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Zagazig University – Faculty of Engineering                                  Structural Analysis II                       ...
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Civil02 sheet-04[2012]


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Structural Analysis II
Excercise number 4
Virtual Work Method
Beam and Frame

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Civil02 sheet-04[2012]

  1. 1. Zagazig University – Faculty of Engineering Structural Analysis II Exercise No. 4 (Deflections) Dept. of Structural Engineering Virtual Work MethodFor the shown Structures, determine the Slope angle and deflection values as mentioned using the Virtual WorkMethod due to given load4.1.  Rotation at Point B  Vertical Deflection at d  Relative rotation at d  Draw Elastic Curve4.2.  Rotation at Point C  Horizontal Deflection at B  Vertical Deflection at D  Relative Movement Between B and CEI = 10000 t.m2.4.3.  Rotation at D  Horizontal Displacement at B  Vertical Deflection at GEI = 12000 t.m24.4.  Rotation at Point D  Vertical Deflection at E4.5.  Horizontal Displacement at D  Vertical Displacement at E  Rotation at point CEI = 10000 t.m2.4.5.  Vertical Deflection at C  Horizontal Deflection at D  Draw the Elastic CurveEI = 9000 t.m2..Page : 1 / 1