Rethinking "Out of the Box" Marketing by Matthew Iscoe


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Connections abound in today's market place. With more and more channels of communication readily accessible, the marketer is left with a huge problem: how to generate quality content to fill all the open streams? This session will uncover the strategies and tactics used to deliver relevant messaging to prospects and clients in a timely and effective way. You will be invited to rethink the creative steps in your marketing process and discover the "why, when, and how" of year-round marketing messages that matter.

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Rethinking "Out of the Box" Marketing by Matthew Iscoe

  1. 1. 10/24/2012 Rethinking“Out of the Box” MarketingAnd Something About Zombiesand Content Marketing Wait, Really? 1
  2. 2. 10/24/2012 Presentation Structure Conceptual Strategic Tactical Personal So, Don’t Leave Yet! Hang Around to Understand…• What Content Marketing Means for You• Why Content Replaces Your Advertizing• Where All the Content Goes and When• How to Create Quality Content• Who Am I and Who Really Cares?• (Oh, and what’s Content Marketing?) My Story 2
  3. 3. 10/24/2012 The Myth: Traditional Advertizing Works Great! The New World: Content Marketing (And Zombies?)Zombies Are Everywhere! Your Challenge: Become a Zombie! 3
  4. 4. 10/24/2012 Where Marketing Used To Be Where’s Marketing Going? Where Marketing is Right Now• Need constant flow of butt-kicking content 4
  5. 5. 10/24/2012 What If I Don’t?• Remain hidden in the Googleverse• Seem irrelevant in the industry• Missing out on providing value• Turn off inbound leads So What Is Content?• It’s the stuff that attracts new business• It’s the stuff that builds your list of raving fans• It’s the stuff that makes you a relevant advisor• It’s the stuff that improves your SER• It’s the stuff that drives visits to your website• It’s the stuff that nurtures leads It’s the stuff that lets the WORLD know that YOU are Remarkable! Where Does Content Go? • Blogs • Articles • Ebooks • Calculators/Assessments • Video • Worksheets • Facebook • Podcasts • Twitter • Case studies • Whitepapers • Webinars • Newsletters • Brochures • Infographics • Linkedin 5
  6. 6. 10/24/2012 Well…I already do one of those things… Before We Go Any Further… Weren’t we going to talk about zombies or something?What do we know • Singularly focusedabout Zombies? • Unfazed by competition • Persistent to a fault • Not vegetarian • Trait flexible in context • Fearless 6
  7. 7. 10/24/2012 Content Zombie v. MarketerContent Marketer Content Zombie• Chasing latest trend • Chases only 1 thing• Affected by distractions • Totally unfazed• Cries when limb falls off • Knows target• Creativity dependent • On same page w/ others• Struggles for new ideas • 24-hour hunter• Stares at the clock The Zombie Marketer• Always has content at the ready• Hunts alone or in the pack• Local or Global• Time efficient• Understands the content consumer persona• Strong, relentless strategy Assembling Your Tackle Box• You don’t have endless bait – You don’t need it!• Market Only What You’ve Mastered• Develop Content that Reflects Your Strengths 7
  8. 8. 10/24/2012 The FrameworkStrategically Tactically• Client Persona Insight • Inventory• Goals in Mind • Curate• Be Useful • Map Delivery• Be Easy to Find • Repurpose• Multiple Stage Content • Co-create/Create• Monitor • Get Something in Return Insight• Who are your ideal customers?• What are their: – Concerns – Needs – Interests• What do they want solved?• What are their challenges?• Where do they look for answers? Goals• Perceived as a thought leader?• Nurture prospects in purchase cycle?• Provide engaging content?• Develop conversations in an online space?• Become more discoverable in SERPs?• Draw attention of the media?• Keep your marketing zombie occupied? 8
  9. 9. 10/24/2012 Monitor & Measure• Where’s the content being used?• How are sales affected?• How many new leads?• Social Media engagements• Number of Downloads Tactical & Practical• Inventory Audit (the accountant’s favorite step) – What do you have? – Is it any good? ID Title/Document URL or Document Topic/ Date Name File location type Category 1 3 Ways to Add C:mydocum Word Selling 6/14/12 Value in the Sales ents/ Document Services Process cx 34 5 Tips for Adding Thrivingfirm. PDF Selling 9/19/12 Value in the Sales com/blog/tips Document Services Process .pdf Curate, Repurpose, Co-create• Content can be 2nd source – Insider’s Guide to Success, AccWrd, bbr – Give credit• Content can be given a new life – Article into ebook – Video into a picture – Multiple blog posts into one article• Work with others (maybe clients?) 9
  10. 10. 10/24/2012 Tactical & Practical• Create an Editorial Calendar – Long Term Outlook (6 Months) QTR Month Theme Dates Notes 4 Oct Increasing Sales Halloween Nov Efficiency Thanksgiving (US) Dec Financial Fitness Webinar Series 1 Jan Succession Team Learning Feb Family Business New Website Mar Choosing a Team Vacation Tactical & Practical• Create an Editorial Calendar – Weekly Content Planner – May have multiple – based on channel/productNovember (theme: Efficiency ) Product Keywords NotesMon 5 – What are Systems? Blog Post See March 3 postTues 6 – Defining Processes Video Blog YoutubeWed 7 – Delegating Work Blog Post TeamworkThur 8 – Planning Ahead Guest Blog Client BlogFrda 9 – Using Spreadsheets PDF on Website Linkedin linkMon 12 – Six Easy Shortcuts Blog Post Simplify Twitter #easyTue 13 – Must-have Templates PDF on Website Source?Wed 14 - Newsletter Email Can’t My Content Just Be Anything? Yeah, sure. End of Presentation. Thanks for Listening. 10
  11. 11. 10/24/2012 Good Content• Tell a story• Emotional• Buzz• Element of Surprise• Make a Challenge to the reader Popular Content• Visual Spectrum – Pictures – Video – Infographics – Comics – Sketches New Content• Answer Questions• Use your Team• Be Useful• Publish at the Right Time• Remember it about brand affinity & awareness 11
  12. 12. 10/24/2012Content Excellence Coke 2020 Reaction 12