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The Value of Twitter in the Social World


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With a diverse population using Twitter, you are bound to find your target audience. That is not the only helpful tool of Twitter, here are ten more!

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The Value of Twitter in the Social World

  1. 1. The Value Of Twitter In The Social World
  2. 2. With a diverse population using Twitter, you are bound to find your target audience. That is not the only helpful tool of Twitter, here are ten more!
  3. 3. 1.Can post/Tweet multiple times a day While you don’t want to Tweet a million times a day, anywhere from one to five times a day would be great. It shows that your business is active. It also gives you the chance to show why your business is right for them, or at the very least, fun to follow. 2.User friendly Twitter, on your mobile device or computer, is easy to use. You can stay up-to-date on current events, follow people you find important, and Tweet the things you want. There are some more complicated things that you can use on Twitter, but really all you need to do is spend some time playing around on it.
  4. 4. 3.Creativity with character limits Character limits means that what you post or read has had all the fluff cut from it. This is why you will see more emojis and straightforward Tweets. It’s also a way to showcase your blogs because you give them the main idea without all the juicy details. Then you just add a Bitly link and you are ready to go! 4.Scheduling Twitter realizes that you can’t post on your business page everyday with ease. Therefore, using the scheduling tool is your best friend! If you are not sure how to get to it, go to the drop down menu and click on the Twitter Ads. It’s hidden in there. Photo Credit: PRNews
  5. 5. 5.Easy to reply to others Instead of having to figure out a way to link the person’s name to your comment when you reply, Twitter does it for you! Meaning that when you hit the reply button, their name will be right there ready for you. This is important for engagement on your page. Also, that smart layout they have allows replies to not show up on your main feed. Therefore, you can reply to as many people you want without losing your Tweets in your newsfeed. 6.Retweets gain exposure Coming up with original and fun content is part of the battle, but so worth it. If you come up with something that is worth ReTweeting, your fan-base and engagement will go up! Whether it’s business related or not, your content is up to you.
  6. 6. 7.Communities to Tweet in There are communities on Twitter, many can be found by using a hashtag or following certain business/people. They will often have proctored conversations that allows you to find out new information and show off your own. 8.Develop business relationships Whether you use the communities or not, you can easily find people who will compliment your business or has great advice for you on Twitter. Paying attention to this and developing these relationships can gain your exposure that you can’t buy.
  7. 7. 9.Tweet images or short videos Images and short videos tend to be popular because they stand out in the newsfeed. However, they will never be a replacement for great content. But it might be a reason to get out your products and camera. 10.Twitter ads Want to extend your organic reach? Twitter ads allows you to do this. You can create posts for Twitter to show to audiences that would work for you. This can help you gain exposure, leads, and more followers.
  8. 8. Whether you choose to take advantage of some of these things or not, it definitely shows why Twitter is so valuable in the social media world.