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Win-Loss Analysis - Interview Template

This is an example of an interview template I've used for win-loss calls. Win-loss calls are a component of developing competitive intelligence to improve sales win rate.

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Win-Loss Analysis - Interview Template

  1. 1. Win-Loss Analysis Company Date Interview Sheet Name Win/Loss Title Price Phone Basic Questions Usual role/role in decision process Why in market/pain points Did you go through RFP How did you create RFP Why didn't we win your business Market How did you first hear about our company Where did you find info on our company What other vendors did you look at Did any vendors say anything about us Decision Criteria Most important evaluation criteria Tell me about evaluation process What research did you conduct Did you view website/social media What features were most important What vendor and why What were strengths and weaknesses What excited you about the solution Process What was perception of our sales team Did you meet with anyone else How was knowledge and responsiveness What was your perception of our company How did you like our presentation How would you rate our demo What were our strengths and weaknesses What didn't you like about our approach What feature was cool or excited you Pricing How important was price in decision How did our pricing compare Was our pricing clear Were you able to see our value Wrap-up What advice would you give us Any other comments or suggestions