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Introduction to Social Media for Students


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On June 25, thunder::tech team members visited a Strategic Online Marketing class to talk about social media and how to effectively use social media in marketing campaigns. These slides include background on the social media sphere, social media strategy, a case study and some suggestions for how students can use social media for their professional presence.

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Introduction to Social Media for Students

  1. 1. Introduction to Social Media Strategic Online Marketing June 25, 2009
  2. 2. Who We Are:: thunder::tech is an integrated marketing agency that provides services in:  Web design and development  Graphic design  Interactive media  Video  Public relations  Advertising  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. 3. Team Members:: Kristin Hall  Operations Administrator  Oversees recruitment, employee welfare, company administration and new business development Christina Karas  Public Relations Coordinator  Works with traditional and nontraditional media
  4. 4. Today’s Topic:: Social Media  Introduction to social media  Why it’s important to online marketing  Creating a social media campaign  Case Study: Brothers At War
  5. 5. What is social media?::
  6. 6. What is social media?:: • Social media describes the onlines tools that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself, thus facilitating conversations and interaction online between groups of people. These tools include blogs, message boards, podcasts, micro blogs, lifestreams, bookmarks, networks, communities, wikis and vlogs. – (-WebProNews) • Social media is any site where users create their own content and interact including:: – Blogs – Microblogging – Facebook and MySpace – Flickr and SmugMug – delicious, Digg or Reddit
  7. 7. The world of Social Media::  There are more than 200 million active Facebook users around the world with an average of 120 Friends. (  Facebook has 70 million unique visitors in the United States (- PCMag)  In the U.S., there are 94.1 million blog readers, which is equivalent to 50% of American Internet users (eMarketer)  Worldwide, 184 million people have started a blog and 346 million people read them regularly. (-Universal McCann)  In Feb. 2008, Twitter had 475,000 unique visitors. By Feb. 2009, the site grew 1,382% to 7 million unique visitors. (-Nielsen)
  8. 8. Why Social Media is Important to Marketers::  Social media is based on user-generated content and information  Marketers want users to be advocates for their brand, product or service  Large amount of active users  Speed of communication  Ability to build and maintain direct relationships
  9. 9. How Social Media can Benefit Brands::  An opportunity to provide accurate information and stay in control of the message  Develop new relationships  Engage consumers with a brand  Monitor conversation to find unsatisfied consumers or properly address a situation  Increase search optimization efforts
  10. 10. Social Media is Intimidating::  Problems can spread quickly:  Ex: Motrin Moms  Companies have no control over what employees or the public publishes  Ex: Dominos  Speed and constant connectivity  Power of Word of Mouth  Difficult to find the time to effectively manage  Drafting value-added messages
  11. 11. Creating a Social Media Campaign:: All social media campaigns must maintain the elements of all strong advertising campaigns including:  A purpose  Goals and objectives  Key messages  Tactics  Measurement
  12. 12. Creating a Social Media Campaign:: Before beginning a social media campaign, an organization should:  Determine that social media marketing is a correct strategy for their organization  Understand how social media platforms work and how users communicate in the space  Listen to conversation on the sites to learn more
  13. 13. Creating a Social Media Campaign:: When creating a strategy, make sure you have:  An understanding of the platforms  A knowledge of where your target market communicates  A dedicated staff member or team to oversee the social media pages  A daily time commitment to the campaign
  14. 14. Integrate campaigns with online content:: Social Media campaigns work best when they work hand in hand with existing online promotions:  Link to social media profiles from the home page  Make social media profiles easy to find and clear  Integrate social media into e-mail marketing campaigns
  15. 15. Integrating to offline promotions:: Social Media campaigns can also boost your traditional marketing efforts:  Design with the same look & feel to create a consistent brand presence  Use similar key messages  Drive users online through print design and traditional advertisements
  16. 16. Measuring Your Social Media Campaign:: Social media campaigns must demonstrate value:  Measure followers, comments and posts  Look at the amount of conversation on a network  If possible, measure sales leads through social media sites
  17. 17. Case Study:: Brothers At War
  18. 18. About Brothers At War::  A documentary film by a first-time director who embedded with combat units in Iraq to understand what his two Military brothers experienced  Financed by friends & family  Supported by Gary Sinise, Norman Powell and Akron- resident David Scantling  Distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films  Very small marketing budget and very limited traditional advertising  Theatrical premiere in March 2009
  19. 19. Goals of the Social Media Efforts::  Increase awareness of film  Promote conversation and word of mouth buzz  Drive grassroots participation to create demand at local theaters and encourage sponsored screenings
  20. 20. Social Media Presence::  Facebook  An official Fan Page  YouTube  Channel and multiple videos posted  Twitter  MySpace  Ning  iMeem
  21. 21. Challenges::  Little to no public awareness of the film  Movie campaigned through film festivals for a distributor in 2008, which included setting up profiles on YouTube, MySpace & iMeem  Multiple users with varying degrees of experience created accounts  As a result, the film’s Twitter account was identified as a spammer  Too many sites with mixed messages
  22. 22. Tactics:: Through a review & audit, thunder::tech’s first steps were to evaluate the content and use of all profiles  Revamp the pages with the correct content and images, which included official trailers, the logo and correction information about release dates  Create a consistent voice with consistent key messages  Create a singular voice and designate a point person for communication
  23. 23. Tactics:: Messaging::  Updated connections with information about release dates and theater locations  Shared press coverage including print stories, online coverage, video clips and blog coverage  Notified connections about special offers and appearances  Invited connections to be a part of the process by getting involved, telling a friend or leaving a message on the Brothers At War Web site
  24. 24. Tactics:: Relationship Building::  Answered inquiries about how people could see the film, where it would be playing and how to get tickets  Identified advocates and made sure they received invitations to screenings  Ex. Twitter ticket giveaways  Ex. Milblogging.Com  Arranged for blogger to be part of press day in Washington D.C.  Noticed enthusiastic supporters and provided them with information about Task Forces  Ex. Facebook discussion board  Developed relationships by answering posts, questions and retweeting. Kept a high level of engagement with supporters through out process
  25. 25. Tactics:: Integration::  Web site  Links were included on the home page for all social media sites  E-mail Marketing  Icons were incorporated into the design of the e-mail marketing template  Speaking and press interviews  Mentioned the social media pages  Events  Grassroots events such as screenings mobilized audience
  26. 26. Results:: Results from the efforts were measured on number of participants and engagement level of online users. Results included:  3,291 Facebook Fans  1,838 Twitter Followers  731 MySpace Friends  Over 50,000 YouTube Views  Including more than 23,000 views of official trailer with 123 accompanying comments  7,320 YouTube Channel Views  179 YouTube subscribers - As of June 22, 2009
  27. 27. Social Media & Students::  Marketing professionals want to hire new graduates who understand how to use these tools  Your future employer WILL Google you, so make sure your online presence is an accurate reflection of your skills  Social networking is a great way to network and find jobs  All thunder::tech internships are listed on Twitter!
  28. 28. Get Involved::  Maintain an ACTIVE and PUBLIC social media presence  Blog, try Twittering, use Flickr or FriendFeed BUT, you don’t have to have it all  Choose the networks you enjoy communicating on and become an active participant  Continue to learn – social media is constantly changing so stay fresh with your knowledge.
  29. 29. Learn More::  Cleveland Social Media Club     Social Media Insider (e-mail newsletter)  Smart Brief on Social Media (e-mail newsletter)  Find a blog or e-mail publication that you enjoy reading
  30. 30. Thank You! :: Feel free to contact us at anytime::  On the Web:  Our Blog:  Twitter: @thundertech  LinkedIn  www.linkedin/in/christinakaras  www.linkedin/in/kristinhall23