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Comparison Of Pmbok And Scrum


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SCRUM Vs PMBOK Comparison

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Comparison Of Pmbok And Scrum

  1. 1. ©Thushara Wijewardena ,PMP
  2. 2. NEXT > PMBOK way SCRUM way Management Methodology Management Framework Mange Projects across industries Specific for Software Project Management. “You cant deliver a Bridge part by part to use  ” Project Manger manages the project. Self managed team and the Scrum master together manage the project. Project is split in to various phases One after the other Project is split in to sprints Project Manger define work and prioritize them. Freezed Scope Product owner writes story points and Prioritize them. Freezed Sprints If schedules are not achieved we rebase line them. Sprints can reduce the weight or increase the weight. Planned Project Planned Sprints. Less flexibility to the customer and customer needs to go through a proper change control system to introduce changes More flexibility to the customer with controlled cost Typically weekly or project monitoring Daily scrum is a must
  3. 3. NEXT > PMBOK way SCRUM way EVM calculations are used to monitor the health of the project. Velocity of the Product Burn down and the Sprint Burn down is used to monitor the project. Project Planning will be done in the beginning of the project. Planning will be done at the initiation of the Sprint only for that sprint. Project postmortem meeting will be done at the project closure to review the project and Lessons Learned. End of every sprint there is a Sprint review meeting about the completed sprint. Project is delivered and closed when all the deliverables are met. Project is delivered in iterations. Project is not completed till all the deliverables are met. Customer may stop the project when all his mandatory deliveries are made. Project Estimation history data will be counted based in functionality vs., Avg. Time spent Project estimation history data will be counted based on Average burn rate of the weight points. Issues are listed and Project Manger communicate with the teams Impediments are listed solved and maintained
  4. 4. PMBOK way SCRUM way Project Manager is totally responsible for any project failures Its team work., Team is responsible and some ownership is with the scrum master Project Time is fixed . Anything above is an overrun Product owner is close to the team . He can monitor the causes closely. Customer’s involvement is less Customer is a part of the whole exercise and he present at the every sprint meeting Can apply anywhere any time. Its challenging to commit the required customer involvement when Overseas project outsourcing. Well defined approach for Project Management which covers all the areas of project management up to procurement management Focused on Software Development and delivery only. ( Im reading more on this . I will update this list again ) Risk involved in project transparency Risk is seen in early stages. Project can withdraw with no much damage Done may not be “Done” Every release is a complete “Done”