill in accordance with currentregulations on economic contracts. If no solution after negotiations, disputes arising out of orrelating to this Agreement Contract will settle at the HCMC Economic Court. The decision of the Court is final and effective for all Parties. The losing party will paythe cost.. 9.5.This contract is made in 04 copies. 02 copies in Vietnamese, 02 copies in English,each parties holding 02 copies. PARTY A PARTY B GOLDENSTAR ACCOUNTING AND CONSULTING COMPANY ___________________________ _________________________ Director: Director: THUY NGOC THU Master of economics, the auditor Number of accountancy practice certificates 1546/KTV Pages 4