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Hrvnk 4 eng


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Hrivnak is a multidisciplinary team specializing in managerial implications of branding.

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Hrvnk 4 eng

  1. 1. HRVNK is a multidisciplinaryteam of seasoned professionalsin brand management.It works on the intersection ofculture, business, andcommunication.
  2. 2. The group is headed by TomášHrivnák who has earnedextensive experience in brandmanagement in the last 20 years– in the Czech and Slovakmarkets and abroad. He decidedit was high time to put his nameon the door.
  3. 3. Recent CredentialsT-Mobile – Vodafone – O2 -Allianz – ČSOB Pojišťovna –Kofola – Coca-Cola – Cleverlance– Snickers – KarelSchwarzenberg – Ringier – Českápojišťovna – Logio – Linkabezpečí – Fórum dárců - ACO
  4. 4. Other senior members of theteam include designers MichalHořava, Lumír Kajnar andDmitrij Strapchev, CRMspecialist Pavel Janeček, TomášZykán, who is a coach and atrainer, and Martina Olbertová,our market research specialist.
  5. 5. From Our CVsSan Francisco College of Arts –Univerzita Komenského vBratislave – Edinburgh University– Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně– Prague College – MARK/BBDOLeo Burnett – EURO RSCG –McKinsey – AT Kearney – Českácentra – Central Park Praha –Men on the Moon – Idealisti...
  6. 6. HRVNK can help if you insist thatyour brand be more than a logoon your business card. We willhelp in making your brand workas hard as your other businessassets.
  7. 7. What We Are Good AtBrand Identity – Repositioning –Internal Branding – ChangeManagement – EmployeeAdaptation – CustomerSegmentation – Innovations –Visual Communication – LearningMaps – Lego Serious Play – GroupFacilitation – UX Design – Apps –Comm‘s Strategy – CRM –Organizational Leraning – ContentCreation
  8. 8. Drop by atHRIVNAK.CZ