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Brand czech vse


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Brand czech vse

  1. 1. How to brand a country you really don‘t careabout
  2. 2. In a situation like this,who needs destination branding?
  3. 3. REBRANDING CZECHIA: THE OBJECTIVESTo put Czechia on the shortlist of planned tourist destinationsConnect Czechia to a set of mental associations – beyon beer, Prague,and stunning girlsTo support sustainable growth of the toursit industry in CzechiaTo increase the perceived quality of Czechia as a tourist destination
  4. 4. CZ
  5. 5. Tourism Exports/brandsPeople Governance Národní značka Heritage Investment & immigration According to Simon Anholt
  6. 6. h"p://  
  7. 7. CZECHIA?