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Introduction to Smart Test


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Powerpoint presentation about Smart Test in the Ultranet

Published in: Education, Technology
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Introduction to Smart Test

  1. 1. Using SMART tests in the middle yearsPresentation adapted from the work by Peter Sliddersof Dr Vicki Steinle(University of Melbourne) NMR Numeracy Coach
  2. 2. Types of assessment SMART Tests: Assessment FOR Learning
  3. 3. SMART tests• Specific Mathematics Assessments that Reveal Thinking – Very short – Very focussed – On demand – any time, any place• Smart diagnostic tool• Instant feedback for teachers• Links to teaching strategies• Linked to the eBook boxes
  4. 4. When to use a SMART testIn general, SMART tests are used before you start a topic, to inform your teaching of that topic. assessment for learning/teaching rather than assessment of learning
  5. 5. Now it is your turn…Can you please log on to the followingaddress (If you are already a member log in)
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Signing up
  8. 8. Following sign-up• An email will arrive within a minute or two. – It will also have your login and password. – It will have a direct link to the teacher page. SAVE THIS INFORMATION
  9. 9. Choosing a quiz…1 Once Joined: 1)Go to Quiz Index 2)Go to left hand side of page & choose a quiz
  10. 10. Choosing a quiz …2Click on this link to see the quiz and teacher advice
  11. 11. Choosing a quiz …3 Click on this link to make quiz available to students
  12. 12. Using a quiz with a classAfter you choose aquiz, the student testcode appears. This is also emailed to you.
  13. 13. StudentsStudents need to go enter: -First Name -Last Name -Test code ps9853 (example) -Year Level Provide students with pen and paper for working out.
  14. 14. To Access ResultsGo to the quiz you selected…In the ‘MY QUIZ ACCESS DETAILS’ bar,click on ‘see results here’.