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Social Media in Media - Society for News Design


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thunder::tech President Jason Therrien gave this presentation at the Society for News Design's Multimedia Rock Show to new media professionals and journalism students. At the event, Therrien discussed the evolving nature of social media and how news representatives can take advantage of this medium.

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Social Media in Media - Society for News Design

  1. 1. Social media in media November 2010 Rock your audience.
  2. 2. Who is this guy?
  3. 3. New media is media  Online = offline  Blurring of media types Our approach: Constant trial and error No experts, just better observers
  4. 4. Tired of talking about competition?  Time starvation  All forms of media  What’s your specialty?  Personalities & the power of your brand
  5. 5. Devices, Devices.  Proliferation of mobile  At the point of action  Tablets and more consumption
  6. 6. Journalists & social media  You're in charge of: - Covering the story  What’s optional today: - Starting the conversation - Reigniting the conversation - Recapping the story
  7. 7. Who me?  You have a public brand  Social media policy knowledge  Google is your friend
  8. 8. Your social (media) status: Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr & Twitter  Link to your work (published or not)  Status updates on projects  Work on consistency photos messaging  Personality!
  9. 9. Your readers want more:  Twitpics  Teaser video from series  Follow-up multimedia  Tell us your favorite parts  Hashtags  Give the back story
  10. 10. Your readers want more:  Admit mistakes and correct them  Interaction  With fans  With colleagues  Ask for help & sources  Insider info – what didn’t make the cut?
  11. 11. Questions, Comments, Jokes? Jason Therrien @jasontherrien thunder::tech @thundertech