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Why Realtors Need Social Media to Sell more Homes


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Here are some great facts, as well as selling more houses using social media. This is great for Realtors all over the world! If you're interested in getting started with us. Give us a call 559-905-0596 or

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Why Realtors Need Social Media to Sell more Homes

  1. 1. Social Media Management for RealtorsSocial Media Management for Realtors WhyWhy RealtorsRealtors needneed Social MediaSocial Media
  2. 2. One of the keys to successful social media marketing—or any type of marketing, really—involves figuring out where your target market is and then going to them. With approximately 1.15 billion active members, Facebook is the biggest party on the block. Still not convinced? Here are 5 facts that will convince you of the business value of Facebook. •Internet marketing research firm EMarketer estimates that approximately • 51% of all internet users visit Facebook at least once a month. •47% of Americans active on social networks say that Facebook has the greatest impact on their buying behavior. Last year that number was 24%. •23% of Facebook users check their accounts 5 or more times daily. Break out the abacus and let’s do that math. 23% of 1.15 billion is… carry the 5… oh yeah, that’s 264,500,000 people accessing their account. Every. Single. Day. •80% of American social networkers listed Facebook as their network of choice when they connected with a brand. •In 2012, 77% of B2Ccompanies acquired a customer through Facebook.
  3. 3. Facebook for Realtors 1) Share your listings using photos, videos, and information. People love to see beautiful pictures and information about houses for sale in their neighborhood. Natural curiosity helps drive the activity on listing posts. And, listings posted on Facebook generate click through to your web site. 2) Create events in Facebook for all of your open houses. Make sure your open houses get the exposure that you want through the event feature in Facebook. You can even send invitations to specific people who you think might be interested in your open house. You can share the event on your personal account causing further engagement for the open house, the listing and your personal brand. 3) Help your search results in Google by having a Facebook page, social media content is now searchable so every time you post information about real estate for sale on your Facebook page, you are also adding Google search juice to your web site.
  4. 4. for Realtors Twitter is the fastest growing social media network and offers Realtors an opportunity to engage locally, nationally and internationally. •Twitter can be a great way to promote properties to a broader audience and offers you the ability to get links and traffic to your site. •When using Twitter, make sure to spend time listening to what people in your community and in your niche are talking about and what they are re- tweeting. This will help to guide your own communication so that you can comfortably engage in the conversation. •Add a hashtag to your tweets so that they come up in searches performed by others. You can use hashtags for specific areas or for your specific niche, real estate. Most communities now have local hash tags (#CV = CentralValley #559, #Fresno) and this helps to focus your tweets locally and helps you to follow conversations..
  5. 5. Blogs for Real-Estate One of the best ways to be found online is to provide Internet users with rich content. A real estate blog provides you with an opportunity to develop rich content about your specialty and to continuously post the content to social media sites. Some topics than can be used on a real estate blog are: 1) Describe your real estate listings in further detail with information that is not available in an MLS form. 2) Provide further details about the different neighborhoods that you serve with your real estate firm. 3) Provide insight and direction on ways that buyers and sellers can improve their real estate experience.
  6. 6. All inclusive management services • Initial site design, and development • First 30-60 posts written in advance • Suggesting your brand to your target audience • Updating fans daily • Monitoring fans responses • Measuring against our objectives to optimize Real-time Management (Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube) We Post to Fans (3-14x updates per week) We Write the Posts (30-60 posts written in advance) We Grow Pages (Suggesting pages to new fans daily) We Monitor Pages (Responding to fans Monday-Sunday)
  7. 7. EVERYTHING IS TRACKABLE! We’re held Accountable to you with Insight Reports Contact: Travis Huff @ / (559) 905-0596
  8. 8. Realtors Support Management Setup: Facebook Page Setup Setup Facebook Stream to (Twitter) Fan Page keyword integration (SEO). Facebook Welcome Application (Collect Emails) Custom integration of pictures, videos, articles and company information. QR Code – Facebook Fan Page Our Weekly Services: Posting status updates: 3x per week (12 per month) Facebook Ads: 10,000 impressions monthly Monitoring Fan comments & Responding Reporting: Insight reports (impressions, likes, comments, shares) ____ *12 month commitment - $250 Check for Setup & First Month Payment with authorized credit card Proposal Approval: ______________________________________ Date: ____________________ Send Authorized Proposal to: Fax to: (559) 226-7908 Scan to: $125per month ($4 per day) Valid Only For Real-Estate Professionals