SharePoint 2013 Document Management Features


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  • Todd sees people every day in the building where he works. He may know them by name, but other than his closest colleagues, what does he really know about their work or what special skills they have? And what about all the people Todd never sees because they are in other buildings or in distant offices?
    A corporate social network builds business communities that cut across departments and geographies. Within these communities, people with common interests can find and learn about each other more quickly. People can also see where others are located, whether they are available, and how best to reach them.

  • A corporate social network builds business communities that cut across departments and geographies. Within these communities, people with common interests can find and learn about each other more quickly. People can also see where others are located, whether they are available, and how best to reach them.
  • Opening or downloading documents, viewing documents in libraries, or viewing document’s metadata.
    Editing documents
    Checking out/Checking in documents
    Moving or copying documents to another location
    Deleting or restoring documents
  • SharePoint 2013 Document Management Features

    1. 1. Document Management System Thuan Nguyen Principal Consultant, Microsoft MVP
    2. 2. Agenda  Overview of SharePoint  Document Management Solution
    3. 3. Overview of SharePoint
    4. 4. SharePoint is a one-stop business collaboration platform where people work together to improve business operation 80% of Fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint
    5. 5. Collaboration PlatformCollaboration Platform
    6. 6. Different office locations
    7. 7. …as if we’re in the same placeVietnam Japan
    8. 8. SharePoint is a clay you can module what you want it to be.
    9. 9. Connect and either work with your colleagues regardless of where you are or mobile devices you are using
    10. 10. HRM Application CRM System ERP Application Business Intelligence ECM SharePoint Build an ecosystem of business productivity through SharePoint SharePoint now is a centre where business data is transformed among different business management applications
    11. 11. Common solutions  Intranet/Extranet Collaboration  Document Management  Enterprise Content Management  Internet Public Portal  Business Process Management  Business Intelligence
    12. 12. Document Management Solution
    13. 13. Potential Concerns  Accessibility  Security  Classification  Search  Multi-lingual Support
    14. 14. Main objectives of DMS  Access to shared document anywhere with rights  Effective classification  Automate document approval process  Save time for searching content  Improve document management compliance
    15. 15. DMS Breakdown features  Document Center  Document Library  Version Management  Document Approval  Document Set  Document ID  Metadata & Navigation  Office Web App  Multi-lingual  Authentication & Authorization  Information Rights Management  Archiving  Audit  Search  Offline working  Translation
    16. 16. Document Center The document center is designed as a repository for lager quantities of documents. Document center looks like a portal where shared corporate documents are located. Find document by ID View last uploaded documents
    17. 17. Document Library Document library is a place that is designed to replace folder in common use. End-user can decide whether uploading a document or creating a new one in document library. Folder can be still used
    18. 18. Version Management Every time a document is edited, a copy of it is created automatically with a configurable version number. Versioning is helpful protection mechanism because you can revert to previous version of document, if necessary.
    19. 19. Document Approval Effectively control documents by forcing them to be approved before they are present to authorized users. Your company is able to manage corporate documents such as expense reporting, product design documentation, engineering changes, employee vacation or so on. Only visible to document owner before approved
    20. 20. Document Set Document Set enables organizations to group multiple documents that support a single project or task, together into a single entity.
    21. 21. Document ID Document ID is useful for organizations that need to apply compliance for corporate document. Document ID is configurable and can be applied globally.
    22. 22. Metadata & Navigation A project documentation may include Author, Client Name, Budget, Project Name, Project Manager, Expiration Date etc. Apply classification at best with metadata Custom navigation allows end-users to choose to see documents based on metadata (i.e. view all documents related to client A)
    23. 23. Office Web App Office Web App solution, end-users can view, edit documents directly in browser without having to install Microsoft Office client application in their personal computer. View or Edit permission can be set to specific user or group in organization.
    24. 24. Search Provide greatest user experience for end-user. For the use of search normally, end-user simply needs to enter keyword in Search box like Google experience. Advanced Search offers many features allowing users to find information most accurately.
    25. 25. Authentication & Authorization Support Active Directory, OAuth, SAML, IBM Tivoli, Oracle Identity…etc. Permission level can be applied to specific user or group.
    26. 26. Information Rights Management Prevent an authorized viewer from copying, modifying, printing, faxing or copying and pasting the content for unauthorized use.
    27. 27. Archiving Archiving solution enables organization to archive documents when needed. That said, documents that are no longer effective could be moved to another document libraries Archived documents are still searchable if necessary. Capture Review ApproveRetrieve Archive Compose Document Lifecycle Management
    28. 28. Audit Knowing who has done what with which information is very important for company regulatory compliance. For example, administrator can determine which users edited a specific document and when they did it.
    29. 29. Offline Working End-users can synchronize shared documents to their personal computers and mobile devices for offline working. Once their devices connect to the Internet, chances made on documents would be synchronized to SharePoint document libraries.
    30. 30. Translation The solution supports translating content in documents from corporate language to another language using Microsoft Translation Engine.
    31. 31. Multi-lingual Support Not only supporting translation functionality, the solution also supports multi- lingual format.