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Best of the Best: Social Management Tools


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We're giving you our top 5 best social management tools for the money.
Shout out to @SproutSocial, @hootsuite, @klout, @TweetDeck, @Crowdbooster

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Best of the Best: Social Management Tools

  1. 1. Social MediaManagement Tools
  2. 2. #Crowdbooster offers social mediaanalytics with suggestions and toolsto help you improve your onlinepresence.Measure and optimize your socialmedia marketingNotable Clients:Jet Blue, LA Times, Ben & Jerrys,Stussy
  3. 3. #TweetDeck enables you to tweetand track mentions, people, andkeywords.TweetDeck is an app thatbrings more flexibility andinsight to power users.
  4. 4. #Klout is a tool that finds theinfluencers in your audience so youcan target and empower them tobecome advocates for your brand.BUILDING INFLUENCEThey’re helping millions ofpeople unlock theirinfluence and grow theirKlout.
  5. 5. #Hootsuite is a social mediamanagement system that enablesteams to collaboratively executecampaigns across multiple socialnetworks from one dashboard.Hootsuite offers audienceidentification tools, theability to streamlineworkflow, and customreports.
  6. 6. #Sprout Social Web app that monitorsTwitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn,FourSquare, Gowalla, and othernetworks where consumers areengaging with businesses andbrands.POWERFUL SOFTWARE!!A MANAGEMENT &ENGAGEMENT PLATFORMFOR SOCIAL BUSINESS