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3.5 Secrets of Being Social for Ad Agencies


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3.5 Secrets of Being Social for Ad Agencies

  1. 1. 3.5 Secrets of being Social for Advertising Agencies Written by Travis Huff Founder @ Real-time Outsource
  2. 2. Secret 1.0Media is ChangingThe power of social media growing and now you can compliment your traditional campaignswith having consistent social messages placed in the news feeds of real fans of your brand.We suggest the following tactics when planning your daily social media effortsSocial Budget• Dedicate 15% of your marketing budget, and 25% of your PR budget to social media.• Allocate a percentage of the overall SM budget towards ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We suggest minimum ($300 per month)• Dedicate $100-$200 per month toward Fan Freebies, Coupons, IncentivesDaily Efforts• Decide if you have the current team to handle the extra work load it will take to manage the efforts; or will you need to hire an outside vendor to help you execute.• Social media efforts running daily. (Holidays, Weekends, Nights)We believe in the immense power that social media holds for your brand. You will have torethink your media mix in the future, but once you embrace the change…it’s easy!Is your brand ready to effectively embrace social media?? ©2011 | All rights reserved | Real-time Outsource | 559.905.0956
  3. 3. Secret 2.0Planning is 50 % of theBattle… the other 50% is doing it!Without a good plan your social media with find loopholes, and will enviably fall apart.So take your time and do the proper research, planning, writing, editing, and designing.Then you have to find the team that you think can implement. We also suggest that youutilize an outside social media expert to help give you an fresh perspective to your efforts.If you’re in a hurry to get on social networks without planning we would suggest waitinguntil your ready, a great plan will save many headaches and will reap many rewards.Do you think you can write a killer plan? Make sure you also answer the 4 W’s..(Who, What, Where, Why) ©2011 | All rights reserved | Real-time Outsource | 559.905.0956
  4. 4. Secret 3.0We’re all Publishers are you preparedto become a content marketer?Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms are giving organizations like yours anenormous opportunity to engage directly with your customers. That’s a lucky thing: becauseinstead of creating awareness about your company or your brand solely the old-school way(through annoying people with advertising, or bugging them with direct mail, or interrupting themwith whatever), you now have an unprecedented and enormous opportunity. (Content Rules) Before you start producing content for your brand…ask yourself the following • Why are you creating the content? What are your goals? • Who is your audience? Who are you? • What do you want your content to achieve? • Why are you creating the content? What are your goals? • When and How are you going to produce the content? • When are you going to publish? Do you have the team to brainstorm, script, shoot, edit and produce the content for your clients? Do you plan on hiring staff? ©2011 | All rights reserved | Real-time Outsource | 559.905.0956
  5. 5. Secret 3.5Make the most out of it………. If you need help….just ask? ©2011 | All rights reserved | Real-time Outsource | 559.905.0956