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Why Casinos Need Social Media


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Do you manage the marketing for a casino? Are you still waiting on the fence to take the plunge into social media. Here are some simple steps to social media management for casinos!!

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Why Casinos Need Social Media

  1. 1. Why Casinosneed Social MediaSocial Media Management for Casinos
  2. 2. Why Casinos should market onFacebook?• #1 social network in the world• 901 million active users (logged on during past 30 days)• Half logon daily• Average session time = 55 minutes• 68% of US Facebook users “more likely to buy on a positiveFacebook friend referral”
  3. 3. How Important Is Social Media to Casinos?When you have one of the oldest customer bases of any industry, it might be easy to think that social media isn’tgoing to have much impact. After all, Facebook and Twitter were started by the kiddos for the kiddos. Right?Nope. Casinos that ignore the impact that social media is having across all demographics will soon lag behindtheir competitors. A new infographic from shows the impact social media is having,and how it’s being misunderstood. Quite simply, as the footprint of social media continues to grow, it alsocontinues to grow in the older demographics.Facts• Social media users will likely be younger, on average, than your overall customer base.• Social media users will likely skew female…maybe as much as 65%.• Social media is a conversation…not a megaphone. Listen. Respond. Be Genuine.• Social media users tend to more mobile (15%-20%)—so keep content in mind that canbe easily viewed and understood by those using smartphones and pad devices.
  4. 4. Why does my local casino need to be Social?What is your primary objectives in building apresence on Social Media?• Create an "outpost" for our fans to connect with us.• Build our email list.• Increase product sales.• Improve customer service.• Raise brand awareness.• Crowdsource new products.• Drive new test product launches
  5. 5. Social Buzz Promo Flyer(Pages Design, Flyers, Facebook Covers, Window Cling, Real-time Promos)
  6. 6. Real-time Management (Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube) All inclusive management services • Initial site design, and development • First 30-60 posts written in advance • Suggesting your brand to your target audience • Updating fans daily • Monitoring fans responses • Measuring against our objectives to optimize We Write the Posts (30-60 posts written in advance) We Post to Fans (1-2x updates per day) We Grow Pages (Suggesting pages to new fans daily) We Monitor Pages (Responding to fans Monday-Sunday)
  7. 7. Real-time Fan Promotions (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prizes)
  8. 8. EVERYTHING IS TRACKABLE!We’re held Accountable to you with Insight Reports Contact: Travis Huff @ / (559) 905-0596