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How to Optimize your LinkedIn Ads


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LinkedIn ads are like many other social media ads.
However, unlike other social media platforms, there is less targeting options given.

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How to Optimize your LinkedIn Ads

  1. 1. How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads
  2. 2. LinkedIn ads are like many other social media ads. However, unlike other social media platforms, there is less targeting options given.
  3. 3. The people on LinkedIn are business professionals. Therefore, if that is your target audience you are in the right place. If you are looking for a particular niche within the community you can target them and get as granular as you would like. However, keep in mind the more granular you are the less people you are reaching. Use targeting methods
  4. 4. In the beginning of your ad, you want to specifically name the people you are looking for. This will draw in the people you want. Once you have their attention, you need to create the right call to action (CTA) to get them doing the task you want. This could be something like filling out a form, calling, or buying something. Be sure that you keep the information you give them clear and concise. Call out and give them a CTA
  5. 5. Your ads may not be perfect from the start, so test a couple varieties. Thanks to many tracking tools you can track how well your ads are doing. You might find certain components work better than others. A word to the wise, don’t test too much at once. It will be hard to tell what is making an ad work. By testing one or two changing variables between the ads you will have a better way to pinpoint what is working. Also, make sure that you are not test for too short of a time. Usually a month or so might give you a good idea of what is working. Then you can take key components and test something new. The result, hopefully, will be a framework for ads that work with your audience. Testing… testing
  6. 6. Your bids will do as much as you want them to. Before you ever set your bids you should set your budget. Based off of that, you will have a better idea of what your bids could be. You are also going to want to research what others are bidding for the same types of ads. If you don’t bid enough you will not be able to rank well for ads. This means that your audience might miss out on your ads. Be wise while bidding
  7. 7. If you know your budget you can go in and check how much your ads have spent for the month. From there you can calculate how much they might spend for the rest of them month. Once that is calculated you can adjust your bids up and down from there to. This might seem time consuming, however it only take 5-15 minutes a week to check your budget. You may find that you want to increase your budget, or that you can allocate more money in some areas. This means more exposure. Check your budgets weekly
  8. 8. Following these tips should optimize your ads to capture as much of your audience as possible and generate quality clicks to your page. It does take some time to set up but it is worth it overall.