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  1. 1. Utah Work/Life Award Utah’s Best Places to Work ™ 2011
  2. 2. Work/Life Excellence Award winners: Create exceptional workplaces where: Business flourishes Employees prosper professionally and personally Communities and families benefit directly Foster a healthy business community that: Shares Best Practices Mentors Success Partners for mutual benefit Model true excellence by: Constantly learning Incorporating innovations Sharing successes and failures
  3. 3. Award Core Categories Flexible Work Arrangements Child Care Elder Care Family Benefits Time Off Community Involvement Living a Balanced Life Health & Wellness Flexible Benefits Education & Learning Healthy Work Environment Positive Culture Environmental Awareness Additional BPs Management & Supervision Solicits/Incorporates EE Input Career Path Recommend Company Pride Company Leadership Diversity, Be True Self Training Accountability Trust Respect Measuring Results Pay, Compensation & Benefits Time Off Innovation Employee/Company Appreciation & Recognition Culture Equity Advancement & Opportunity Personal Growth & Professional Growth
  4. 4. SHIFT The Work/Life Awards™ have evolved into: Utah’s Best Places to Work™, based on the Utah Work/Life Index ™
  5. 5. Work/Life Index Competing against yourself; learning from others 4 Categories 4 Category Scores One Overall Index Score Category Rankings Ongoing support and measurement tools Focus on continual improvement Demand-driven, resource-based tools
  6. 6. Work/Life Index Categories Four core themes for Work/Life Index success: Workplace Excellence People & Business Success Flexibility & Benefits Whole Life
  7. 7. Index Scoring 70% INDEX SCORE 0-100% plus 4 Category Scores: – FB WL – WE – BPS 30% Flex/Ben Whole Life Wrk Exc B&P Succ Flex/Ben Whole Life Wrk Exc B&P Succ XX% XX% XX% XX% EQ CP XX% XX% XX% XX%
  8. 8. Sample Company Index Scoring Benefits & Flexibility 85 Whole Life 60 Workplace Excellence 65 Bus & People Success 90 Work/Life Index Score 75
  9. 9. Index Features Best Companies in each category: Job Seekers can easily find companies: That align with their life stage (e.g. child/elder care) That align with their goals (e.g. school, comm involv) That align with their values ( hard/play hard) Index Rankings indicating ongoing improvement No limit on # of companies per rank Competing against yourself and others
  10. 10. 2011 TIMELINE Bonus Baseline SCORE 8 Weeks Workplace Excellence Events Six Months Apply 8 Weeks Application Period Launch 1/11/11 ER Input 2 Weeks JAN FEB MARCH APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV Celebrate 1/12/12 JAN Workplace Excellence Workshops, Classes, Speakers, Tours, Etc. Publicize Market & Celebrate **OPTIONAL**